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  1. "You tried and failed, let me take over from here" or maybe "Let me finish what you have started"
  2. Would it be possible to add the infantry kills as well or would that entail a major effort that would not be worth it ?
  3. Leclerc S1, S2, SXXI Merkava 2D, 3D, 4, 4 Mem K2 T-72B T-90S Type 90 Type 10 BM Oplot
  4. My bad, i was not that sure what you had meant but now i understand. Thanks !
  5. but is the vehicle "destroyed" if the engine and main gun are destroyed ? How did the M1A1 above get destroyed ?
  6. I was also wondering about this. Maybe the entire crew was just incapacitated. I am not sure how thou.
  7. I have a question: Is the turret ring armor modelled properly on the M60A3 TTS ? The turret ring area does not seem to have a LOS thickness of 254 mm but 80-125 mm:
  8. Yes , i also kinda figured as much but i did not want to jump to conclusions but how dare you say that about my "precious" Leclerc The destroyed Leopard 2 reminds of this, where a Merkava 2 seem to have suffered the same fate during the 2006 Lebanon war:
  9. Are you sure the tank was not blown up after it was captured ?
  10. Was this Leopard 2A4 actually destroyed in combat or captured and then blown up ?
  11. I did not know that there was a renewed heavy-armored threat to Central and Western Europe. What kind of threat is being talked about here? Either way, it is sad that the British are letting their armored formations shrink to insignificance. I hope the French will keep a viable number of their Leclercs running.
  12. The early Leopard 2 armor package generations (Leopard 2A0-A3 1st Gen., Leopard 2A4 2nd Gen. , Leopard 2A5 3rd Gen.):
  13. I am Leclerc all the way usually but will we ever see the Leopard 2A3 ? It is the Leopard 2 before the the A4 tungsten/titanium turret armor uprade. Could be great for some Cold War 1985-1986 scenarios:
  14. I hope the Russian/Soviet side will also be playable. It looks very good so far!
  15. OK, i just wondered if they changed the calibre - length on it. Thanks !
  16. Izvinite! My fingers struck the wrong key but i corrected the error once i realized my mistake )) Thank you for the patent article. Has the 2A82 gun been changed in the past 2 years ? I got the impression that the latest T-14s mount somehwat different 2A82s
  17. Privet Jartsev, spasiba bolschoi! )) Do you know the lenght of the rounds and/or KE projectiles? Is there are any data available ? Will these rounds also fit into the 125 mm 2A82 gun system ? How do they potentially compare to the KE "Vakuum" 1 and 2 rounds?
  18. I see that the Russian 125 mm KE rounds 3BM59 and 3BM60 have penetration abilities of about 810 and 710 mm respectively. How is this possible ?
  19. Reports like these are sadly often very politicized and ideology driven. Independent sources would be preferable. I think it would be best to take these biased pieces with several grains of salt and in general steer clear of them.
  20. Beautiful rightup Damian ! Please keep it coming !
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