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  1. I apologize for a mistake earlier. I sent the wrong error file. I did not send the .dmp, I don't have a program to open dmp files with that I am aware of, I could email it if you think that would help. I'm attaching the picture of the error. Unlike with some I can not find any evidence the program is running, ever. When I look in task manager I don't see the download manager in the processes folder and I do not have a green box fitting the description from other threads in the hidden icons. ] update: I downloaded windows visual studio so I could open a .dmp file. below are screenshots of what it shows [Edited - deleted]. I hope that helps. [Edited - Attachment didn't work, deleted]
  2. I mean videos where there is no command control everyone just does their own thing and are surprised when they lose the battle.
  3. I get this message, Package Downloader Manager has stopped working.
  4. I fixed my problem with old map. Thanks too something Ssnake said in another thread, now too my next one Map download manager still does not work after fourth install. and yes I did install it last. Thankyou
  5. I hate ones that are Steel Beasts does World of Tanks!
  6. Do you use special (="non-ASCII") characters in the TER or HGT file's name? If so, try to rename. You would then need to choose the "replace function" for old scenarios relying on these maps as these scenarios would still reference the old file names, but otherwise it should work............NO can not do this lost map when I installed 4.1 I bought STEEL BEASTS in 2000 and all versions sense have never had trouble like this before I am now reinstalling fore the fourth time. Bought 53 dollar package so I wouldn't have too spend time downloading thou I have fast internet. LOVE LOVE this sim best software I have ever owned. Tankyou
  7. Reinstalled SBPROPE installed map manager last still does not work. Thankyou
  8. The map is one I made. I have converted other maps that I have made to 4.1 with no problems. For some reason when I tell it to export map and go through the process to make a base or delta file the meter shows that it is converting, but at the end of the process, I get the above message and can not do anything after that point. Another question I have is about the map installer for 4.1 does not work. Is it supposed to? I have installed Steelbeasts 4.1 three times. I have 1.38 TB free hard drive space. Thank you.
  9. deerhunter

    Map problem

    Every time I try to convert old map to 4.1 I get this message. boost::filesystem::rename,...Also is Steel Beasts Map Downloader supposed too work...Thankyou
  10. Thank you very much Rotareneg fixed problem.
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