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  1. This will be an absolutely welcomed feature. Will be nice to play with a small, closed group of people rather than the general population. I don't know anything about Helikon. My entire kit is from Tactical Tailor
  2. I have tested otherwise. I created a custom map Published it hosted MP session MP participants were able to download the map Maybe it works differently for SP content?
  3. I thought Bohemia Simulations split several years ago.
  4. For those who enjoy Ground Branch Developer Update https://steamcommunity.com/games/16900/announcements/detail/2254561823450265854 INTEL UPDATE #006 Bad News/Good News Alright, everyone—we got some expectation management to do. As laid out in Intel Update #005, we've been struggling to get the new character rig (the skeleton) worked out and ready for the new animations and character assets, which were the core of upcoming update 1030. So, earlier this month, we brought on board experienced freelance animator Mike Munk (a former Tripwire developer with Red Orchestra, Rising Storm and the Killing Floor series under his belt) to have a look at the new rig and help us make sure things were being done correctly and as future-proof as possible. The diagnosis wasn't great: upon inspection, it was determined that getting the skeleton in shape—so that it won't be a source of headaches down the road—would take several weeks; possibly a couple months. Well, 1030 has been in the works for a long time now, and we don't want to leave you all without a new major update for that much longer. The silver lining So we made a difficult decision which, in retrospect, seems kinda like a no-brainer: let's release everything else. If it's not dependent on the new skeleton, why not put it out there and give everyone some new stuff to start trying out? Postponing the animation and character work sucks and we're beyond frustrated about being forced to delay the main attraction in the update, but as the old adage goes… it is what it is. Might as well make the best out of the situation, so that's what we're gonna do. If we cut the animation and character work from 1030, you get a smaller update, yes, but you get it a lot earlier and have something to play with while we get the rest of the package sorted out. It also means less potential for new bugs, as well as getting older bugs (such as the VOIP randomly not working) fixed ahead of time. What will remain in 1030? Although we've been forced to push the new animations and character assets back, update 1030 will be far from underwhelming. Here's where it currently stands (for detailed descriptions and media, see Intel Update #005😞 Remaining features Everything we've announced for 1030 that is not related to the character and animation rework will still be in the update: [SCHEDULED] First pass on the Encumbrance System (weight and stamina). [SCHEDULED] Interactive lights (shootable/switchable) – will be present in all maps instead of the announced few (Depot and training maps). [SCHEDULED] 2 new multiplayer maps. [SCHEDULED] Map soundscapes and updated acoustics. [SCHEDULED] Tactical FAL and G3A3. Delayed features All character and animation-related work will be pushed back to a later update: [DELAYED] New and updated character assets. They were made for the new skeleton's specs, and therefore will have to wait. [DELAYED] New and reworked animations. [DELAYED] M24 SWS, due to the bolt-action poses and animations. [DELAYED] Prone. [DELAYED] Hit feedback. To-be-confirmed features These may or may not make their way into 1030: [TBC] Visible gunshot wounds. [TBC] Wristwatch. Relies on the new clothes (with the cuffs pulled up) to show properly with long-sleeve tops, but we may be able to try a workaround. [TBC] Listen servers, a.k.a. hosting your own games without having to setup a dedicated server. (This was not a planned feature for 1030, but might be ready for it.) We've also updated the Early Access roadmap to reflect these changes and other minor ones. Some sneak peeks to make up for it (not in 1030!) As previously shown, 3D artists Dan Conroy and Pau Peñalver have been working diligently on some new assets for GROUND BRANCH. Here is a little update on their progress:
  5. @ben Fear not - you do not need to upload map packages (unless you'd like to!) As long as you 'publish' the map then it will be automatically downloaded when someone plays your scenario. This scenario was an instant download for me, but I have yet to play it. I'm always a fan of your work. Edit - Looks like I spoke too soon It the map published?
  6. Wish: OPFOR Infantry model used the AK-74M instead of the SCAR. I understand the purpose for having a 'more modern' weapon for OPFOR, but the SCAR is just out of place.
  7. I'd rather the existing choppers be fixed first!
  8. Wish: A map pointer tool. A small blip on the map, something to draw people's attention to parts of the map so that you can brief easier - but not only limited to briefings. The ArmA ACE mod uses this feature and it's a very helpful tool.
  9. If you just give us the file structure to make it happen, then people will fill the gap. In fact, they already have in most cases.
  10. Follow up: There's no folder for US 1980s infantry camouflage theme
  11. Map is AS Desert (Desert Theme, confirmed in editor) BLUE side is set to US 1980 Camouflage theme Tanks are seen using the correct camouflage pattern - 1980s US Desert camouflage Dismounts are not wearing the correct camouflage pattern - dismounts are seen with the US Default camouflage (PVT Bruce, 2ACR) and not the 1980s US Desert camouflage
  12. I love these 2d interiors.
  13. This is what I'm interested in, reference Ground Branch
  14. 1. That RvS Mod looks amazing. 2. The ground branch roadmap seems underwhelming 3. Ready or Not doesn't look good. At all.
  15. I generally really like the forum. There's only one issue that I find to be annoying: On mobile devices it is really difficult to delete quoted text in a reply. On a PC holding CTRL+Right Click will give you the option to remove the quote, but no such option on mobile.
  16. Good job. That scenario is a slug fest, and a pretty tough scenario for a first time solo play.
  17. We were at 1.5hrs of gametime at that point. I think we were all feeling tired and acting reckless to get thru the scenario.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Clearing Kandahar by Apocalypse SITUATION A Human Intelligence report states that the area surrounding the Kandahar Airfield has been infested and overwhelmed with Taliban fighters. Afghan Security Forces have fled the area, and there is now a direct threat to the airfield. ENEMY Taliban fighters in the area have been heavily armed with automatic weapons (PKC machine guns, Heavy Machine Guns, IEDs, RPGs, and Recoilless Rifles. The enemy will fight in small teams (2-4 men) and will fix friendly forces with IEDs then destroy us with heavy weapons (HMG, RPG, Recoiless Rifles). Expect enemy fighters to be well coordinated with interlocking fields of fire, tied to IED and potentially minefield obstacles. Additionally, there has been SIGINT that indicates a potential attack on the airfield within the next 72 hours. LOCAL Local sentiment remains neutral toward both the Taliban and NATO forces - however, that can shift dramatically if any side were to show hostility toward the local populace. FRIENDLY A US Army Stryker Rifle Battalion has been ordered to the area, to conduct a deliberate clearance of Kandahar City within the next 24 hours. Your Platoon will clear the area directly north of the airfield, to include OBJECTIVE RANGERS - this deter any enemy attack on the airfield and provide time and space to allow follow our forces to conduct a large scale clearing operation. ASSETS 2x 120mm mortar prepared to support Resupply, Rearm, Repair all located on FOB Mission Attack to clear OBJ RANGERS of Taliban fighters in support of an upcoming operation to clear Kandahar City.
  19. Looks like you're using a custom map "Hanno Weserbergland M1BT Camp V2" Easily solve though - Download Package is working
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