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  1. M1A2 what does it take

    8. Profit?
  2. Ssnake's real identity revealed!

    dun dun dduunnn! I saw that thing on fox news not that long ago
  3. What a carry on

  4. Teaching the girlfriend how to tank...

    lol That whine is so anoying!
  5. The list poll II

    M1A2SEP M'kay?
  6. We love screenshots

    What is the 5th vehicle? With the new Spanish vehicles no one needs a SRYKER just a good skin
  7. The List poll

    he still owes me a goat hopefuly it hasn't been added to his livestock testie collection...I don't judge...
  8. Leclerc Tank

    Currently (iraq) tanks stand as essentially terror weapons(taking almost everything you throw at it and have it keep coming), moving MG implacements, long-range bulldozers , and general terror deterants (Suicide bombers/gunmen not other tanks )
  9. Leclerc Tank

    Auto loaders never seem to work properly for anyone (even to the extent of taking their arms) I admit the M1 isn't the best tank in the world but it's hirer on the list then the LeClere Alpha6 no longer aproves of this message... He doesn't care if he was mean before but he does care about his standing in the community... He is also speaking in third person...
  10. (De)motivational Posters

    Might be the one guy in the back with the open parachute being almost 1,000 feet above the bottom guy? Bricks have not been shat...
  11. Stuff even more gear on the m1

    It's oo-rah. Hooah is the Army... The Marines also use the bitches one too
  12. Round the houses!

    And I thought commuting to Washington was bad 0.0
  13. Leclerc Tank

    I would define thats as getting blown up by IEDs while patroling along roads...