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  1. Hi, where do I get username and pass for teamspeak? do I get ip address and port in teamspeak then to join in game? Thanks
  2. What is artillery placeholder for? Is there a way to have mortars (mobile or otherwise) or are mortars represented by artillery and only written up in scenario briefings?
  3. Just installed beta (great additions) how do I operate the remote weapons station, had it on bushmaster and it didn't fire or seem to be auto crewed, didn't see a way for me to operate. 2) Sorry if this is somewhat of a repeat question of one I posted a few threads ago prior to beta install, the chinook doesn't seem to be able to transport troops, Is that correct ? Thanks Jim
  4. Is There Anyway To Load/unload Troops With Griffin.?? Saw It Drop Troops In A Tutorial Don't See A Way To Do It In The Sim?
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