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  1. Put me down as +1. I need a non leadership role since I wont be able to do much during the week.
  2. Arma 3 TNK PLT test - Steelbeast style I am running a small game tonight. What: Size TNK PLT Time: 29-1-2020 1900 UTC (2000 DK) Modlist: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0xhx7tjb6dbfxk2/arma 3 preset steelbeasts arma 3.rar?dl=0 4x Leopard 1a1 is to destroy ENY combat recce patrol for advance guard element This will be a casual game with Kanium Teamspeak. We will aim for all old and new players to try it out. Swords
  3. I wanna try and set something up - very simple in beginning so we can get newbies with us (ronin 🤣)
  4. bump and revieve of old thread. Anyone still up for some cold war stuff?
  5. I am hoping that multi crew is the way forward
  6. It’s out. If anyone want to give it a run at some point let me know in here and we will kick up a mission.
  7. When this goes live I will try and host some map games if anyone is fit for fight?
  8. Then I am sry to cancel to night. Chrtimas dinner has been more rough to me than I anticipated. I wish you luck and a good game from the dark bedroom without light and a bucket next to me....
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