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  1. Ditto. I have tried the update and manual method too. Get the same error on manual update.
  2. Thanks for the update. If it helps at all my Codemeter stick is pretty old. However, I did upgrade to 2.6 only last week and that worked perfectly. My webadmin page says I have a valid 2.6 license.
  3. When trying to use the email link to activate my license I get this. Error: An internal error has occurred. Please try again later. Error Code = 0x18080001
  4. Hi all, Just purchased SB Pro, arrived yesterday and had a little play last night. Awful lot to learn but already great fun. Can't wait for the immersive online play. I'm UK based and will looking to playing online once I'm organised along with my buddy Lerxster who has already posted. ( His hasn't arrived yet - lol ). We are both into our sims and usually play IL2, lock-on ( Su25T ). I use CH products Pro throttle, pedals and JS. Have started to write a script for driving vehicles. Have already got the throttle axis working for driving forwards, automatically changing up/down as the throttle is pushed forwards/backwards and the pedals working for left/right. Will post once complete if anyone is interested. If anyone has a CMC file that would be good. See you on the battlefield. Suvv.
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