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  1. I agree 100% with Skybird.... Spot on. I've already had the same thoughts, but lack the ability to say it so eloquently. With drones owning the sky I would sure be afraid in a tank.....
  2. jebs

    Bye-bye G36

    I will have to agree with you there.....It is a simple, yet complicated & effective design. Once it got past it's government-induced teething troubles it started to shine.
  3. It's not 2015 here just yet, but Happy New Year to all just the same jebs
  4. Hello again everyone I have 2 different groups of units that can spawn depending on an X variable. Spawn If --> 0 x2 50 (T-72 group, 1A=3 tanks, 2A=3 tanks, up to 6A) Spawn If --> 50 x2 100 (T-80 group, 1B=3 tanks, 2B=3 tanks, up to 6B) The spawned group will then go along some non-conditioned & conditioned and random routes. Eventually, these routes will meet at a common waypoint. After this waypoint I would like to "sort" or spread the units out to other routes in order to form a better assault line. My quandary now is having so many units that it's cumbersome to branch them out and form a line easily. So, all spawned & mobile units having arrived at the common waypoint, is there only one way to do this? (By setting individual routes for 1A, 2A or 1B, 2B etc etc after the common end waypoint) Thanks in advance, jebs
  5. I might try that much later on when I finish the scenario, just to see what happens.
  6. None of the waypoints in use, or anywhere on the entire route, have battle positions or anything else....just "none". All of the units have "stay" at their origin spawn point, for orientation only. They leave for their destination with a "jump to end if" mission time > 00:01. I think in my case the newer Red units always stalled. Old Red unit ---> route-->wp-->route-->wp-->route-->wp-->route-->wp New red units meeting the route at the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th wp will stall & wait until the Old red units pass them by.
  7. I learned a lesson on using the "Jump to End If" option today..... My scenario has multiple "x variable" enemy forces using multiple "x variable" routes of approach. The first 6 minutes of the scenario has no action, as I want the player to possibly use this time for other things in the future if he so desires. I wanted to cut my testing time down to a minimum, so I altered the embark if conditions on my original Red units, & then I just threw in some Red units for testing closer to the action. These new testing units met at a waypoint on the older Red units route. The new Red units made it to the waypoint by "jump to end if". They would not continue on the route until the original Red units had all advanced past the waypoint. So, I just deleted the new Red units & made the original Red units "jump to end if" to the waypoint. After that, I HAD to put an "embark if" option on the route before they would move. This matches the original way I had the scenario set up, & it worked perfect before. I think the lesson is that it is much better if this is done in scenario planning...... unit----->jump to end route--->waypoint----->conditioned route (using embark if mission time or event etc etc) I think it only works flawlessly if the route after the waypoint has some kind of "embark if" condition on it. When the route after the waypoint is unconditioned, it stalls certain units.
  8. As Homer Simpson would say.......... D'oh! Thanks!
  9. That was my first instinct...but I don't see that option available anywhere. Would the event be "true" twice in my example if 2A & 3A enter the region?
  10. Heh...Hi, me again I am using an event to call for some smoke when a region has units or certain units enter it. (East-bound) units 3A--->2A---->1A---> [Region]----->-----> Now, there is a chance that 1A can be taken out before it reaches the region, so an OR will cause the event to be true if 2A or 3A make it there. I understand (I think I do) the difference between an Event & a Condition. An Event is a one-time deal, and once it is true, it is always true. My question is will the Event be true "twice" because 2A has set it the first time, & then 3A enters the region? I don't want smoke to be called each time a chosen OR unit enters the region....If I constructed it as a Condition, I know that 3A would set it true. Many thanks, jebs
  11. I know this should be obvious, and I feel really dumb for asking this question. But, I have a few things occurring at the same time & place in this scenario relating to routes, so I just want to make sure I have this right..... Unit 1A = 3 tanks If Unit 1A loses 1 tank so that is down to 2 tanks, then the statement/event is true Hence, 2<3, & I don`t need to worry about a situation where 3<3 Thanks in advance, jebs
  12. Is the random variable x1 x2 x3 etc etc common or global to both red & blue sides? Or is there a separate set of variables for red & blue? Thanks, jebs
  13. Having lived in South & South-East Ukraine for a while & being fluent in Russian, I can assuredly say that most of the "rebels" who are supposed to be Ukrainian natives sure do speak Russian with a far-away slower Baltic accent that's not at all close to the faster paced Southern & South-Eastern Russian accent. Those of us who have lived there for a while have no doubt that Putin is the one pushing the buttons there. We don't need to rely on spin from either side.
  14. I've seen it happen quite often on some of my scenarios, & usually more often on the Red side. Being in column formation is a bad thing when the 4th tank back from the front sees a target dead ahead
  15. Just an update........... I finally finished editing my 22 x 22 km section of this map. Wow... I was very far off in my original estimate. I used a program that tracked mouse clicks & I ended up with around 17,487k mouse clicks just to delete the roads in that area. I found that some roads were actually roads on top of roads.....In some cases, 4 roads would be laid on top of each other. My total time just to delete the roads was about 14 hours. I did get lucky early on & notice that if you hold the delete key down before you click, it removes the road.
  16. The zoom slider is very handy! My old eyes appreciate it in combination with a magnifying glass.
  17. If you have time & a magnifying glass, try deleting the current route to the bridge & over the bridge. Zoom in VERY close & manually draw a new route down the center of the road, as close to the middle of the road as you can. Don't hold the shift key down to make the route follow the road; manually pick the center of the road for each vertex. Then see if the problem still occurs. If you manually pick the vertii, all vehicles will actually follow the middle of the road rather than shading to the right hand side of the road as on a shift-key selected route. I don't know if that's the problem in this case, but maybe it's something worth a try....
  18. I may have mentioned it before, but I think it would be a nice addition to have the ability to make a waypoint "silent" or "audible" as referring to the scrolling text announcements.
  19. Ouch......slap me silly & stick a fork in me...I'm done. I will do exactly that !! Thanks for the advice, guys....Things will go faster now
  20. Ok....sounds easier! Too bad most of the roads that need to be deleted are in the area I want to keep.... Just my luck......
  21. I can do that also. I was hoping to save time during the Navmesh creation by having a smaller .ter file. A smaller map also means fewer roads to delete.
  22. I estimate about 6 hours....many of the roads are about 30 meters long, & there are about 4,000 of them. Is there a way to mass-select every road on the map & delete them all while zoomed out? I would also like to move the SW corner to the NE & save it as a new .ter file.
  23. I would like to have a terrain file that is part of the default installation edited to remove all of the existing roads, and also to make it a bit smaller. Is there any one that can do this? It has a great many roads & it would be a long process to delete them individually. Thanks, jebs
  24. Version 1.0


    This scenario could be named "The Dolly Parton Highway" due to the number of T-72B's in it... :) A couple of T90A's make an appearance also. It's a very short scenario based on alterations to the Beedenbostel terrain map, with last man standing victory conditions. A trio of Chinooks insert missile teams to give Blue a chance at winning. No password protection.
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