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  1. We have drone swarms in game....It was added in 4.1. It requires scripting but the capability is there.
  2. Training Center Rotations are never about outcomes but rather learning and growing by developing systems and processes. For me, a successful training center rotation is always measured by how well a unit refines it's SOPs and adapts it's systems.
  3. This can already be done using the Operations editor. It requires the time and effort to learn how to use it, and some patients to deal with it's interface.
  4. I agree that it's common knowledge that eSim works with Spain and the Netherlands on certain projects. We've all seen the videos from 7-9 years ago. The depth of those project? You don't share and we don't need to know. Yes, there's a war going on. No one asks or probes what eSim is working on. The Hand Crank situation: why did it take a 3rd party solution? Why couldn't you guys take what was offered by a majority of the community and implement it? The solution doesn't have to be black and white either. There were numerous solutions offered that would have appeased both parties. But the solution proposed by Volcano was his own and I'm willing to bet that's what we see. God forbid we entertain solutions by players, especially those who have been in the community since Gold was on the shelves. I shouldn't be upset by it. It was predictable. Regardless, it's still frustrating when it happens. More broadly, how would anyone know about eSim's priorities when they ask for "thing x" in the PE? We wouldn't and we're not asking. So why do you and Volcano keep rubbing it in our faces that the players are attempting to strongarm or bother you with suggestions? Are these "special interest groups" sending direct emails? They certainly aren't using the forums. No one here is asking for anything. I was shut down with the infantry thing long ago and I've stopped asking for it or pretending it will ever happen based on the comments that I received. "Quake".
  5. Version 1.0


    This mod replaces the Brazilian camouflage pattern with that of the Colombian Army. To Install: Extract the zip into your in-game MODS folder File path Mods-Textures-Camo-Woodland-BR
  6. You've said this before and I was confused by it then. Who's hoops are you jumping through here? And which SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS? This is such a small, niche community. And these forums are mostly dead; you don't see many requests (not counting the Wish List ideas that are mostly already in game because players can't be bothered to play) This is also not the first time you dropped this "you guys ask for too much" line on us, yet I never see anyone really rallying for anything, and I also haven't seen much implemented that is suggested. I get it, you added some Leo's like eight years ago that were asked for by the community and then got upset when you were criticized for the end result. I don't know a single person that plays SB that doesn't appreciate them, so maybe it's time to move on from that? That's the business that you're in. I don't know how any of this is our/PE player problems. There's also no one here badgering you about the PE version, regarding releases and patches. I think most old hands know how this works; we all know that there's a new version being worked on and we'll see it at some point in a few years. No one here badgers you about the PRO version either. We all know better not to ask those questions. So I'm not sure why this comment is even directed at me. How would I know anything about eSim? I don't ask questions about anything and you don't share, so how would I know anything about your business? My perception is that PE players have no right to ask for any features, ever, because its a huge hinderance to make you 'jump through hoops'. You said it.
  7. Why not just make it a slow traverse rate with the mouse? Problem solved. Smashing keyboard buttons in no way emulates cranking a turret. Also, I doubt anyone here gets "pissed" about Steel Beasts game design decisions that were made during the end of the Cold War. Mistakes were made, that's fine. I only get pissed when I see that you guys, after MUCH feedback, resort to your echo chamber without listening to the many ideas proposed in the Hand Crank Turret thread to over-engineer a game feature. Again.
  8. Terrible news. So sorry to hear of his passing. He was a great dude and we had a lot of good gaming moments in the many past years. My condolences for his friends and family.
  9. When you're looking at war and conflict from the hyper, ultra, extreme tactical level then there's not going to be much to see. It's like looking at an anthill through a straw. Some countries can mobilize their military, move it thousands of miles and defeat the enemy. Some are incapable of invading their neighbors. Some people will continue to debate the M-16 versus Ak47.
  10. I can't believe you guys keep responding to the Chinese AI bot.
  11. This developer is killing it. Beasts of Steel is a hybrid Turn-based strategy and First person shooter where players will maneuver units on a hex-base wargame map but resolve engagements via a first person game mode. Very early closed-beta. lots of placeholders, but really impressive so far.
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