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  1. Is that like a dance where you lean backwards under a pole Where does the thong come into it? Also, Ren, good to see you, and thanks. @ Shot, why can't we carry on with the 29th with HH in absentia? I am hoisting a few beers with Dr. D. down TX way this week, we'll see about this mysterious lambada then.
  2. Thanks, good to see you still here - one of the old hands!
  3. Gary Owen! Well, I might pick up VASL again too, but Shot has a dismaying ability for rolling criticals. @ Gibson - I am SO rusty. I don't even want to state what my first range score was with the M1. I fiddled a bit with all the platforms, some pretty cool stuff out there. A few of the platforms are pretty hard to run. I can't see becoming expert at all of them... 12A - thanks. Any idea what the active membership or participation in the Friday romps might be? @ Rat - hello, sewer-kin!
  4. So far, it really hasn't been an elegant process. Uninstalled v2.251. Paid for and dl v2.6x, then installed it. Double checked that the CM runtime version survived the uninstall. Went back for DirectX9. And... now were UP! Off to the range. Or bed. Something.
  5. Ok, fixed the CM stick challenge by going to the wibu site and DLing their latest runtime engine. Now I have to figure out how to get my SB Pro PE upgraded to the last level that I paid for, given that my email archive is corrupt. Hopefully, my CM stick license will reflect the correct level. Sending email to Ssnake.
  6. Greetings all - I have been reading and spinning up my gyros to re-enter the sim. I plan to drag at least one of the kids in after me. Currently working through installation debugging with the CM stick, hopefully I will be up and running soon. Then it is off to the "Tanks!", if it is still there... I plan to drag Shotmagnet kicking and screaming in after me. We'll see, it might be tough. He went and got a VASL-ectomy for playing the fabled Avalon Hill game.
  7. Dr. D!!! W00t- awesome to see you! PM en route...
  8. Good to see you back, I remember the Battlelabs too. Lots of good skull sweat in your initial post. A quick question, are you certain that the vehicles with 2 crew were more efficient than the single player vehicles? My experience was that it was really hard to coordinate...
  9. I was looking for a stick and the HOTAS options were all pretty expensive. I found reman Logitechs for $20 on eBay.
  10. I really like both of the OOBs proposed by the Ball of Tar-ness as well the doughty Hunter of Large Metal Boxes - now all I need is time. Like someone pointed out, a credible backstory doesn't just make pre-game trash talk easier, but aids the sce designer. Given the IDF preference for first strike, usually by air, I wonder what steps would lead to an armor clash. If we postulate IDF air superiority in any conflict limited to just Israel and Egypt, any sce would have to have ample helo and air spt for the Israelis. I need to go look at a map of the Sinai and Jane's Armor.
  11. Re: tanks of the 80's - some M60's showing up in Tashkir Square in Cairo right now. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Egyptian_M60A3_Tank_Side_View_in_Cairo,_29th_January_2011.jpg
  12. The difficulty in simulating a Merk IV with any of the existing tanks adds to the likelihood that 'buildable' sce would be Egypt versus Saudi, or China, or Libya etc. Given the closed model architecture of the sim, and the paucity of attributable tech info about Israeli tanks, simulating the Egypt/Israeli battles is a bridge too far.
  13. Much of the news coverage of the events in Egypt features still or video imagery of M1 tanks in Cairo. Are any of our esteemed scenario builders considering new work, perhaps inspired by this new development? How about Egypt versus Saudi? Or Egypt versus China somewhere in Africa?
  14. Red Leopard Deux - down with this in 2011.
  15. Arrrg - getting a bad Data11 cab file file error when I unpack the 9 files - re-DLing now one through six now (7-9 didn't return an error). Oh - we received 47cm of snow last night. I will go shovel now.
  16. Who knew? In order to get a clean Java update, I had to blow away Chrome (uninstall) - one of the Java help boards suggested it. So, now that Java is updated (clean install), and Direct X is likewise cleaned up, and the old SBProPE is uninstalled, and the Codemeter is updated - the SB DL is almost complete, after which I shall install and report back.
  17. Update = bought the upgrade, am DLing the modules. I will skip over the 2 hrs of Java debugging and codemeter angsting. Step 2- get a stick(s). Step 3- second copy.
  18. He is nearly license age for driving so my window to capture any attention before the breasts of the world consume all operating memory is narrowing.
  19. Thank you for the steer(s) - I did some eBaying and was astonished at pricing, even for used units. While I don't doubt the superiority of the recommended HOTAS', I think I will a cpl lesser quality sticks and watch eBay over the longer term for a better deal.
  20. All I had to do, as it turns out, was spawn sufficient get and then wait until they grew old enough to 'get' SBPrPE. We are upgrading a desktop, two monitors and now need some new joysticks. Any recommendations on said joysticks? It's been a while since I went shopping for one - which ended up being a Logitech Thrustmaster - and let's face it, at least 10% of my old purchase decision was model name related.
  21. I am now motivated to play the orig copy of SBProPE and await this most recent version prior to updating for 30 clams.
  22. D00d - remind me how to update my signature image? I made a half ass attempt and located the controls in the SB site, but the URL for the image in your sig won't resolve in either a preview mode or a final save mode. Alas.
  23. Heck, I still have my Hellhound t-shirt! Guess that makes me a fossil.
  24. Safe, shmafe - get some tail while you're out there!
  25. I have a copy (older and unpatched) of SBProPE which I haven't played in forever. I used to spend an insane amount of time playing, designing scenarios etc. My two youngest are now 12 and 14. Do you think that they are 'old' enough to 'get into' the SB mindset? The game doesn't provide the same instant gratification of most shoot'em ups. On the upside, if they do get into it - I have nearly have my own platoon... And BTW, I used to lurk here a lot! Nice to see some of the old hands around, like HellHound and Shotmagnet.
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