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  1. Adrian- thank you for the feedback. 1. LEO 2A4 vs T-55: I can, and should probably re-look this pairing. I was trying to balance this scenario for new players and keep it fairly simple. I took inspiration from a few of Zipuli's missions where he used this pairing and I found it to be enjoyable....yeah, probably a bit overkill for the player. In my testing, I also found that the T-55 could do some damage to your Leo2A4, and it ultimately could prevent you from achieving your objectives. I'll run through it again, and consider either upgrading the T-55 ammunition quality
  2. I'm just trying to punish people for getting their stuff killed....not land on the moon. Can someone maybe translate to me what the engineer wrote on the wiki?
  3. Release V1 Bugs: Bad scoring values for several missions. This has zero effect on your progress in the operation - operational benefits are strictly tied to events. Scoring is only to produce the line in the de-brief that says Major Victory or Victory or Defeat. It is in no way tied to how your performance. Potential Bug: My Event Score was tied to an Event within an Event (objective complete and mission time less than 30 min). The Event Score was Event Complete (Objective Complete and less than 30 min) by mission end. The mission end (timer) was 60 minutes. The only thing I
  4. yeah. Maybe I can go on fivr.com and pay a bunch of dudes for reviews, like a shady Amazon.com dealer.
  5. I think its a good idea. But hardly anyone now leaves ANY feedback. Would this make them less inclined to leave feedback?
  6. I think it is an interesting approach- But what happens when 10 people download it and 5 say it is easy, because they have been playing SB for years, and 5 say it is complex (because they just bought the game a few weeks ago)? What would the 11th downloader think?
  7. I like this.... Maybe make the uploader check-box or pulldown menu as to which vehicles are included (I don't know how effective it would be to use the tag system for that)
  8. Nobody is vilifying the military contracts. But at the same time, I find these conversations to be pointless, almost laughable. To think that players (or maybe even developers!) can provide input that can influence change in the overall direction of the game. If your Mil customers proposed a contract to have a new game engine - we would see a new game engine If your Mil customers proposed a contract to turn SB into a wargame - we would have a new wargame
  9. Overall Lessons Learned 1. Operations seem like they can offer an exceptionally immersive single-player experience for players, and provide options for continuity that string together multiple, connected scenarios using cause/effect relationships. 2. Operations are a LOT of work - I have another planned that I will design the concept for, but I'm not going to start building scenarios until I see that this is something that the community even wants. That measure of effectiveness will be # of downloads - if Operation Talon Strike reaches 500 downloads then I will continue. If n
  10. There's no difference. PE = PRO with less features. The primary focus for development is FOR those military contracts.
  11. I believe it's the Spanish and Australian armies.
  12. Plan for today- A1/A2/C1 will attack via Harberg Ridge A3/A4/C2 will work together to secure the pilot, then establish a flanking force for OBJ FELIX. We will take this slow and only move phase line to phase line.
  13. Maybe we can stop putting the ownership on the players to use the sce editor and produce content? It is clearly not something people want to do - based on the frequency and amount of content that is produced. DCS does this same thing and it is really irritating - (here's your 3 tutorial missions, now have fun with the $60 aircraft you just purchased with no missions to play!)
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