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  1. Works on M60 and MG3. Doesn't work on 240 or PK
  2. Great game; thanks to our nearly 25 participants for making this such a fun experience, and I appreciate the folks who volunteered for leadership positions to make some organized chaos.
  3. I updated the screenshot and it requires re-approval. Should be up again shortly.
  4. I should have clarified - This was a mission where Players were attacking a computer-controlled OPFOR. The infantry were part of the OPFOR [computer] side - however, the red infantry were set to player and the scenario was designed to be player vs computer. In this case, I had a few scattered observation posts that the player side needed to destroy - however, with the host's setting - we were unable to locate them because some units were hiding in buildings. This then caused a failure to activate the next Event and not progress in the scenario. I'm also curious if this 'feature' applies to computer-controlled units. ESim? The only workaround I can see is to not give the dismounts ANY tactic. Just plop them down, as the host could have anyweird setting - even for 'Stay' tactics.
  5. -Multiplayer game -I designed the scenario -Someone else hosted -My scenario editor settings for behavior in buildings for "Guard" are set to "Stay Outside" -Blue (player) were attacking Red (Computer - but set to player). Sce was designed to have a few small groups of dismounts scattered, but in the open -All Infantry in the scenario were inside buildings during the MP session. -Host confirmed his settings for guard were to occupy buildings. This is an issue in terms of Scenario design. I specifically wanted Infantry outside. The scenario settings should stay with what the scenario designer has set in their editor.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Install ==== Extract .wav files into the following location: C:\Users\"Your Name"\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\sounds\FX Whats New? ===== -First Person Main Gun -External COAX -External Engine -Internal Main Gun -Internal COAX -Internal Engine -External Main Gun
  7. This week Call to Arms received an upgrade which adds a dynamic campaign (Conquest 2.0). Conquest 2.0 adds a new operational-level that gives players the option of where to attack while managing resources and a force pool. Full Update: https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/302670/view/2116069792071348406
  8. https://store.steampowered.com/app/548430/Deep_Rock_Galactic/ This might be my game of the year. Don't let the looks full you - this game requires teamwork and coordination. Insanely fun cooperative shooter (much like a first person version of Helldivers). Players rely on their unique classes to complete missions in a fully destructible and procedural generated map.
  9. Want me to take it this week? You've volunteered three weeks in a row. I dont mind taking the burden this week, with this not being my scenario and all.
  10. I seemed to be the only one that had significant issues with packet loss; flying tanks and bad icons. I rejoined and everything was ok.
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