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  1. This is a problem that happens to me ONLY during winter themes. Some models lose parts of their texture. On the new BMD-2 it's the missile tube (as screenshot posted below) Inside of the Pizarro, the ammo (or what it may be) visible from inside is all black without any textures. The roof model of the M1A1 had the same problem with the ammoboxes on the mounted MG's. NEW: In winter theme (this is the common factor) soldiers got no thermal sprite. They disappear when using the TIS. I see the MG3 float but no soldiers. Exiting thermal shows the soldiers again. The AI have no problem gunning them down when I can't see them. And again, these texture problems are only when winter theme is active (winter camoflague) EDIT: Updated with more screenshots EDIT 2: Added another problem. I've reinstalled twice, repaired once. Update every driver possible. I had the M1A1 problem on my old computer too. The only common things between them is the GPU (Geforce N8800GT from Asus), nothing else. Then I used 32Bit drivers, now I'm on a 64bit system and uses the latest 64bit drivers. After a long search I was able to find another thread with a similar problem. Wasn't solved then and discarded as possible driver problem, this was from before I even got my hands on SB. So what can I do besides overlook these flaws (the one with missing soldiers is a very big one that can't really be overseen) or just skip playing winter themed missions which blows as I'm swedish and love the snow. I've done all I can in investigating this issue on my own and can't find anything at all. If it was a graphics card or driver issue wouldn't it affect other seasons as well rather than just winter and more than just a few textures? And I also doubt that the code is different from loading winter graphics rather than any other. What have me stumped is that they show during winter only every other season is perfect, that just doesn't make sense to me.
  2. The upgrade just hit north of sweden! April 9:th
  3. That is great news, I'm really looking forward to it!
  4. I am running on a Vista 64 computer with no framerate issues, except when looking towards heavy wooden areas or very large cities. These cause issues for me when in any form of "zoom". But then it's the ammount of structures and/or trees that's the issue I guess. I got a N8800GT card and it works well for me. But computers are somewhat unique so just because I have no problems doesn't mean no one else have problems with the same configuration.
  5. The best group to ever come out of my hometown, they have split up though.. This song gets me pumped up, jacked up and ready for action.
  6. I'm famous! Those videos are posted by me. Not the best gunning I admit, but I just wanted to show my friends the very basics
  7. If it's like LO-MAC, you can put US units as friendlies or hostiles. you build the teams so to speak. You can put Russia and the US on one side and then decide to go up against Ukraine and Norwegian forces if you so wish. (I am not sure if these are in Black Shark, but they were available in LO-MAC: Flaming Cliffs).
  8. Based on what is being added, I wouldn't really call it a patch anymore or an update. I'd actually call it an expansion-pack. It doesn't just fix glitches and bugs, it adds a lot of new content. In my eyes 25USD is very little money based on the time you'll end up spending on this simulator. And it doesn't just give you a product which kicks ass, it also gives the product a future of support and further expansions. And that is what we all want in the end. I'm happy to support eSim Games as long as they are there to back their product(s) up and offer me something I enjoy. It's a mutual trade, I support them with funds, they support me with recreational entertainment.
  9. The more I read these bugfixes, the more I look forward to the patch. I really do enjoy seeing things being added to the list even on sundays! Things like this proves to me that things are being made and progress follows. Even without it I know that things are happening, but it's nice to see the updates and what's being changed. Thumbs up!
  10. Even though it's not perfect, that's really darn good. Keep this going!
  11. Nasder

    Bloom-HDR Mod

    There is a TIS folder under your mods... default location would be C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\My Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\textures\tis So changing skin doesn't change the TIS, unless it's a "TIS skin"
  12. Nasder

    Bloom-HDR Mod

    How does this mod work with winter conditions? If it base on difference in lightning dark vs light, then having winter which already is light and the sky on that. The difference can't be as good as during summer/fall conditions? Based on the screenshots it looks amazing, is it worth looking into?
  13. Nasder

    WIP Strv122

    You said, and I've noticed, that the Leo2A5 texture/model is shown from the roof/commander view. Anyways, on to my question or thought. Would it involve alot of work in converting this texture to fit the Leo2A5 model? In roof view, you can see the Leo2A5 and it's texture. So what if it (the Leo2A5) was painted as a Strv 122, that would strenghten the overall feel of using the Strv 122 as you wouldn't see German camo (an example, as I am using a German texture for the Leo2A5 at the moment) but you'd see a more "suitable" camo for the Strv 122. If it doesn't involve too much work, is this something you could consider doing?
  14. Nasder

    WIP Strv122

    Yes, that's some amazing work. Top-notch as always from you.
  15. I can't really say, I haven't been online at all in steel beasts lately due to alot of work and what not. Hopefully others can come and say when people are online and playing.
  16. If you have the ability to go online and do some co-op with the friendly guys online on Teamspeak, that will help too. It's both a great and fun way to learn and get practise.
  17. Here's a small image from a custom-fire-range mission I've made. I love ths fire and smoke mod, look at that impact! PS, I was Commander and was using my binoculars, not gunner.
  18. I think it is, I've seen a CV9040 introduction video (downloadable from this site, and also avalible on Youtube) showing the UGV in action.
  19. He's right and wrong. It is a modelling issue, but at the same time the guy is not trying to model but skin. This is the "nice" thing of a simulator, you can create "what if" things. For example, I can create a Swedish M1A1 skin, we don't have that tank, but I can create a "what if we had that tank" kind of thing. So he can create some Aussie troops with the M4's using the same idea "what if..." Sure, this might not be what was intended by the skinner in the first place but he's stretching as far as he can go with the limitations he got. I'd rather give him a pat on the back and tell him to go for it than telling him it's a lost cause. Second best is not the end of the world.
  20. Well said! And I second that. I have only played a few tutorial missions. I just completed the troop tutorial for the CV90, I loved it! It gave me exactly what I wanted from this game/sim. Hit the last line and started defending. Artillery then struck in front of me and I backed up a bit, this cleared me of the building I was using to cover my right flank. I was right in using that cover because when I backed out, a BMP hit me in the right with a ATGM knocking me out.
  21. This was gunnery only, I still need to learn to maneuver efficiently and understand a bit more of the tactical aspect. Firing is the easy part I reckon. Now the real thing starts.
  22. The primary gun sight of most vehicle are very very easy to use. I've played around a little with them and they aren't hard at all. At least the very basics. But they are meant to be, I need to practice ALOT with the other gunsights though. I got a score of 100 on my first attempt with the Leo2A4 on the Firing Range, playing Steel Beasts Gold did pay off.
  23. My copy just arrived, took 6 days! Sweet, merry christmas to me!
  24. Based on SB Gold, I'm better of using the gun of the Leo2 rather than the M1, all though it's not by much. Being a Swede, the Strv 121 and 122 might be a good starting point for me. But I can not deny that the CV90 and Bradley are extremely tempting to learn first. Heck, I'll just flip a coin to figure out what to start with, in the end I am going to learn them all anyways.
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