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  1. Yes this seems to be the answer thankyou.
  2. 2 little ones I've noticed. When the Challenger 2 AI TC orders HEAT (hesh) to be loaded instead smoke is loaded. Seemingly randomly convoys of trucks will follow their rout in reverse gear (old scenarios only I think but hard to test).
  3. In that situation what does your ram use look like? Memory leak like symptom. The other one that does that is overheating hardware auto throttling but you said it works find offline and you'd notice it in other games. i've never seen how SB does it's networking but framerate drops as a game is forced to wait for packets sent/recieved because of a hang up somewhere is a thing I've experinced in some games but I've never had SB do it.
  4. Back in business, yep duplicating and renaming Nam2.hgt to Nam2-625.hgt has cleared the error thanks.
  5. My computer died when I went to check sorry. It's one of the ones that come with the base install, scenarios/multi/air assault (there are two air assults, it's the low tech one on the nam terrain map, the other one opens in the editor fine).
  6. Both Some of the other scenarios do still open. I'll post the exact name of the file when I have a chance to look again.
  7. I was trying to open one of the old stock scenarios I like "air assault" to give it some 4.0 polish but it won't open in the editor, a file is missing. I can still play it normally though.
  8. I haven't played in quite a while but there seems to be quite a lot of new vehicles to use now with 3d clickable cockpits and everything now. Is there a tooltip feature for hovering over a clickable thing to tell me what it does? Or just a picture with all the lights, levers and buttons labelled mainly for the russian vehicles? The manual/wiki is good and answered a few of them already. Seems like a lot of work went into the new special effects too
  9. Sweet so it'll get even better! Thanks Also my ? before was about seeing some WiP shots of the new sparkly engine not the in at them moment.
  10. Just to clarify is 3.0 shipping with the brand new sparkly particle engine or the stop gap upgraded old particle engine?
  11. Cool you guys got it working better in time! Last i heard it was gonna take way to long to put in 3 so there was just going to be improvements to the current particles in the mean time.
  12. Can we have a look at some wip of the new particle system after 3 is out?
  13. Both but the GPU would be the thing that causes smoke slow down. Upgrading it would then make your system CPU bottlenecked though.
  14. 2 looks good enough to me! Can we have an option for shadows on infantry too pretty please :biggrin:
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