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  1. It is not working for the Model A5 and up!
  2. Hi together, I can not fire the gun in "KH" mode, so do I miss something? When switching to "KH" the weapon perfectly aligns to the sight, but I get no red light "Feuerbereit". Any ideas? blackattack
  3. Problem solved! "Page up" is the solution!
  4. Hi, is it possible to dump the lead without loosing the already lasered range? This can make you crazy while fighting against infantry with the coax. Thanks for your help..... blackattack
  5. In the fully integrated solution, the gunner will be able to change the mode of the fuze (KMW). What is shown here is the "Quick and dirty solution" from Rheinmetall where the loader has to do the job. They are aiming for the A4 users only! The USMC is already using this round in Afghanistan with their M1A1's!
  6. Hey guys, can anybody explain me the difference between air target mode and moving target mode? It seems to me that automatic lead is a little bit low?! And why is the Griffon that resistant that you need approximately 4 shots in gated proximity mode? I'm also not able in the 3P tutorial to hit the two Mi-24 flying directly towards me. My Infantry Squad is solving the Problem for me all the time. Does anybody have the same problems? Thanks for your help blackattack
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