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  1. Hello and a Merry Christmas to you all. The link to download the complete (so far) package is the one named "vHAF’s Greek localization & customization module (latest update: 070527)". Note that this also includes Greek UI and voices which are already now part of the latest SB Beta, so no need to copy those files. I'll update the package when I find some time. The reason for using Leo2A5 was template availability at that time. In any case, we can/will port the skin at some point. Cheers, Dimitris "Dtra" Trakas Virtual Hellenic Armed Forces
  2. vhaac

    The Skin Catalogue

    Thanks, I wasn't aware of that (the origins of the template), I thought it was the SB default, I'll get it touch with the skin author and sort this out. Cheers, Dtra._
  3. vhaac

    The Skin Catalogue

    The Greek Leo2A4 cammo has been updated and a brand new Leo2HEL (A5) cammo has been created by Alan Giasson. For more details check our site: http://web.mac.com/dtra/iWeb/vhaf/Blog/Blog.html Cheers, Dtra._
  4. Last link in the page: http://web.mac.com/dtra/iWeb/vhaf/Downloads.html
  5. vhaac

    The Skin Catalogue

    Great collection 3Star! Just please change the 'Greek crowd' to Dimitris "Dtra" Trakas, vhaf.org. Cheers! dtra._
  6. Hi 3Star, vhaf.org is working on the greek localization of SB, it is not yet available so that's why you can't find that option. As for the required UI text work, it involves translation of the related files (using greek encooding) and also changing the Windows language option for non-unicode text. Cheers, dtra._
  7. :-) Here's our site: vhaf.org Cheers, dtra._
  8. Elpizw na 3emperdeyeis grhgora kai xwris problhmata kai na guriseis spiti sou. Pws einai ta pragmata ekei; Zorika e; Kouragio. To site mas den exei 'join' giati einai 'private club'. Opote mporeseis kai an 8es omws, steile mou ena e-mail gia na sou pw leptomereies summetoxhs. Sou stelnw to e-mail mou me PM. 8a etoimasw kai alla ellhnika skins kai mporw na se eidopoihsw an 8es. Epishs douleuoume se ellhnikes fwnes gia to SB kai ston e3ellhnismo tou UI. Filika, Dimitris "Dtra" Trakas
  9. Geia sou patriwtaki! Pou briskesai; Bebaiws kai uparxei: http://vhaf.org ???????? fonts ???????; Na ta poume! Cheers, Dimitris "Dtra" Trakas
  10. Here it is: http://homepage.mac.com/dtra/vhaf/files/vhaac/steelbeasts/mods/vhaf-sb_pro_pe-skin-leo2a4.zip I haven't worked on the roof yet, I haven't acquired the corresponding texture file. Cheers, dtra._
  11. Thanks! Stay tuned for more.
  12. http://web.mac.com/dtra/iWeb/vhaf/Blog/5E30A27B-AAE7-4746-A61A-1BD816FABA02.html Cheers, Dtra._
  13. Version 1.0


    vhaf.org textures for greek scenarios with Steel Beasts 1. Please see the README files for details.
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