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  1. Great, Beautiful, Marvelous, Outstanding, 1973 Sinai Operation - Seeing that only crewable ingame tank from that war is T-62, I assume it's Arab side operation? If so, thank you very much. Playing as "bad guys" has its own fun factor. Plus, T-62 just looks so pretty. Infantry changes are just great, new infantry features that weren't announced before are just... great, nice. UK voice - Finally! Russian voice - Is it that voicemod appeared here some time before? Rarden gun flexing off bore after each shot - gotta love this dakka Also, it seems whole lot of vehicles got its "vulnerability model"
  2. I get the feeling that most dedicated Tanknet members just don't bother with video games much.
  3. OT a bit: The side hull behind tracks is rather weak for western tanks too. Always a surprise when a baseline Konkurs chews through both wheels and side hull at a very shallow angle and kills me.
  4. How about this: In an imaginary world, one of God's angels did a sloppy job and Hitler was born quite later than original schedule; in modern times. So there never was WW2, this IS the WW2. Of course our angelic culprit is having a hell of a time with our resident devils So the WW2 is raging with modern weaponry and Bam! Operation Seelowe. Thanks to brilliant British MoD, its navy is not what it used to be and Seelowe succeeds. Now [insert one famous British unit here] faces some evil panzer divisions on the plain. Advantage over using T-XX OPFOR is that it can be made into H2H or Two sepera
  5. As I understand it, leaving overwatch element is an insurance policy. Generally when moving to contact, one doesn't know exact composition and facing of enemy defending elements. So even if the attacker could expect aformentioned flanking fire with frontal cover from the defenders, he doesn't know where exactly that killzone is. (though one can have educated guesses and plans that reflect them) In such case, I think it is prudent to have part of the force to move ahead probing and other forces take up overwatch positions to support probing element by fire should it have to extricate from an u
  6. Yes I do have 1988 edition for Soviet army book. The books are what they are; they show how the Western military analysts pieced together separate bits of information to predict a picture of conventional military balance. So I'd caution against using the books as some sort of encyclopedia; some of the information is not correct or only partially true because simply the books were written in 80s. But with some background knowledge yourself, you can glean some interesting bits, reports, and some tables like the one I posted on Tactics forum. "tank attack success rate" The books were definitely w
  7. That means highschool girl in Japanese :debile2:
  8. It was a few dollars shy of $200 when I got my copy and I thought it was expensive...
  9. http://nooooooooooooooo.com/
  10. Realism? No WW2 tank game ever surpassed old Panzer Elite
  11. Yes it is pretty popular "beer and pretzels" game as you say it. 1. Customization - technically yes but in most cases there is a "final" version of a given tank. A player would want a gun that can reliably damage a threat tank than the gun that cannot, wouldn't he? Major reason of variety seen for a given tank model is that people must put effort and time (play the game) to unlock better guns, engines, etc. 2. Yes 3. Yes but the developer try not to overdo it lest some part of the fanbase would literally revolt. They can conjure up a hypothetical gun anyway from an archive somewhere if a gun
  12. So that's why that creature was so darn resistant to silver bullet. May I request some for T-64s for when you are free?
  13. Thanks! If possible, could you explain how he came up with those numbers?
  14. Considering that it's 1985 loadout, I'm surprised to see that KE rounds seems a bit old for the year. Was available ammo choice similar for other NATO armies too?
  15. I...don't think you've understood me but it seems getting what I requested would take considerable time at backtracking the work anyway. Again thanks for delivering the T-64 :wink: Now, quickly, give us BV! :sonic:
  16. But at the end of fixing the puzzle, eSim must settle on something - be that a compromise or assumption - to work out an protection estimate. That "something" right before estimation, rather than a holy grail primary source or final LOS protection picture, was what I was asking. However, if it's unavailable, that's just as well. Please send my gratitude to dejawolf.
  17. So vehicle presentation is fianlly over, patiently waiting for remaining non-vehicle part What's difference between Leo 2A5, 2A5A1, and 2A5A2?
  18. Please allow me one more post about T-64; could you disclose armor composition data/assumption that eSim used for estimating T-64A/B armor protection? esp. B? i.e. 60mm steel 105mm STEF 50mm steel glacis a la T-72A I'm by no means an expert but nevertheless it's an interesting subject.
  19. I tried to make sense of that quagmire myself and put together what I "know" in a single tanknet thread to ask for help but unfortunately nobody seems to care RE: 20mm applique: It's applied to glacis, not turret. I'm sure you've read this article by Jim Warford about Soviet testing of M111, actually, I think I started a thread about that myself in SB forum some time before. Well, it's related. According to Zaloga and "Harkonnen" (BTVT) not only T-72 but also 64/80 received glacis applique treatment to cope with new generation of NATO APF
  20. I'm sorry if I look ungrateful. On the contrary, I'm very grateful for even seeing a T-64 in any sim and eSim delivered not one but two variants! I'm just prone to bean counting and since T-64 is my favorite among cold war tanks, I got excited and carried over. I'll stop the details nitpicking if community frowns upon such things.
  21. Warbike! Fasta Red paint and with boomy rokkit lunchers for moar killyness!
  22. I thought glacis applique crash program was quite widespread...? Welding a plate is not much of an "upgrade." But well, I'm not sure if 1982 brought about just welding a 20mm applique or glacis overhaul AND 20mm applique. If latter, surely number of T-64s to have received the treatment would drop sharply. Do you know of any detail about it?
  23. Just to add to the resource, interesting discussion RE: 1979 GSFG tank composition.
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