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  1. I hoped for T-64 in the poll... but oh well, anything OPFOR.
  2. Why so little love for BMP-1? BMP-2 was a minority beast, and it's not like BMP-1s are stuck with AT-3... they can sling AT-4/5s after all.
  3. I do not know enough bookreading folks to say anything about "prevailing" opinion. However, if my meager experience is any judge, those who claim Soviet favoritism are usually folks with very firm "Germans were better in every way but lost because zergrushed" belief. Glantz speciallizes in Soviet military art so tends to describe things in operational perspective, maybe that's why. I'll just quote a paragraph about operational art from James Sterrett:
  4. Search for books by David M. Glantz. You cannot fail with Glantz, period.
  5. A random question that just came up: Ssnake, could you confirm that there will be some new toys in the update for Cold War wargaming folks? Or is it too early to hint?
  6. I was thinking more in terms of having engage/assault route through hostile town resolved in some way rather than current milling around aimlessly, rubbing walls, kind of behavior. I don't want infantry FPS, (there's always ARMA and something else for that) but any time in the future if possible, I'd like to see infantries to actually engage in fight for the town when I order them to and have some coordination with IFVs, they being mech inf and all that. Oh and I don't mind at all if everything infantry is abstracted. I'm just anticipating some solution.
  7. I have two broad questions, please answer and omit as you see fit. 1. How is the mechanized infantry combat aspect improved? Especially CQC in town/forest, natural camouflage against thermals (more bumps?), and behavior routine combined with squads' "parent" IFVs. 2. How is the artillery arm improved? I'd be very happy to drop some heavy, damaging shells instead of current mortar-like nuisances.
  8. Don't tempt the fate...! *shivers*
  9. By the way, if British MoD didn't want eSim near its precious chally, where did you record its main gun sound? By far CR2 main gun firing sound is most... um... aesthetically appealing of the bunch. CR2 is slow, bulky, punches rather weak, fires rounds in golf-ball trajectory against moving targets (HESH), and sports an Achilles' heel on no other than its center mass. (Well, at least smaller than Soviet tanks I guess) But there is something very appealing to this tank.
  10. Not compatible with TIS I assume? The gun elevation just throws thermal sight off-target. Maybe I was wrong to try to use HESH at all with TIS?
  11. speaking of CR2 FCS, how does it work in RL and how is it different from one currently modeled in SB? Does "blind shoot of faith" still apply for HESH gunnery?
  12. Patiently waiting for a "Cold War Wargaming set" to be completed... ...or just a single noncrewable non-ODS brad to give those BMPs bit more meaning than an ATGM carrier/soft skin clubber
  13. Is that effect along the lines of reducing certain % of the incoming round's penetration power? Or just an added RHAe protection?
  14. True that. But plenty of rivet counters - like myself - exist for modern era armors too.
  15. Wasn't IS-3 introduced too late to see any action in European theater? At least in terms of armor vs armor actions. I won't be surprised if "IS-3" written in the AAR is actually German designation of IS-2 obr. 1944 since Germans wouldn't know nor care if the Soviets called both IS-2 1943 and 1944 models as simply "IS-2." Well, IS-3 certainly wasn't around anywhere near frontline in 1944...
  16. Could you tell us about it if you don't mind? Any story from the Soviet side of the curtain is always a fascinating read...
  17. May Esimgames be blessed with contracts beyond wildest dreams Live long and prosper :drink:
  18. Well, IF RoK could be seduced into using SB for training, T-80U might suddenly become crewable toy for all of us to enjoy. But this big if won't gonna happen b/c 1. Korean DoD has a unique collection of morons who should be hanged for incompetence and treachery 2. DoD shows unique obsession with placing "domestic product" label on anything it can do so, which is part of reason why the much-hyped XK-2 tank is as garbad as it is.
  19. I'm fairly late to jump into this thread and admittedly didn't go through the whole thread but about the notion of thin turret side armor of XK2, is that based on observation of 3d diagram from post #9? 1. AFAIK the red slabs on the diagram are just for conceptualization and not to scale 2. see attached. It shows unknown HEAT impact that failed to pen. against stripped off XK2 side turret armor. Granted, the HEAT round is only referred to as "capable of penetrating XXXmm of RHA" but 50-100mm of side armor, as estimated here in this forum, won't cut it even against ubiquitous RPG-7s. in the en
  20. Informative answers for us civvys but I think original poster is asking how game mechanism works rather than RL workings. I don't know much about how exactly urban fighting works in SB but from game experience, generally detection rate of infantries in building is very low unless they open fire or hostile dismounts try to enter the very occupied house. And... I didn't think about using STAY tactics for static overwatch as "STAY" s are usually used for non-combat situations. Often a simple "HOLD" cmd or engage cmd will do. But bottom line is you are not sure unless every single building in targ
  21. NATO had to, so every little bit helped.
  22. About the armor, the uparmored turret is actually decent enough to defeat 100mm/115mm and even old 125mm KE rounds at normal battle ranges. (Well, hull is still paper) And with AI tendency to expend KE rounds, even if ineffective, before switching to much more deadly CE rounds, allows Leos to go "tank mode" and slug it out when need to.
  23. Noooo... gimme my BM12 and BM46...
  24. At least Sovs used to roll a few selected tanks for training and keep a large inventory of tanks in mint condition enough to equip entire unit just in case Europe goes down in flames... So yes, in war scenarios Sov T-72 crews would not ride on tanks they were used to ride during peacetime. So get used to it soldier :debile2:
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