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  1. Just to clarify on the language option.. I was only confused because there's no prompt or UI indication for making a selection. Click... Nothing happens. It's very subtle.
  2. Export ORBAT to XML doesn't seem to do anything either. Nothing in my Export folder.
  3. I thought this would do something cool, like assign localization within the mission - so a UK mission would play UK crew voices. When I selected UK it didn't do anything. In fact, nothing happened at all.
  4. Not hard to digest for me. 1. Every weapon shown in that trailer is either fielded or a prototype. People have made that argument against A3 since it was released, but you can find almost every weapon or vehicle in game to be currently fielded by an real army, with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 vehicles that are loosely based on a real life vehicle. 2. Conflict is becoming more modern. Even non-state actors are capable of fielding fighter groups with modern weapons, gizmos, gadgets.
  5. I share the same excitement on your work - everything sounds great and I'm excited to use this. But also don't want to pressure you. You could always Update as you complete more. I think this may be one of those projects where it will never be fully updated.
  6. Great! Glad to bring a unique aspect to SB!
  7. Press the V button. It has an autoloader. Also - Glad you like the OP
  8. I can't see any missions in Offline Sessions. They exist, because if I click OPEN then it starts a session.
  9. That's a MASSIVE difference in what I'm saying... The core gameplay of moving and using your weapon is not good. I don't know how you build an FPS off of that. Some fallacy here - 1. I'm willing to at least TRY indie games with low expectation (I really enjoy Easy Red 2 and some could look that game and cringe) 2. Find me a AAA developer that will come along and deliver something decent
  10. Certainly not. But the core component of an FPS is shooting and moving. If the developer can't get that right then the game is doomed to fail. I hope he can fix it. There's a ton of potential with this project. It's just not there yet. Well...at what point does he consider this one finished too then? It's not ready for release. Not in this condition.
  11. @Volcano Thank you Edit - some really great bug fixes in this one. Appreciate the speed in which this was rolled out. and.....LETS GO 5.0!
  12. There's already a media player in the Mission Editor that lets you embed/play .wav files during missions.
  13. I just want a zoom out button on the FCS, like real life, so I don't have to cycle 5 times to get 1 zoom level backwards.
  14. Why not just have a Quality feature for the entire side? Much like uniform/appearance
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