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  1. I have low expectations for the game, and I don't think GHPC is trying to be anything outstanding.


    I think they're shooting to be a simple game that uses the Unity engine; something that players can jump in and out of quickly.


    But I will say this - the developer reaction to Mirzayev's video has been very good. He acknowledged the areas that need improvement, and are asking for more feedback. So, nice to see a positive impact being made with well received feedback from the developer. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Red2112 said:

    Maybe if we could have the option to create our own client server? 

    That would be a big motivation for me. 

  3. Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising


    An oldie but goodie. I had a ton of fun playing this, and could see myself still playing this with an organized group.


    1. COOP w/ mission editor

    2. Game performance (FPS/Lag/Game Physics) = better than ARMA

    3. Combined Arms Fight: playable infantry, mortars, tanks, IFVs, helicopters (scout & attack) and boats.

    4. Customization of Characters and Loadouts



  4. Hell yes!



    New content overview:

    • PAH-1 anti-tank helicopter with unarmed VBH-1 variant
    • CH-53G heavy transport helicopter
    • Do 28 D-2 STOL aircraft
    • Mi-2 attack helicopter with many variants (Mi-2T, Mi-2URP-G, Mi-2 Platan, Mi-2Ch)
    • L-410 UVP transport airplane
    • Civilian variants of VBH-1 and Mi-2
    • New weapons (SG5A2, SG5A3, SG5SD2, SG5SD3, FIM-43 Redeye, 9K32M Strela-2, MN-111 Air-Droppable mine)
    • New gear such as vests and hats New ground vehicles (SpPz 2A1, SpPz 2A2, 0.5t truck with MG3)
    • New MG3 anti-air tripod

    Various bug fixes as well.

  5. 1 hour ago, Red2112 said:

    @Apocalypse 31


    Is that going to be some sort of single player mini-campaign, or maybe co-op mini-campaign?


    Really wish one could create his own client server without the need to rent one...

    Don't think so. Squad does these "events" that are just regular MP games with a ruleset applied that makes it applicable to a specific scenario.

  6. 1 hour ago, Red2112 said:

    I think the map is made by Matt Farrow from the Ground Branch team...



    I've been following the progress on that map. Really great work. 


    But I'm not touching it. Terrorist Hunt is too boring of a game mode.



    Developer Q&A stream from this week.


    He talks about including infantry and other elements to form a combined arms experience.


    I like where he's going: "It's not just about tanks".

  8. 15 minutes ago, Snoggy said:

    HC system screwed squads

    For me, it was the Brigade system that was my breaking point.


    Before Brigades, each town had a garrison with an equipment set. The only way to 'over-strength' the garrison was to manually drive stuff in from rear towns. Most fights ended because either an attacker or defender lost all of its garrison equipment. The garrison ORBAT was also realistic for the number of players in the game. It was common to destroy an entire garrison of equipment. 


    Then the introduction of Brigades....Brigades were stacked with equipment - too much stuff, really. And also very difficult to actually 'destroy' a Brigade. Whenever a Brigade was on the brink of destruction, the HC would swap it out with a new, fresh Brigade. Attacking a town became a difficult task, and moving the map became too sluggish. Gamey. Not fun. 

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