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  1. I just recently bought ArmA. I honestly cant stand it. Everything about the game is sluggish from dismounted movement to maneuvering vehicles. Also honorable mention to the semi-retarted ai. SB Pro for me. And yes, SWAT4 is a great game for Urban operations. I'll go ahead and put R6 Vegas up there. R6V has some GREAT features for individual movement; specifically the ability to take cover and peek around corners and whatnot.
  2. I tried making some ACU sprites with M4's. I cant stand seeing US troops with G36's. I didnt finish, but the point here is that this requires alot of time.
  3. Still won't stop a 120mm Sabot round....
  4. I'm finding that it IS very difficult to do so. The key is to challenge the player. Maybe not by pouring tons of fire onto his units, but by using other means that we faced everyday in Iraq. Obstacles, IED's, small arms contact, and the art of operation. EDit - in the scenario i've created you must cordon a block off and find an insurgent safehouse. pretty simple coding for a newbie.
  5. I'm considering making a Haifa Street map when I'm done with this Cordon and Search mission. This map editor seems tricky.
  6. Hey thanks guys. I'm going with the Baghdad raid map and using BIAP (Baghdad International Airport) as the FOB. It's my first mission. Coming along nicely. Will look foward to some of the feedback you guys give me. PS - I'm using ASLAV-PCs to represent Strykers.
  7. I'm trying to make a contemporary environment map (Iraq) where you have to execute a cordon and search but I'm having a hard time finding good urban desert area's on the maps I have. Anyone hook me up with grids or specific maps to try out? Much appreciated
  8. You can easily traverse it. It operates on an electric handswitch that can be removed and operated from the unbuttoned position. But forget about aiming or elevation.
  9. What you doing at Knox? I'll be there for Scout Leader Course in May.
  10. WW2OL is not a simulator. Welcome to SB Pro, a game that wont make you pull your hair out.
  11. I cant stand the sound of the HMMV!!! ARRH. In fact, the sounds in ArmA are just horrible.
  12. Edit - Disregard my last. Apparently it works on Vista, there are just a few issues with the thumbstick. Make sure you have the latest DirectX also. If you do a search for VISTA you'll get quite a few threads dealing with errors, all of which have solutions. Enjoy.
  13. I'd go hunting with it. It's fast, low profile and TOW's are still effective AT weapons.
  14. Such a beautiful video.
  15. I'd like to just add that I'm still relatively new with SB Pro. However, Billy took the time to help me get my game setup (my router was all fucked up). He spent almost 3 hours helping me, and always invites me to play with the Generals whenever I'm on and looking for a game. I dont really know the rest of the Generals team, but I've played a bunch of matches with them and they all seem welcoming towards new guys. I'm not defending them by any means. Like I said, I'm new, but my initial contact with them has been positive. As has it been with most of the people I've played with...Even those crazy Germans. Lol Jk.
  16. I'm a recon platoon leader, and I can tell you that it is very possible. You need good communication and coordination between sections..Also in the US Army we have a very good NCO Corp.
  17. BIG SHOCKER!!!! I honestly dont know why you guys really expected ANYTHING out of this game? That screen shot looks like a choppy 3-d engine. No thanks.
  18. Yes, and you and I both know that in our line of work - Stryker - it is important that you can take your headset off quickly in order to dismount your vehicle.
  19. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=9f2_1203621418 There would've been lots of low crawling and digging in that snow if they were in my Platoon.
  20. Nobody cares what the FSO think...... HAHA. Just kidding man.
  21. I wouldnt want to micromanage dismounts that much. I like the current model, it just needs more detail (formations, crawl ability)
  22. Wow. I could easily use my BOSE headset over my MICH helmet. My wife would probably think I'm crazy though.
  23. I'm using a good one for the Abrams. Cant help ya with the Leo. Never been in one.
  24. Patton Museum is nice. All vehicles are well kept (no runners unfortunately) and there are a few rarities like: British MK.V with an impressive scene of German defenders MBT 70 US/NATO tank project (Ft Knox has 2 of 3 prototypes produced) King Tiger (with cutaway)
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