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  1. While in editor, go to options, then blue/red support, then check/uncheck the right boxes
  2. While searching for why readyrack loading time of Abrams is relatively slow, I found this: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?p=125737#post125737 Any chance for another holiday treat like this? :biggrin: Jesus, if only I have purchased it an year earlier!! Edit: why would Canadian AIR FORCE want to use SB Pro?
  3. Wow, this is more than what I expected, I appreciate it. As for the worse case bias, regarding the Murphy's law , I guess it fairly accurately shows what would happen in wartime, not peacetime. (Nothing goes well when it's really needed) Cheers,
  4. No offense / whine intended :redface: First, I assume all armor protection / round penetration values in SB are all estimations and the estimation results would at first actually give a range of values rather than a single, solid number. If it is indeed the case, then what are the criteria for choosing a specific value from the range of values to use in the game? for example: deliberately over/under estimating blue (contracted nation) / red (threat) weapon systems. Oh, and who did the most of the maths, especially that of 125mm rounds? Mr. Lakowski I guess? :smilelove-1: Best,
  5. 1. Abrams armor protection "Frontal Hull Armour: 125mm-390mm vs KE" I'm not an expert, but from what I've heard here and there, it seems like M1A1 (non-HA) level. Didn't Mr. Lakowski estimated about 590mm max? :confused: 2. Ammunition Table What's the standard range used? Are all of those entries penetration @2000m? And where can I get pen. estimations of various sabot rounds for different ranges? I'm mostly interested in penetration values at ranges <2000m Oh, was AGM-114A Hellfire a KE round? I thought I would change the number (RHAe) color into Green but decided to get a confirmation fro
  6. Wasn't T-72's carousel too small for 3BM42M?
  7. Finally played the stock "Border Patrol" scenario. Interesting situation setting and force balance, why I ignored it until now is a mystery. Initially, I thought the whole situation is manageable by Team Viper alone (yes, with arty) and restarted every time my (CO) Leo2A5 was either destroyed, got main gun damage, etc. On fifth try, I decided to jump to B coy's Leo2A4s and fight on after initial Leo2A5 got a surprise flank shot from a lucky T-80. (Viper's XO tank was lost before CO while AI tried to reload the ready rack in front of onrushing enemy... I thought AIs would try to find some terra
  8. I browsed the forum a bit just for the fun of it and found there had been a hassle about "Playable T-72" (And yeah, I want my T-72 too) What is so special about T-72 that you would want to ride on this particular type of tank? For me: T-72 is so... Sexy (Jesus I'm losing my mind) Your explanation? PS: I want my playable K-2 and OPFOR Chon'ma ho for fireworks.
  9. But crew reported no damage and my tank was "all green" (yes, except that lasing problem) so I assume it's ok at least in game...? So... is it normal to not be able to lase when my tank is "in" the thick smoke mass? I have no problem lasing when smoke screen is between me and enemies and is not "touching" my tank.
  10. I was playing with Leo 2A5, the attached shot shows everything is fine except "F" sign never comes back. And.. I think I found the pattern out. I usually call arty smokes to cover me, and when fire mission is such that my Leo is "hit" by one of the smoke shells, main gun won't fire.
  11. When playing instant action, maingun just would stop firing after a dozen rounds. (And my tank was not hit by anything) I can lase, use aux sight and whatever but firing the gun. Sometimes alternating between battlesight and lasing fixes it but not always. I'm using ver. 2.328 (w/ hotfix)
  12. Companion


    peku// just try what ssnake says and you'll be fine (I'm running it w/ vista too) 1. uninstall that CodeMeter software (that is, software for the cm-stick) 2. follow the link kramer gave you (http://codemeter.com/us/service/downloads.html) 3. Download and install either "CodeMeter Runtime-Kit 3.30a for Windows 32 Bit (20,8 MB)" or "CodeMeter Runtime-Kit 3.30a for Windows 64 Bit (16,7 MB)" If you're not so sure whether your vista is 32 or 64 bit, go to Control Panel -> System and look for "System type" 4. Enjoy your SB Pro
  13. Sorry to dig up an old thread but I have a question: How large was the DPICM and FASCAM stockpile of WP forces at 1989? (or 80s in general) Was it large enough to have a significant impact if *cough* "the balloon went up?" *cough* And where do you people find those warplans or wargame results? :confused: - Comp
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