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  1. Does anyone here know what kind of night-vision capabilities the Scimitar has? I've been Googling for hours trying to find out, but no joy. I've established that it has passive IR and image intensification but not thermal imaging. However the question I'm trying to answer is which crew members these are available to and if they're even available at all if the tank if buttoned. Sorry, unusual question, but I can't think of anywhere else that might know!
  2. (OK, I'm back with more questions!) First off, am I right in thinking that there's no way to 'despawn' a unit of infantry or otherwise remove them, without leaving a pile of dead bodies behind and a kill record? I'm trying to find a way to emulate loading infantry onto trucks, but I can work around it if needs be. Second - are there no settings, or maps, or themes, or mods that simulate night-time / moonlight / twilight / dawn conditions? Is there any way of doing it? Third - I can't figure out how to get helo's to touch down. I'm sure it's dead simple, but I've yet to suss it out. I've tried helping them with autocannon fire, but that makes them land upside down! (Seriously, how do you get them to set down?) I'm finding no problems with the editor in terms of gameplay / combat - it's really very powerful and flexible - it's just adding these relatively cosmetic touches for the sake of immersion that's foxing me at the moment.
  3. Neat. I'll try that out - once I've balanced things sufficiently that the Urals can actually survive as far as their destination! Cheers.
  4. So, reading all this: am I right in thinking that setting up an airborne assault like the ones in the tutorials is a question of setting a waypoint where the helos touch down, and then spawning infantry at that point? Am I also right in thinking that infantry squads can't travel in Urals? (First time trying out the editor. Spot of teething trouble.)
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