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  1. LOL! Manual? What the hell is a manual? :shocked: DOH! I still like the color the routes idea. You could then use it with the pick selection to figure out your randomized routes.
  2. Actually one thing that would make the process of mulitple routes and randomizing scenarios would be the ability to "turn on/off" routes so the area wasnt so congested with lines and BPs etcetera. Maybe changing colors of the lines would also help designers utilize the randomness better. (I really think a big part of non-randomness is a lack of fortitude to deal with all the route lines you have to make and how confusing they can get.
  3. YEAH! .....Um.....oh....maybe you want to talk to the French from WW2 when they KNEW the Ardennes Forest was impenetrable to tanks and then millions of Panzers "spawned out of thin air" behind French lines...Ditto same forest but with Americans getting the suprise this time in 1944. (Battle of the Bulge). Same thing with the Israelis getting suprised by the Egyptians and Syrians coming through "nearly impenatrable" areas (the escarpement and the Suez) with massive tank armies in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. Oh and how about the Iraqi's being sure that no American tank could navigate the un-navigable desert and come in from their soft underbelly. (I think you begin to see a pattern from just a few "realistic" examples here.) One thing to remember CommanderA9, is that even though you have plans for what the enemy will do, he hasn't seen them and would rarely follow your plan even if he had seen them. Also remember Nathan Bedford Forrest's advice to his Cavalry Commanders: "Get there fustest, with the mostest!" :biggrin:
  4. Isn't Facebook only for college students? (I don't know, I'm an old fogey and my college days were much less technological)
  5. Why not repair armor too? Reading the book "Death Traps" about the divisional maintenance liason officer for the 3rd Armor Division in WW2, he spoke about repair crews taking "killed" Shermans, using the AP penetrators that "killed" them that were still inside the tank, welding them into the hole that the penetrator made, and then grinding them down. A quick hose out of various body parts and fluids, and then you're up and ready to go again!
  6. 22 years that felt like 40! Congrats! You're a better man than I!
  7. How about simulating taking your caddilacs off their base and using jewlers screwdrivers to null out drift. (Something a tanker is NOT supposed to do, but if we all waited for maintenance to get to it, we'd never shoot.) Also how about simulating 50 cal boresight devices and main gun bore sight devices? DOH! :shocked: lol!
  8. Yeah, I concur with Charlie. Some of my gunners used to do great [like 100% first round hits] in UCOFT (an old gunnery simulator that the US Army used back in the 80's) but then would only qualify as QUALIFIED on Table VIII. Using a joystick is more like firing from the commanders position (at least in an M1) than from the gunners position. Also you don't get that nice shove to the forehead when you fire, you don't get to smell that burnt ammonia from the spent casing and you get to use both eyes in the game, (the gunners sight in the M1 is useable with only one eye). Combine the cramped area, the smells (burnt ammonia, farts, BO, diesel, hydraulic fluid, spilled MREs) your legs falling asleep (remember its cramped) the bumps and bruises you get from being smacked around by your young smartass driver, the constant hiss of the intercom in your ears through your CVC (Combat Vehicle Communications - the helmet that Tankers wear in a tank) which is rubbing your head and ears raw from wearing it so much, (plus it stinks from your nasty head), and for some reason not all of your shots hit first time. I can't for the life of me figure out why though. If you can integrate all of that into the simlation and still hit 100% go see a recruiter and tell him you're the shiz-nit and need to get into the Army ASAP!
  9. Great job guys! Thanks for making more scenarios and earning yourselves a well deserved gift in the process.
  10. You can tell Able is a Brit and I'm a Yank. He announces himself even before he gets the game and politely states his excitement. I just barged in unnanounced, new to the game, and started throwin' posts left and right, being a nuisance! :shocked: Welcome Able! There are other noobs afoot! :biggrin:
  11. Just want to make sure everyone understands, I'm not trying to be critical here. Its just that a lot of chapters say "DRAFT" on them. Was a bit confused is all. I've already been using it even. I'm just your normal game player on the net: Give me more! More! MOOOOORRREEE!!! :shocked: :biggrin:
  12. Thanks guys! Pop, that looks like the same link as on the home page. Was the guide ever finished or is that as finished as its going to get?
  13. Link says it's broken. Also, anybody ever finish the scenario design document? I see that it was last updated in 2006 and it appears far from complete. Not trying to bust anyone's balls here, just seeing if it got moved somewhere else. I also realize that I am on the Upward climb of interacting with the game, and it appears that the game is in a downward decline of players. My fault for getting into it so late I suppose.
  14. I like the change, but I agree, less pillar more "pillow". Can you change the HEAT round impact too? I have vivid images of impacts, and I've always described them as looking like "lava-filled water balloons" when they hit. :biggrin:
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