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  1. Tactical FPS

    One of the better PVE FPS out there. I ordered this pre-order but refunded when it looked like their release was pre-mature. Seriously considering picking this up. Had a blast with the last one
  2. Map Request Thread

    Would someone be so kind as to make me a Limnos Island map? SW Corner 39°48'49.9"N 25°00'38.7"E
  3. It's based on the story line from ArmA III's East Wind campaign. Most of the vehicles featured in the ArmA III factions are unplayable or unavailable in SB, so we are using proxy. For example, the NATO faction uses the Merkava Mk IV as their MBT in ArmA III as well as the Patria AMV 40mm (also not in SB), while the AAF use the Leopard 2G, Warrior, Fennek, Weasel, and Pandur II CZ. But the task organization / order of battles are accurate and so are the objectives. Edit: A lot of people scoff at ArmA III, and honestly, the plot is a little hard to swallow, but the operational art and design of the NATO campaign is awesome; NATO forces conduct two near-simultaneous amphibious landings as well as an air assault to seize key terrain and infrastructure. The developers did a good job in that aspect.
  4. KANIUM SUNDAY 3rd OF FEB 1900 GMT - The Chariot

    Always nice to see that Soldiers, no matter where, are always be the same. I actually had to look that one up.
  5. Media Files

    Thanks. I'm limiting the .wav files to 22khz, mono which keeps the files very low in size and quality - not an issue, as they are radio transmissions.
  6. Media Files

    Sounds good, thanks.
  7. Media Files

    Question about media files. Do all players of the MP session need the media files for a multiplayer scenario? Or are the .wav files packaged with the .sce file?
  8. Setting quality

    1. Would also be nice to have an option to turn off stamina. Would be good for situations where you want enemy forces to route. I find that even Elite-level sprites still get tired too quickly. 2. Would love to see the stamina system overhauled; I am by no means an elite athlete or part of an elite military organization, but I can jog at least three times further than our sprites with my kit and weapon. I generally find that stamina is not something takes a long time to 'regenerate' rather, you get quick bursts of energy and small rests to help you.
  9. KANIUM SUNDAY 3rd OF FEB 1900 GMT - The Chariot

    @MahzelI could use a gunner
  10. You gave us a good fight and made us think. Mission accomplished as OPFOR.
  11. I don't think it was a bad plan, just poorly executed. Rather, we failed to mass forces or control tempo (manage tactical pauses) I think there was a missed opportunity with E-1 being as engaged as it was, early in the scenario. E-1 drove directly into an enemy engagement area and paid the price with no other friendly attackers to carry the assault forward. We didn't use artillery against likely/suspected positions and our demise could've been anticipated by even the most junior LT that knows how to conduct a terrain analysis. Perhaps we would've had more success if we attacked simultaneously along multiple axis, with E-2 and E-3 in the east while E-1 got beat up. At least we would've been able to penetrate with E-2 and cause the enemy to think about more than 1 problem at a time. We did the same thing for the second attack, in which remnants of E-1 and E-4 attacked along a single axis while E-2 and E-3 resupplied.
  12. Thanks for the feedback - its very important to me. I normally sit through the AAR with two copies of SB running - one copy of the actual AAR and one copy with the mission editor running so i can make changes as people suggest them. Made a bunch of recommended changes, will post the sce to the page shortly.
  13. That engagement ended with a broken track and a dead RPG team.
  14. You can have a whole platoon of them when they show up.
  15. Hopefully not. The ZSU-39 ranges are marked on the map, are static, and we all know @Nike-Ajax can't shoot for a damn.
  16. Could really use someone managing air assets. UAV and AH64. Hunter-Killer work or just someone with experience painting the picture for whoever steps up to command. I made the CDRs vehicle an Eagle because I thought we would have someone that would want to command while having a picture of the battlefield (head in the UAV)
  17. You know the deal. Boresight, make the coffee, and clean the hubs. Priorities of work, in that order.
  18. I'll take you as my gunner.
  19. A22 @Gunslinger668 will make coffee and gun for me
  20. Here We go again ...

    Be prepared for a boring ride. Engineers will be used for rear area security, and all breaching will be done OUT of contact.