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  1. My Version is 10.0.18362.267 and the game runs very smooth on my machine with 1920x1080 and all settings pretty much set to max. Windows Version is Win 10 Pro 64-Bit Version 1903 build 18362.295. Graphics card is a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.
  2. Well, those are a lot of questions. I try to answer a few from my viewpoint. For me, Steel Beasts is a game among many. But I tend to say that I have a strong favor torwards simulations (DCS-Series, Falcon BMS, Sub Command, Dangerous Waters, ArmA, Command - Modern Air Naval Operations. Airborne Assault Series). Compared to some of the titles, I do not find SB very complex. It's quite easy to jump in with a friend who as no knowledge at all and just teach him in an hour to to be a gunner. Try that with DCS-FA18,,, It takes countless hours just to properly fire a weapon there. When it comes to Steel Beasts, from my experience there are two ways to play it; As a System Simulator or as a Battlefield Simulator. If you use it as the first one, it's easy to play. You just man your tank and somebody else (either the mission or an human commander) does the tactical stuff. You will spent most of your times handling the systems of your tank. If you play it from the poition of a commander it is a totaly different game in my opinion. You will spend most of your time on the map view, ordering units, observing situation and movement of others and communicating. I usually prefer to play the first mode, because that is how I can play it with my friends, who have a lot less knowledge about the game and tactics in gerneral. From that point of view, I have a lot of blank spots when it comes to the possibilities of commanding other units on the map view. What I really like about the game, is that it blends those two topics very well. It can be quite easy for a simulation when it comes to system simulation. But if you want a steep learning curve (and there are a lot of guys in the simulation sector that love taking challenges and learning new stuff all of the time) that is available as well. From this viewpoint, it does the "easy to learn hard to master" paradigm very well. But when it comes to learning stuff, there is one way that I prefer in any simulation: Interactive tutorials. So this could really be better in SB. Regards Raskil
  3. Thanks SSnake, so we will wait for the patch then. Regards Raskil
  4. Hi, is there a rough estimation how long it takes till the patch is released? In the current state the game is unplayable for us (me and a couple of friends) because we are on mouse only setups. We try to guess if its best to just wait or go back to the previous version.
  5. I'm quite impressed with the overall performance gain of the new version. I just tried the benchmark scenario but with other settings: Every slider to the max, except the AA, I left that to 8x. Resolution was 4k: 3840x2160 The test scenario ran between 35 and 65 fps, while 35 beeing the low end at the first position scanning the tree line. The other two positions ranged between 55 and 65 fps. VRAM Usage varied between 6,8 and 7,8 GB of the 11 GB available. What I noticed was that the first position scanning the tree line is the only part of the scenario, that saturated the GPU, so that part seems pretty GPU heavy. My Specs: Intel Core i7-8700K @3.7 GHz, 32 GB of RAM, NVIDIA RTX 2080 TI with 11 GB of VRAM.
  6. Well, I've to say that I am more than happy that eSim is still developing the Sim. It's a niche product that does not sell in large quantities (apart from the professional product of course) so I'm more than willing to pay for updates after a certain time interval to support the development. Just look at how the game went along from it's initial release. It sure is a nightmare to refactor a codebase with that amount of technical depth and that amount of history. I really feel for the guys doing it and paying 40$ once in a while to support them is something I'm willing to do. Keep up the good work!
  7. Well, if you can browse https secured websites, there might be a good chance that you can get it to work via a https SSL-VPN client. But that would require a little bit of knowledge on how to set things up.
  8. If your network restricts outbound traffic (which is rarely the case but possible) with a firewall, then you won't be able to connect to a game at all no matter how you put it.
  9. Well, depends on how you put it. Will he be able to join the game via the Hamachi network? Most definatly not, as long as the server is not using the hamachi network. Will he be able to join the game via the internet while having hamachi installed? Yeah, he most likely will be able to with the patch.
  10. It means that with the upcoming patch, a player that can't port forward his connection can join a normal game. This connection does not use hamachi, weather you have installed it or not does not matter. For your example: With the upcoming patch, your friend would be able to join a normal game without doing port forwarding. So there is no need for him to use Hamachi. He will still not be able to Host a Game session (act as server).
  11. Wippien ist a good Open Source alternative for Hamachi. I've used it for a couple of years now for SB Pro Pe and it works like a charm. http://www.wippien.com/
  12. Hi Guys, does anyone know what happend to the AFKPro? Is there a backup link still around? Regards Raskil
  13. Is the Patch using the MSI? That sounds like the infamous "I wasn't able to remove the previous Version of this software" bug.
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