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  1. Thanks ht-57. I had read that but was not processing it until your post. Everything working for me now.
  2. Thanks Retro I guess my main query is whether you know if we will have the functionality to create our own maps using the Map Editor in the same way we are able to do so using v4.023? As an example, I would load a random "height" template map as a base, then use "themes" to determine whether to create an arid, desert, temperate or tropical location, then the rest of the editor tools to draw roads, fields, buildings, fences, forests etc. Once I created a map I would save it as a terrain and load the terrain file into the Mission editor to create a mission. That is what I am missing in v4.157. Do you know if there is some way of doing that now, or is v4.157 going to be patched to reintroduce those features?
  3. Hi Based on my understanding of this thread, v4.157 has been released without the "height", "terrain" and "themes" folders that existed in v4.023. This essentially means that we cannot (for example) create a custom maps using the "height" map template and then using the various editor tools - including "themes". If that is the case, is this going to be corrected by some form of patch, and when the patch is applied will we be able to have the same functionality as what I have described in the v4.023 above. Gibsonm, you have referred to the "height", "terrain" and "theme" folders in v4.023. I have uninstalled v4.157 and reinstalled v4.023 to look for them, but could not locate them. Can you please tell me where they are? I am in c:/Program files/eSim Games/SB Pro PE but cannot file folders with those names (apart from the "terrain" folder). Thanks
  4. Hi Guys I understand that Ssnake has alerted everyone about possible graphics issues. I have read some of the graphics threads issues reported and seem to have a relatively unusual one. My graphics are generally very good running at the default settings. The problem I have is that randomly and very occasionally, I get a completely black screen (may happen twice in 30 - 45 minutes). It is not a 'crash' as I understand it because the audio is still working and after about 5-10 seconds, I get the video back - and good quality video. Any thoughts? Please note in responding that I am not particularly computer literate, but if there is an identifiable issue, I can get assistance. My specs are: Nvidia GTX 980 - Driver 372.54 Intel i7 6700k CPU @ 4.00 GHz 32 Gig of RAM Windows 7 Professional Thanks in advance.
  5. delta6, to be clear ... I am one of those people chomping at the bit and wanting it now ... and still waiting. There is nothing wrong with that. The difference is that most of the posters on the site (like me) have the understanding that predictions and forecasts are subject to variables and hence some level of unpredictability. When the predictions or forecasts are not met, we also have the emotional maturity and self-control to understand the issues and cope with it. Unless I have misread this particular thread, this is a posting or update thread related to a new product release. It is only logical that it will contain a discussion and update about the prospective release time. We are fortunate that we have a candid and honest dev. that is willing and open to share both the good and bad news. I would venture to say that this is the reason that most of the visitors to this particular thread access this thread - to be updated about the good or bad news. If you do not wish to know anything about the progress of the product until it is READY under your definition then the answer seems to be pretty simple. You may wish to reconsider whether it would make you happy to continue to access and read this particular thread or instead wait for the release notice. In the mean time, customers like myself want to be kept in the loop - good and bad news - so no, eSim should continue to keep us up to date about whatever news or issues arise, and their best guess as to when they predict to release the game. You do not want to know - great, do not read it!
  6. GSprocket: I could not agree more with your comments. I think that Ssnake has been very professional and prudent with his comments. His willingness to be direct and open with his clients is a real plus for esim games and really appreciated by customers such as myself. I regard it is refreshing and unusual from a game dev.
  7. + 2 - so long as it does not interrupt the important work of fixing the bugs and preparing the release.
  8. Hi MarkShot Like yourself, I only play SP. I am not a former armour vet or even ex-army for that matter. For me, the attraction is realistic and accurate simulation of modern warfare, with graphics that have been substantially upgraded over the years. In terms of graphics, I respect what I understand to be the trade-off between graphics, and the ability to customise the maps in the map editor for replayability purposes. For me, the major selling point is the relatively simple to use, intuitive and very powerful mission editor - this is the reason why it has unlimited replayability for an individual like myself. It allows me to consider and play-out a very wide range of 'what-if' scenarios. In terms of whether it is a good 'investment' for you, I guess a key question for you before reacquiring the sim is why you stopped playing and disposed of the dongle in the first place - and whether the issues that caused you to stop playing have been addressed. For me, I have very limited leisure time to spend on my war gaming hobby and virtually all of it is sent on either SB or on Battlefront's Combat Mission series. In both instances the attraction is realism/accuracy, ease of play and powerful mission editors which means maximum replayability. My 20 cents worth!
  9. Oh for God sake, not this again. Apocalypse 31 no body is making anybody do anything. As a consumer controlling your own banking arrangements you have the power. If you do not want to commit or pay until you have the 'full' product in winter I am sure that it is fine with everyone else. On the other hand there are clearly people like who want the product (or part of the product) earlier and are more than willing to pay. You should feel reassured and comforted that we do not feel in any way exploited as having to pay to be beta testers. If you think about it, both groups can have win. One group (the so-called 'release now crowd') can obtain the product in two installments, and if you do not want to feel like you are being asked to pay to be a beta tester you can choose to obtain the product later in winter. The issue is about giving both groups of consumers choices which can make both groups happy.
  10. I am referring to Ssnake's post yesterday indicated an 'ambition' to get some advertised features in July, and that he was cautiously optimistic that they could wing it. So to clarify, I am in the release in July camp if the cautious optimism pays-off, and 'they wing it'.
  11. I am firmly in the release in July and patch in December camp. For those who do not want access to the 'new' toys until they also get access to the updated terrain - here's an idea, do not buy it until you can get access to the 'entire' package in December. In the meantime please do not come up with bright suggestions that could deprive the SB enthusiasts like me of 6 months of access to the new toys and upgraded infantry. Thanks.
  12. Hi Ssnake Thank you for taking the time to respond, and for the detailed and candid response - it is very much appreciated. Good luck with addressing the last pre-release issues. I fully understand your other commercial issues. Because of the nature of my work I have the second week of July off each year. I am hoping to devote some of that time to the newly release Version 4 - so I have my fingers crossed for you and your team. Thanks again for the amazing new levels of functionality you have introduced to this sim.
  13. Hi Guys Searched this topic thread and the 'Calendar' without success. I understand that Version 4 will be released in June 2016. Since we are 2 week away from June - do we have a firm release date? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for steering me in the right direction.
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