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  1. I only have a few. I'm also REALLY enjoying the SOG Prairie Fire DLC for ARMA. Their custom game mode, Mike Force is awesome... unfortunately the ARMA engine just performs so poorly that even my new gaming rig only hovers between 30-50 solid FPS when playing online
  2. I agree but I also think that a game like this would be incredible to play with a private and controlled group. I'm more surprised there aren't as many VUs playing this. I also really hope to see a UK/CAN DLC at some point, focusing on Caen and the Brit sector of Normandy or even Market Garden.
  3. Since @Red2112 thinks I hate everything...I just had to comment. I picked up Hell Let Loose this week and I'm really enjoying it. 1. It has a nice slow tempo, unlike most shooters on the market. Spawn timers are reasonable and the overall in game movement speeds also seem realistic and reasonable. 2. The scale is good. The maps aren't massive like Squad but just the right size so that you can practice smart maneuver but still find contact very easily. 3. This game looks and sounds AMAZING! The graphical details are stunning and this has to be the best sounding game that I've ever played. that is all. I said something positive.
  4. It's true that we've seen patches - but these are very small patches to fix minor things. There are so many core and fundamental flaws in the game design of CC2. The dev's have been radio silent since release.
  5. Much much much needed!!
  6. How are these developers going to make a game/DLC focused on combat and include such fine details BUT then make the weapons just awful and unrealistic? This DLC looks terrible and I'm glad I didn't buy it. I already wasted enough money on Carrier Command 2....from the SAME developers, who have already abandoned CC2 less than two months after its release.
  7. Every kids' dream; to play three Eagle Dynamics produced modules that are incomplete and will never truly be finished. F-18, F-16, and now the Ah-64!
  8. Depends. Are there plans for enemy infantry in game?
  9. New ARMA III mission that I threw together using the Prairie Fire DLC https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2614157056
  10. Really unimpressed with their Carrier Command 2 release. Not so eager to buy anything else from them
  11. This was how World War Two online was whenever a member of the High Command logged in. Certainly not mandatory. Moreso- What is the right balance of immersion? And how is it applied in a way that is ATTRACTIVE and inclusive rather than toxic and exclusive?
  12. Man, this seems like a less crappy version of Ground Branch - it seems like these guys are moving in the right direction at least with tactical gameplay and game modes. Someone dropped me a gift, and I'll have to return the favor with some cooperative!
  13. The entire enterprise has become absolutely awful. It's such a shame that they're dragging his name thru the mud.
  14. Good ole' keyboard and mouse. I rarely use my joystick for SB. Tanks just weren't designed with lots of keys. Meanwhile in DCS...8 button clicks to launch a HOT-3 in the Gazelle.
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