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  1. Given I was putting up with this since the first day I was here, this forum turning to BS happened long before I came here. I agree, which is why I'm leaving this place for good, but not without some final observations Lieste style:User#125's behavior is erratic. It sporadically causes trouble and tries to stick the blame on its victim. However, given the other valuable contributions it has made to the forum, it should be kept, but not without some serious modifications designed to improve its sense of ethics. There is a serious malfunction with user#1030. It rarely contributes anything of
  2. Just another attempt by you to make me a scapegoat. What I said was this: This post and attached zip file were not meant to inflame, but if certain members feel that they have to derail this thread because it conflicts with their idea of reality, your actions will speak for themselves to the new guy here.It was to say that if people like YOU derailed the thread, the new guy would see who the assholes were. And he certainly has. Deathwing, I'm sorry he ruined this thread, but I don't have control over him.
  3. Well, give yourself 2 weeks of tutorials and you could lead a section in MP! Welcome!I recommend you start with the M2 tutorials so you can learn the "iron sights and Kentucky windage" method. Laser range finder but no dynamic lead requires you to really understand what your FCSs in other vehicles are doing. Once that's done, move on to the M1 and Leo2, in whichever order you want. After that, try the CV90 tutorials. Though the CV90 FCS is tricky to learn at first, once you learn it, it's the easiest FCS to use in the sim, hands down. If used properly, you can even kill tanks. At the bot
  4. You're one to talk; your thoughtless dropping of a couple of words was what derailed this thread in the first place. Yes, they will take note, of your bull$%!#. And I think they'll take note of who started this derailment. Incorrect. Ash disagreed with us on how we were handling the 911 incident on our forums and misrepresented the VU on this forum. He declared that he couldn't be with with us after what he had said. An previous unofficial boycott never existed, to my knowledge, between the 911 community and us. Billy does have a point, despite his having his own VU now, all Ash seems
  5. Is it necessary for you to post something like that every time a General posts in a thread? I, personally, say that daskal's work is quite good, and that it could be integrated into Yskonyn's idea.
  6. Maybe. Dig into these and enjoy. There are 4 AARs, showing the effects of firing CV90/35 ammo at M1s, Leo 2Es, and T-80s at 700 meters, angle to tank 90 degrees: HeyMogChokeOnThis.zip
  7. If so, its immune system is remarkable. It's back up everyone.
  8. I was merely parroting Tacbat's style of disclaimers and vaguely alluding to others to vent off my own frustrations, just as Tacbat was. How is Tacbat's post substantially different from mine? What justifies his post over mine?
  9. Self centered, depraved, possibly gay, clever burnouts who spend their time attacking people on online forums, derailing threads and blaming scapegoats, spamming on TS in VU channels, equivocating after multiple deliberate teamkillings, banning scapegoats for what someone else did, and who can't shoot for $#!* piss me off too.Disclaimer: This post is not directed at anyone in particular, but if you feel that it closely describes your modus operandi, then drop me a PM and I will gladly ignore it.
  10. Regardless of whether your statement is true or not about any of my words, others need to own their inflammatory posts. I don't "make" them do anything. All of the armchair psychologists here who delight in practicing without a license need to dust off their pop psychology books and remember that much. And your comparing me to a Palestinian Terrorist is a new low in moral equivalency arguments at Steel Beasts. Not everyone feels compelled to treat me like crap - just a core clique of guys who seem to have a compulsion to change me somehow while all the while writing me off as hopeless. It
  11. I never told anyone FU and as for any inflammatory inferences the two of you make, I simply refuse to respond. Further, I don't think Volcano needs you guys to "protect" him. Vonotto, I gave my honest opinion. Welcome!
  12. Your annoying habit is continuing to pick a fight after I have stated that I will not dispute any further. It seems you always want the last word. That also gets old. The original question was simply whether or not it was worth it. Chance and I made our own posts, Snake did the best job at posting when he said that vonotto would have to make the decision for himself. Volcano didn't even offer an opinion. He stated the obvious, which came across as snide to me and yes, I have a right to my own opinion about how it came across.
  13. See? There you go being snide again. Sigh.:icon_frown: Do you think vonotto will see it that way? Because I sure didn't. Enough of this. I don't want to hear excuses. Everyone here, don't bother responding in an effort to attack me, and this goes no further, alright?
  14. Do you have to be that snide? Vonotto, the upgrade is worth it, believe me. You get several new fully playable and partially playable vehicles, an awesome all new T-72 model, and the ability to call in air strikes of 2x500lb bombs. Nothing gets rid of pesky infantry faster!
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