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  1. Having trained at Fort Knox last March (07) I can DEFINITELY say the terrain is accurate. Let me try to dig some photos up.
  2. Is there a SA out there that can give some of the (U) guys Registration rights? I get PM's all the time, but I cant respond because I'm not reigstered. Thanks in advance.
  3. Gen=Billy just helped me out a bit. Got into his MP session (with poor ping; probably b/c he's in the UK and I'm on the West coast US) but alas it worked. I had my computer set on DMZ, no firewall, and removed '2300' from the port search in game.
  4. Whenever I search for an MP game it times out SB Pro, Teamspeak, and everything internet-related on my computer. I've setup port fowarding and even tried this while on DMZ mode. Still no luck. Anyone know whats going on?
  5. Next time I'll just try putting my computer in the DMZ
  6. I'm not seeing my changes saved when I go to Port Range Foward. I added the ports and clicked save, but whenever I go back I'm not seeing anything. I disabled my firewall then tried to connect to Sean's game. I SAW the session, but when I clicked Join, the game, teamspeak and everything else internet-related timed out on me and left me unable to connect to the net, forcing me to restart my router. Man this game is a pain in the ass to play MP in. Hope one of you guys can help me out.
  7. Thanks Tank Hunter. That was actually my next question.
  8. Hey thanks Sean http://www.esimgames.com/Downloads.htm For those who are wondering
  9. Where's it at? Seems like they took the link down.
  10. Where do I put height map files? I searched this place like crazy, but it seems that everyone already knows....except me. Thanks in advance
  11. NEvermind. I'm an idiot. I had done a fresh format a few weeks ago and didnt update my directx
  12. "D3dx9_31.dll not found" I just installed it. I have the dongle in. Anyone know whats up?
  13. HAHA. Wow. Aint that the truth. We had some Air Farce guys with us at our FOB in Baghdad. All I'm gonna say is that a 6-month tour working in a mail room doesnt seem like a bad job when you leave the wire multiple times a day, every day.
  14. I've played the Thunder Run scenario at Fort Knox Armor school in the CCTT simulators. I've read both books on Thunder Run (Thunder Run and Heavy Metal) I've been along many places in the Thunder Run route... My major criticism with this map is that its WAY too clean to be Baghdad. It looks more like a MOUT site at the National Training Center, than downtown Baghdad , Iraq. Iraq is a dirty place, it looks like New Jersey , except in a desert environment. I would know. I'm from New Jersey. btw. a photo of me @ the Cross Sabers in Baghdad.
  15. Another question... Which patch should I install up to? 328 w/ hotfix ? Or should I go ahead and install the beta patch? Which maps should I download for MP games?
  16. That is one sexy M88. Damn good. Where can I get this?
  17. Yeah thats the stuff right there. The thing about reporting procedures in the Armed Forces is that they're easy and to the point. Nobody wants to hear a person blab on about a vehicle thats about to kill their entire platoon. The platoon wants to be IN action before that report is even done. Also, nobody likes to be distracted from what they're doing in game, especially in a game where hearing is a form of contact that may save your life.
  18. Bad day to die over Baghdad! Man that was intense. That pilot sounded like he was gonna pass out during the later part of the video. Thank god for the training those guys get.
  19. Hey all. I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself. My name is Mike, I'm a Lieutenant at Fort Lewis with 3rd Stryker Brigade (1/14CAV). I just got home in September from a little over 5 months in the sandbox where I got started with my scout platoon leader time. Well, I'm back home now and fortunate enough to still have retained my scout platoon (some of the guys I deployed with have lost their platoons to XO slots or staff jobs) which is nice for me. I am a hardcore gamer. My wife constantly makes fun of me for using a headset with propper radio procedures, but thats what keeps me going. I'm coming from a game called World War Two Online. A good Massive Multiplayer, but has lost my interest for lack of an armored cav sim. I'm also an avid sound engineer. I've done sounds for a few games (World War Two Online (CRS), Operation Barbarossa (CDV), Operation Kursk (CDV), helped with sounds for Combat Mission: Shock Force (Battlefront) and such mods as Forgotten Hope 2 (BF2), and Project Reality (BF2). I love playing games that sound the part. Being an armored officer, I know how things are suppose to sound. Expect a sound mod from me in the near future. I've already found the IP for teamspeak, so as long as my game gets here anytime soon I should be jumping in with you guys for some MP. Last question - I saw LAV's, but where are the STRYKERS at???? :biggrin:
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