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  1. Sounds like a lot of work to play a game that was mediocre on release....15 years ago. I'd rather just use the beautifully modelled T-72 that we have in Steel Beasts.
  2. Yup. It's a thing that we talked about last year. ...And a really nice thing that hopefully can get expanded to create 'areas' so I'm not drawing 100s of line objects on my maps.
  3. I agree. A GOOD product can build a legacy and continue on forever. BUT...I think the context may be a little different here, and I have a hard time applying this logic to a self proclaimed game developer who can't even publish a game out of Early Access before moving on to a new project.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Operation Charger by Apocalypse and @ben This is a 3-scenario operation where you take the role of an Combat Team Commander that is responsible for spearheading an attack against an enemy Motor Rifle Regiment. Forces Available: 3x Platoon of M1A2 2x Platoon of DF30 1x Battery of Mortars 2x Bridge Layers Resupply & Medical Assets The Brigade Reserve is available on-call (1x Tank PLT / 1x DF30 PLT) Credits to the playtesters from TankSim: Mizayev Figmo Hedgehog Nike Ajax T237
  5. Yeah...there's definitely no problem from any developers that has caused a mistrust with consumers /s I really hope that Steam starts banning developers who fail to release a game in entirety. Too many games sitting in Early Access for years.
  6. Lets see when this game comes out of Early Access 😉
  7. He published a game less than a year ago and completely abandoned it to work on a new game. Edit. Technically he didn't even fully publish it. It never left Early Access before he moved on!
  8. It's cool, but what is going to prevent him from abandoning this game for yet another game?
  9. Speak for yourself. For me there's no immersion by smashing keys repeatedly. Yes, and I refuse to include any of these vehicles in my scenarios. It's not fun, realistic, or immersive. I really wish the developers would reconsider, just letting players use the mouse (like a normal vehicle) with a slower traverse speed.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    The Attack on OBJ BEAR (Stryker) by Apocalypse Forces Available 3x Mobile Guns (Centauro, AVEPs) 3x ATGM Vehicles (VAMTAC, AVEPs) 4x Infantry Carriers (Piranha V, AVEPS) 2x Engineer Vehicles (Piranha V EN, AVEPS) 1x Command Vehicle (Piranha V, AVEPS) 1x Supply Vehicle (VAMTAC) 1x Ambulance (VAMTAC) 2x 120mm Mortar (Piranha V) I. Situation - An enemy mechanized infantry company (BTR-82A) is defending OBJ BEAR. They are composed of 3x MECH INF Platoons and 1x BMP-3 Platoon in support. They are also supported by a Brigade T-72 platoon in reserve, and can call on a battery of 3x 152mm artillery tubes to support their defense. We expect to see a layered defense with one platoon defending forward, ahead of their main defense of two integrated platoons. We expect them to use BMP-3's to support their defense by counter-attacking against us, and calling on the tank reserve to protect our advance on OBJ BEAR. We have also detected a Company Command node located on OBJ BEAR that is providing command and control for all forces. II. Mission - Your Company attacks to seize OBJ BEAR III. Execution - Player Driven Fires: 2x 120mm Organic Mortars IV. Service & Support Organic Medical and Resupply V. Command & Signal Friendly ID: On Map Contacts: Enabled
  11. I'm so sleep deprived that I'm briefing from a map of a city in the wrong continent.
  12. Hell yeah! Glad to have been a part of this. We still have a long road ahead.
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