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  1. I'd recommend playing as an XO to get a general feel for how commanding ingame works.
  2. If you'd like to command CO and BN then I wouldn't worry about learning a vehicle I'd more focus on developing a plan, briefing that plan, and then adjusting that plan when the environment changes.
  3. You could always use the high walls to simulate dense urban areas.
  4. Please consider joining the Sunday MP games. There is always a need for commanders. Both CO and BN.
  5. Wish: Surrendered troops no longer show an icon on the map.
  6. Time to move the Single Player Scenarios into Legacy. It is oddly, the first thing someone sees in the downloads section.
  7. Masking would be an awesome feature for the PE version. I'm guessing none of those eastern vehicles will be playable
  8. I'd recommend against taking a FOX unit. They are persistent across the scenario. The A Co folks will get tanks eventually.
  9. Did you make a group first?
  10. @Kingtiger @Wiglif @Grenny The "Stryker Dragoons" (DF30) have scouts equipped with Spike M's
  11. Use the STAY command instead of Defend/Hold
  12. Good scenario @Assassin 7 and good commanding by @Lumituisku
  13. Please just no. Insanely overpowered and wonky damage model.
  14. Would prefer to NOT download the entire Chris Map Pack for a single map.
  15. Nvidia shadow play to capture and Davinci resolve to edit. The free version is great.
  16. This is always very difficult with SB because of player fluctuation. I like your first bullet and I think that's a great way to approach what you're trying to do with these sessions. I'd recommend splitting your sessions in half. First half is training - a vehicle or system-centric focus - get the group comfortable or at least familiar with what you're trying to do and the second half of the session has the group playing on a small mission that focuses on those teaching 'objectives' from the first half. It seems like the focus for this session is Platoon - maybe best to just stick to that then. If the players are able to quickly win the scenario then run it again with leadership and vehicles switched around.
  17. Only if the interiors actually provide a reason to use them. ARMA's interiors were SORT OF functional - you could use the gunner and TC station screens to scan without actually being IN the sight - this allowed you full functionality of the position while maintaining situational awareness of other aspects of the vehicle. At the end of the day I still spend most of my time split between the TC hatch and the map. SB vehicles like the CR2 don't bother me.
  18. This already exists in game. It has existed in game for a long long long time.
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