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  1. I'll be around during those same dates, and looking to makeup for the lost gaming time from this year. Would prefer Discord notification rather than refreshing the forums or waiting for an email.
  2. New Squad v17 patch. The game is beautiful, but still extremely arcade-like for vehicles. I was doing some tanking last night and the hit point system (or whatever they're using) is utterly ridiculous. I engaged a T-90 and scored 3x hits from my Challenger 2 from approximately 150m and died from 2x hits frontally. The 30mm is also terrible; 10x hits from my Warrior into a BRDM-2 with no effect other than some light smoke coming from his engine. I haven't given up on Squad. Its still a good PvP but maybe after 4 years we will finally see a beta version?
  3. It's not something I would brag about. In my experience most military simulations are crap. 1. Militaries are cheap 2. Militaries don't value simulations that much (still seen as "video games") 3. Militaries don't care about graphics or presentation, as long as training objectives are met ArmA 3 blows VBS 3 out of the water, and Steel Beasts is miles ahead of the software used in the Close Combat Tactical Trainer.
  4. It'll be like that episode of Tour of Duty when the platoon sergeant prevents the LT from screwing up.... Which is basically every episode.
  5. Some ArmA tanking. A NATO tank & infantry attack against an enemy mechanized infantry platoon defending a small airfield. Everything goes well until an AT ambush in the end. Game mode is Liberation (CTI) and the map is Livonia, from the most recent DLC.
  6. Any of these would work. What we have doesn't work.
  7. Ghost Recon 1. no weapon. just a reticule. It worked well there.
  8. 3d weapon with crosshair. I would gladly take this, also.
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