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  1. Hi, where do I get username and pass for teamspeak? do I get ip address and port in teamspeak then to join in game? Thanks
  2. What is artillery placeholder for??

    What is artillery placeholder for? Is there a way to have mortars (mobile or otherwise) or are mortars represented by artillery and only written up in scenario briefings?
  3. couple beta questions

    Just installed beta (great additions) how do I operate the remote weapons station, had it on bushmaster and it didn't fire or seem to be auto crewed, didn't see a way for me to operate. 2) Sorry if this is somewhat of a repeat question of one I posted a few threads ago prior to beta install, the chinook doesn't seem to be able to transport troops, Is that correct ? Thanks Jim
  4. Move Troops With Helo

    Is There Anyway To Load/unload Troops With Griffin.?? Saw It Drop Troops In A Tutorial Don't See A Way To Do It In The Sim?