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  1. Played the USMC one last night. Completed my objective but got my ass kicked. My air assault element popped more than a few turrets. Really good scenario
  2. A-11 I commanded this one last time. Really great sce
  3. The Helicopter was B-1 I was seeing the entire company except that vehicle listed in the unit icons in the bottom right.
  4. DF90 gunnery is definitely not easy and the auto-lead is inconsistent. There's also no indication that lead is being applied - at least not that I can see on the gunners interface.
  5. Need everyone, at echelon, to be flexible and adaptive.
  6. Ok. My commander, @Mirzayev said he would sign whatever memo is required.
  7. @sjr162 Who is the release authority? I would like to pursue this to provide options for our task force.
  8. Speaking of which, how does the lead work in the DF 90? I read the wiki page but it's not working for me. To calculate lead, put the reticle on target and lase. Then track the moving target and press the lase button again and hold it for five seconds, then release. Then when you fire, you will have lead applied to the shot.
  9. 30mm like a sniper rifle...
  10. Just searched my computer (2 drives) with no results....This is wild. I swear I used the download links for the map packs
  11. Tried that. Hasn't worked. Awesome. Looking forward to the patch!
  12. SBProPE64cm_exe.7320.dmp
  13. Had this happen again... SL was killed then later revived. Squad icon jumped back to SL location (revive location) Lost control of squad. Able to rotate squad leader but cannot use WASD keys or map routes. Was only able to regain control by loading squad back into vehicle then unloading it.
  14. I get a crash to desktop when I go into my settings and try to change to Windowed mode. Changing to windowed mode only works when I'm in game and use the ALT+W hotkey.
  15. What is the correct name supposed to be?
  16. Are Delta maps embedded into a sce or do they need to be distributed with scenarios? Situation: I would like to make a minor change to a current Delta map - no change to height map - but some minor adjustments to objects or roads. Do I need to redistribute the entire package or does the delta map come with the scenario?
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