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  1. North East corner square 84-32 South East corner square 05-76
  2. Nope my ScaniaSE is with forrest, building and so on. Wierd. Well dont do to much then. This apparently takes more effort than it appers.
  3. Not sure - The only map I have been using with the current version is the original one. So havent seen any map with bumpiness. Will it change from what the map is now. From the version I have when you do a scenario?
  4. I trust you know that better than me. But I can wait for next version if that works out.
  5. Lets give it a go. If not then I will have to limit it with more missions in that sector
  6. When I picked the ScaniaSE in the map editor and saved the delta map it came out as sweden1 Its perfectly fine by me if its the ScaniaSE map
  7. ScaniaSE is base map my *.rar is a delta But ScaniaSE will do fine
  8. NW 05008410 SE 05007600 NE 33007410 SW 33007600 Scanie Map - Should be in the standard package. Delta Map: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6vq19dajeb9wcy7/sweden1 [autocreated base].rar?dl=0
  9. Is it possible to make bigger map selections like in the old pro version. That means selection bigger than 22x22km? Swords
  10. Put me down as +1. I need a non leadership role since I wont be able to do much during the week.
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