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    Removing decals

    Hello, I did not want to open a new thread. Could someone help me, please: Where is the Argentinian flag decal on the TAM-PC-family located? I would like to remove it to use the TAM's for what-if scenarios. I assume the decal should be somewhere in SB Pro PE\textures, but I don't know its name (using DXTBmp as a viewer).
  2. 51 FPS (SBPro 4019) i7-6850k (Broadwell-E) 6 core (12 virtual) base @3.6GHz and turbo @4.0GHz (XMP - on an ASUS X99 A-II Mainboard) I ran SBPro in Windowed Mode. The CPU is at 8% usage, with one full core being nearly at 100%. The processor is only using several cores, when I switch to the 3D-View instead. As expected Broadwell-E is slightly slower in single-core performance compared to the newer architectures.
  3. You probably mean June 2020, right? I would be glad to see only one feature of the mentioned. Since I had seen old SB in a store in the US when I was on vacation, I could not get my hands off it. :clin: That's roughly 10 years ago. Another ten years? Well, definitely!:gun:
  4. Greetings to all the SB-Pro-Fans! Last time I made a wish it was the T-55. Then it had become true and it was great and it is being great. Eventually when the PT-76 and the AMX-13 came in for the last big update my yaw literally dropped on the floor! Thank you SB-Pro-Team for keeping up the work! As SB Pro improves further I would like to make some new wishes and suggestions for future larger updates: Long version: Infantry: Trenches and Foxholes for the infantry, maybe some more fortified stuff! Including some camouflaged ones? Yes, the timeline that is covered by SB Pro includes extensive us
  5. Ssnake, it becomes better and better! While I served in the Luftwaffe as a conscript, the only somehow armoured vehicle I saw was a Wiesel 2 (maybe part of an Ozelot-team). It's good to see, the Wiesel is very agile in SB also. I wanted it and now it's there! I also like the T-72M4! Edit: The Ural-fuel is nice and really needed. I think I saw a similar former NVA-version of a Ural-Derivate at the supermarket two weeks ago. The owner had blocked many parking spaces. Love it!
  6. Hmm, a unit for a surprise... What about the Spanish? Didn't you want to make the Centauro playable? Maybe that's the surprise. Or in case of a new unit maybe a BMR? I think it had been discussed. ---- Yeah, preferring to introduce the M60A2 before the A1 and A3 would be like... ahh, you probably know what I wanted to say... But of course an A2 in a later update would be nice. I would be very interested in testing the impact of a few 152mm-missiles on the battlefield.:biggrin: It's just a very interesting concept and such exceptions are always interesting, because some of them may prove themse
  7. T-55!!!!! OH, MY GOD!!!! My dream eventually comes true! :eek2: I'm so glad about the T-55 coming up now! Thank you, this is just great! And I also like the other upcoming vehicles, especially the challenger 2, the T-72b (if this one is new and seperated from our "good old friend" the T-72M1) and those civilian cars for European scenarios (wich should not be forgotten I think). And because of beeing a bit older, they can be implemented into late cold war scenarios (or shortly after 1991) and also for typical conflicts we are experiencing at the time in different countries. And these new buildi
  8. As long as the T-55 will be inserted one time, I am glad.
  9. Hello, I would like to see the T-55 (not fully playable), because many Armies are still using it as their backbone of their tankforces. Also nice to see, but not as important, were tanks like the T-62 and the T64(T-64 for Scenarios with Russia involved only). (also not fully playable) I would like to see more units to make more different Scenarios. The T-55 for example has been involved in so many wars and it still can be a threat to modern tanks in some circumstances. There are so many Scenarios that are full of T-72 (for example playing in Gulfwar) as most tanks in real weren't T-72. And the
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