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  1. Same here. I love Battle Academy II and the Unity of Command series, but most of their games are just unfinished, and unpolished messes with awful UI. This is clearly a publisher with no quality control over their developers.
  2. That's too logical and doesn't apply to Battlefront. CM The game engine was developed in the late 90s and they've been adding lipstick to it every few years.
  3. Combat Mission: Shock Force 2 is on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/1369370/Combat_Mission_Shock_Force_2/ This is pretty hilarious, considering the devs have HATED on Steam and claimed that the game would NEVER be released on Steam.
  4. Context: https://paxsims.wordpress.com/2020/06/11/uk-fight-club/ This looks awesome. I prefer Battle Academy 2 over Shock Force
  5. I've played BCT Commander and Air Assault Task Force Commander. I love the idea and scope of these games but they are truly crippled by a UI from hell. Would rather just play SB as an RTS.
  6. I want to give a shout out and kudos to @Bond_Villian for this beautifully crafted and detailed map. It was used for a custom scenario during a Kanium Sunday (19 JUL 20), and I was blown away with how fun it was. Awesome attention to detail, with good use of hedge's and small scattered farms to break up the long fields of fire, as well as creative use of buildings and structures to create nicely formed built-up areas. The Chateau
  7. Lets get this thread back on topic:
  8. Been playing through the CTE a lot lately. I might disengage from Ground Branch. It's got a LONG way to go - on top of the fact that it's been in development for 15 years with little to show. It's not as smooth as I had hoped for - movement is starting to seem very clunky and I'd rather just play ARMA At least in ARMA I can create custom content and play objective-based gameplay styles.
  9. Ouch. This needs WORK. Very bad
  10. This really is great news.
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