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  1. Welcome! Look us up on Teamspeak! People are happy to answer questions in the Lobby, I received a lot of help there.
  2. Dräger

    My M88

    It is a nice skin, I've had it a couple weeks, I think it's up on the PzBatallion 911 website.
  3. Well the value(0/200) I gave was generalized. I was referrering mostly to HEAT or KE. I'm not following you on using the Shift function. I use the F1 view, mouse over to reload(KE/HEAT) and enter Reload/KE/HEAT, whichever I'm currently using, at 0/87... This value will not reload(I receive no flashing "Reloading KE/HEAT").
  4. What's the correct process for ordering a reload? My problem occurs in combat. All to often, with KE, or HEAT, i'll order a reload, and nothing happens. It just sits there at 0/200... I'll switch to another vehicle, and come back a min later to my "reload" problem vehicle and the AI will have it reloaded. Now I just back out to a safe spot and switch vehicles when I need to reload.
  5. -A more user friendly and realistic, pre-planned call for fire points. ie you designated a pre-planned call for fire, 2 minutes pass, that designated target after the 2 minutes, can be called in for immediate supression(15-25 seconds delay) if tubes are available. A pop down menu for preplanned targets(clickable) from the mapview, so you just right click the preplanned target, and execute the call. -Infantry Mortar platoons, or mortar carriers. The ability to call the fire mission from within that unit(range dependent), as well as FO's, ect. -Combat engineers that can lay down small mine field, on a small section of road, ect. Anti-tank or anti-personnel mines available. -TC and gunner modeled. TC up/TC down viewable from 1st and 3rd person views. -Loaders machine gun a useable position on applicable platforms. Obviously coded so that the loader cannot be reloading and using the MG simultaneously.
  6. I'm new to the sim somewhat, havent had a go at Multi yet. 16 years SOF experience, still active duty. I can shoot, move, communicate, and will hold a flank if ya need an extra body. Prefer the Leo series(2A4/2A5 extensively), havent had any experience in M1A1's. Good to go with all IFV's, MCLIC, Engineers and recovery vehicles. Will be on Friday afternoon TS.
  7. Ok I've seen comments here and there discussing Campaigns, mini campaigns, ect... I'm guessing it's a series of linked scenerios.... Am I missing something here? I see nothing in game, nor on the downloads section in the category "Campaigns".
  8. Though I do love this sim thus far, I was really surprised to NOT see my TC the first time I popped the hatch and went to F8... though I understand this platform is mostly a military sim, it does take away somewhat from the gaming and immersion standpoint, not seeing at least the TC when he's up.
  9. I understand the issues with not modeling the reloading sequence from the loaders standpoint, and I'm also aware the loader would rarely use the MG3, however, it's there for a reason... main coax overheats, goes down, in a pinch if enemy infantry is threating to overrun, and backing out or exposing your position to enemy armor is not an option, well then, the loader mg may be your last option. I think it would be pretty much accepted that if you're manning the loader MG, and the AI fired the main gun, you'd have to come off the machine gun, switch back to TC, gunner, or driver to allow the loader to then reload. No big deal really, it just seems too tempting seeing that beauty sitting on top of my Leo and not being able to get that sucker rockin.
  10. The 'cool factor' is waaay higher using the loader, plus you're unbuttoned and totally exposed. I like to live life on the edge... :biggrin:
  11. Did a search and found a post from 2005, nothing recent. Perhaps its only the skins I'm using, but the MG3 is there on the top of the turret, is it useable from the loader(F?) position in Pro PE? I've messed around some with no luck. Those damn enemy infantry are a pain using the gunners view only. Even overriding with TC, you're still switching viewpoints.
  12. Good point, I'll give it a try now. Ok, it does resupply ammo to the ASLAV25. Didnt appear to be carrying out any repairs. Just used an edited tutorial, 3 ASLAV25, one w/dmg, one w/low fuel, one w/no ammo. Brought up the CS and jumped from vehicle to vehicle checking repair/resupply status.
  13. Great point... would be especially helpful on recce missions.
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