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  1. He tells lies! I was promised a cushy deployment in some Aegean isle where the locals love me and their daughters want to marry me. No sir! What I am looking for is a UK based unit, that can forgive extended leaves of absence (RL takes its toll) but would welcome someone with a bad sense of humor who like blowing up virtual tanks piloted by real users and is liable to "Huzzah!" whilst doing so. If that's you, let me know...
  2. Hi Crusty, Whats the status of this project? Do you need more voice actors? With the Challenger now crewable it seems there never has been a better time. PM me if I can help in anyway.
  3. Thanks for the reply Ssnake Indeed I would offer my meager services to such a project :biggrin:
  4. Hope this isnt too OT, but how easy would it be to record your own voice commands and have them played back to you in place of the exsisting recordings. What I am talking about its modding my own (perhaps I could get a few fellow brit mates to take part) voice commands for a british voice mod for the chally. Is it possible? Can anyone advise? Ive done proffesional voice overs in the past and have the recording equipment, its just the game mechanics I am ignorant of.
  5. You missed out the big one. Make sure there are fecking loads of you! Obviously not gotten used to it yet, but wow what a gulf between the FCS of the western tanks. Is the T-80 any better in that respects?
  6. squiduk

    What if?

    Ive been reading through the soviet army operations and tactics manual in the library, and yes from what Ive read I can see that the army was more than capable of operating in an NBC enviroment. That said however I would of thought (at least presuming a certain degree of success) that convetional operations, if feasible would at least be preferable to an initial release of tactical nuclear weapons. What I did find intresting was the Soviet view that chemical weapons were seen as a conventional. Provided the premise of at least some form of surprise and initative were present at the begining of
  7. Arma 2 has a lot to be said for it. Graphically and in many other ways its excellent. Where it falls down (IMHO) is all the vehicles (including aircraft) are very arcade like and the lack of good serious games. Usually it devolves into a COD like experiance on a larger map. That said I dont think there is anyone that wouldnt mind seeing an advance in the graphics engine of SBP
  8. squiduk

    What if?

    I guess thats the big question. Under what circumstances would any sane goverment start a nuclear war. I agree that it would be pointless, but weve come pretty close in the past so who knows? Whilst I accept the bmp was designed for the nuclear battle field, wouldnt the use of even tactical weapons of negated WP's considerable advantage in numbers? As long as this is thankfully a hypothetical discussion, what could an army commander hope to gain from the risk of escalation to a full exchange? That said you feel that Nato would of had no option but to resort to WMDs to hold them back or as you
  9. squiduk

    What if?

    Okay excuse my enthusiam, but Im a born again SBP'er. Given all that Ive experianced lately makes me consider the following question... Given a time period of the mid 80's, If the ballon had gone up and NATO been on the back end of a full warsaw pact invasion (however unlikely or likely that was) How would it of faired? Given convetional (whilst admiting a chemical option likely) what in your opinion would of been the outcome? Feel free to move this to the free subject forums.
  10. ITs tough! They come from everywhere! But its great in its simplicity. Ive gotten as far as knowing why I got killed, but struggling to work out how not to make it happen the next time. (Nukes?). Seriously though its a masterpiece
  11. Be advised though, once fraps captures all the lovely goodness, you will need to rerender it into a usable form. The fraps software captures footage in uncompressed format. You then need to use other software to enable you to upload it.
  12. Actually I did Squat Hedgehunter (Also I doubt I could replace myself at the moment ) . After being chuffed to bits with being assigned as Fist (although nervous at the amount of damage such firepower in my hands could potentially do to the democratic forces of good) the internet gods decided not to take the risk and I lost connection Perhaps like others here though I grew up during the cold war of the 80's (me and my best friend even created a secret club to deal with the ruskies when they invaded :nuke:) and having been facinated by the subject ever since it was incredible to actually see a
  13. Glad you made the leap. Trust me you wont regret it. On the Waaay!
  14. Incredible vid Zip! Not only an outstanding AAR, but I think the best SBP vid I have seen to date :luxhello: Parts just look like footage you might see on the news (if any reporters could of survived that inferno )
  15. Many of the Vehicle models have been improved in the last few updates and to my eyes SBP never looked better. The work of the communities skinners also keep the visual gratification at a high level. Sure graphically it misses some features seen in other sims (shadows, visual suspension etc). But the eye candy is still there belive me. Where it excels is the rendering of the landscape and its impact on the units. The immersion is there believe me, weather your creeping cautiously through a forest, or sneaking through a valley, it looks very convincing. But dont forget, whilst other sims may loo
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