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  1. Version 4.023


    Your task is to assault an enemy strongpoint and hold it against Sowjet counter attack. The strongpoint is defended by a mixed force of inf and mot.inf. that is supplemented by arty observers and regimental arty. Enemy arty and anti-tank means provide the backbone of the defence. Careful reconnaissance will identify strong and weak spots of the enemy’s defence. The attacker has to deal with a wide and open terrain that surrounds the strongpoint, facilitating dominating fields of fire for the Sowjet defender. The attacker should select weak enemy spots for attack and utilize smoke screens d
  2. Back in 2008 when I installed SB the first time, the inf Milan feature was not available. Although I miss having the Marder equipped with it, I enjoy operating the launcher as inf. I tried most of the sound and camo mods over the years, but I have not istalled them now with the 4.0 version. Most of my time is occupied with building the scenario, which offers quite a steep learing curve... I hope to be ready to upload the first try next week end.
  3. I figured the camo selection. As was already stated, inf wears modern camo pattern instead of the 80s green. I remember that folks were very excited when they got the new camo stuff in the beginning of the 90ties. I prefered the old uniforms, because the fabric was more robust. One could wreck his camos on a long day out in the green easily, while the old uniforms literaly lasted several generations. Marders do not have Milan system mounted on the turrent, even if they are KI controlled. I would have liked the mounted Milan at least for KI controlled Marders.
  4. Thanks. I played the mission. The dismounts employ Milan and this works fine. Dismounts wear US uniforms. How do I change to German Army dress code? Also, a platoon M113 carries US camo, but I want German camo. How do I select the desired armies or camo patterns? The scenario is ready for upload as soon as I have figured the questions. :-)
  5. Hi, I am designing a mission for Marders and Leo1s. When I tested the mission, the Marders did not feature any Milan rockets. How do I activate the Milan rocket feature during mission design?
  6. Thanks for the answers. I have to admit that this bug keeps me away from playing the game as often as I should be playing it, due to the pain in the ass it causes. On the other hand, if someone could step forward to design a few missions that feature NATO forces in hasty retreat, we could employ the runaways as forward sentries, as German pockets were euphemistically called during the retreat at the Eastern Front. In other words, we abandon them to their own fate.
  7. Hi guys, I am pretty new to the game, but already spent some considerable time with it. After a number of engagements, I noticed the following behaviour of mounted troops, either Marder or Bradley: Troops would unmount their vehicles whenever the vehicle stops. Even after just starting the scenario, troops would unmount without given order to do so. I always find it rather annoying to jump to every single unit to give the order to mount again (shift+u). Troops would also unmount when the carrier reaches its waypoint. Is this real life tactical behaviour? I served in the air force and therefor
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