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  1. The absolute best I've seen in the 100+ games I've played.
  2. I've been going back through my downloaded scenarios and changing them to feature the M1A2. :gun:
  3. I had an instance yesterday night where my infantry squad ran face first into an enemy rifle team. They sat and watched each other until I gave my squad a suppress here order ...then watched them fire wildly away from the enemy team It would've been nice to just press F7-F3 and fired a few bursts of M16 to kill the team.
  4. I agree. Not sure why we can't fire it without looking down the sites. A typical method for firing the M2 in real life is to "walk your rounds " to target by simply adjusting your aim based off of the tracers. I've never seen anyone use M2 sites in real life because it is normally obstructed by either your helmet or you can't bend down that far
  5. Any plans to turn this into an operation?
  6. I haven't messed with it yet, but I think using the source and drain method might be effective for simulating enemy patrols in a and around strongholds
  7. A good tactic in first person mode is to run up to the building you'd like to occupy then press E (battle position) and your troopers will run into the building.
  8. I'm finding that with 3.0, the DEFEND order will have them occupy even the second floor.
  9. Love the new buildings! Functional windows and interiors make infantry occupation much better. Will the team continue to develop the buildings and add/update more? Larger buildings still lacking functionality.
  10. The MPAT data works for HEAT EDIT - I just looked at the range description, and the tank only has Sabot and MPAT. That makes sense. There's no audio que for loading MPAT. I just assumed it was HEAT. And I scored a 244 out of 100. My goodness, the M1A2 is amazing.
  11. Just a quick observation... I'm finding that HEAT rounds are wildly inaccurate. I'm shooting at least 300m over my target. I have a good lase I have my round data set for M830 Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? Am I suppose to be doing MRS updates?
  12. Shane, There are two ways to achieve the desired effect you are looking for: 1 - In replay mode you can easily free roam the battlefield by right clicking on the map and selecting VIEW. 2 - In the mission editor you can, at any time, click on the map and press VIEW to free roam the battlefield.
  13. Love it. Do yourself a favor and check out the dismount animations for technical vehicles. Wow!
  14. Never mind. Need to play with the weather options and click 'Update' in order to ensure your changes stick
  15. I can't see anything. What should I be adjusting to get things looking like a nice crisp day?
  16. It's almost as if eSim has live tech support (and they actually speak english!) No seriously - folks on the TS server have helped me a few times.
  17. A big thanks for posting. I was dreading this process, because I've had so many problems with it in the past. Sometimes it feels like you need a Ph.D to play a multiplayer match, between the intricate install of software, as well as the complicated port forwarding process (its hit or miss for me sometimes)
  18. The infantry improvements are promising. One more step closer to being THE premier combined arms sim
  19. The beta tester(s) who made that comment doesn't speak for me. Personally, 25fps is not acceptable. There are few other games on the market that play that low. Please go ahead and take the time. I'm in Afghanistan until September :-)
  20. What? Who says that? They should've been fired and forced to beta test World of Tanks. If you're a beta tester and said that, you need to punch yourself in the nuts.
  21. Just need a crewable M-60 and we'll be firing up the Cold War. An M-48 would be nice too. :biggrin:
  22. More targets for my beautiful AH-64's
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