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  1. Iceman

    TIS Mod

    Are there any mods that will make the TIS image on the screen sharper, and easier to see?
  2. Is there a way of getting the gunners sight display and cross-hairs to display at a higher resolution. Distant targets are hard to focus on because of the low resolution.
  3. Worked! Thanks very much for your help.
  4. First try with 3.002 skins. Downloaded Fritz' 2E 3.002 Woodland and Winter skins. Would like to change the Spanish decals for German ones. I put the two tank files in Fritz' woodland mod (body and Spanish decals) in the "dk" folder in my "Woodland" folder. Created a scenario with the 2E, opened it with the Spanish decals on the tank. What needs to be done in order to get the German decals to show?
  5. 3.002 has a different folder setup then 2.654 for installing skins*. After taking a look at the new folder(s)...I looked on the forum for an answer. Didn't see/read a step by step for 3.002, one that explained what had to be done. I'd very much appreciate your help on this. Thanks
  6. The last time I played was about three days before I ordered 3.0. Nothing has been added to the system in those three days. Sorry about this...how do I make a screen shot (what command). I did go to the page in question so if I can get the how-to on the screen shot I can post that for you. Have never had to tell Norton Internet Security (has been installed since 2006) to allow any previous version of SBPro PE or codemeter exe's to run. Thanks for your help.
  7. It's been an absolute nightmare trying to get version 3.002 to run on my computer. -I have an old codemeter stick version 1 (updated to version 1.18) which I received with the first version of SBPro PE I bought -Last upgraded the program 6-7 months ago to 2.654. No problem with update, program worked! -Bought the Upgraded license for 3.002 several days ago -Received an email with the website link -Deleted 2.654 and all associated files with it including the eSim folder in my documents -Installed 3.002 and codemeter 5 software -Went to website link: filled out everything...Last page text is below Product ID Product Name Status SBPE-30-UPGRADE SB Pro PE 3.0, add 1 license Activated -Codemeter (in tray) shows 2 CmContainers connected -The program has also produced these file: C:\Users\my name\X-XXXXXXX (CmStick) C:\Users\my name\xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx (ESIMGAMES) -Click on SBPro PE CM Icon : CodeMeter error: "Please ensure your CM stick is securely in a USB port" I've tried multiple USB connections on my computer, but continue to receive the above message: "Please ensure your CM stick is securely in a USB port" I have tried all 4 USB2 ports as well as a USB3 port, THEY ARE ALL WORKING Since purchasing the program several years ago the CodeMeter stick has always been plugged in the same USB port...same computer...and the computer, on boot-up, has always been able to see the Codemeter. I've re-installed the program several times, but no luck...I still get the same message about the CM Stick and the port each time I try to start the newly installed program. I've read the installation and failed installation comments on the SB forum and have tried various work arounds, but no success I'm assuming what I've done "above" is correct. I'm also assuming that if my computer see's the CM Stick and I can open the CodeMeter Control Center the meter is working. I don't know where to turn to at this point and it's become rather frustrating. Any help is much appreciated. Thanking you in advance. Oliver
  8. Sorry about that, your perfectly right. Will use "search" feature.
  9. What are the best modes of using the CH2: Ambush Defence Offence Survivablity Put together a scene with the CH2 and T80's. They can certainly kill each other. The T80's seem to be able to take a pounding on the front...not so for the CH2. I'd say the majority of the kill shots to the CH2 are under the barrel area. If it's in there your dead. Is this anyone else's CH2 kill spot? Munitions: The munitions the CH2 fires in SBPro PE don't seem to be as potent as American, German, or Red (T80). Is this anyone else's perception? To get a T80 to drop it's barrel...black smoke, fire could take 6-7 direct hits to the front. Seems slow compared to other main battletanks in SB. You guys have been great on my Challenger questions so I know there are seasoned CH2 drivers out there. Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Iceman
  10. Thanks for the replies. Did it! Went through the SBpro PE manual last night and put my first Challenger mission together. Used an existing map and followed the instructions. Opens a completely new arena for me with this game. Thanks for the support. Iceman
  11. Thank you for answering my Challenger 2 questions. = Are there any good...step by step tutorials on building a scene? Thanks, Iceman
  12. I'm running version 2.654 of SBPro PE. I see that the Challenger 2 can be accessed in Tank Range and Instant Action, but no where else. Question, can it driven and used in a scene? I noticed there are skins for it in DL/Mods/Skins, but can it be skinned if it's only limited to usage in the Tank Range and Instant Action modules, but not in observer mode? Any help answering the above regarding the Challenger 2 is much appreciated. Iceman
  13. Got it sorted out. Didn't open the scene I wanted to modify. After that the save worked. Thanks for getting me going in the right direction.
  14. Thanks for the replies. Splash, tried your method with an existing mission...scene file I downloaded from the SB site. Opened editor, F1, and toggled through (alt S) the many skies and selected one. Escape key then saved it with a different name and hopefully with the new sky. No luck. Question, is opening the editor with an existing file and changing a property of that file (sky) possible or does it only work if you are creating a new scene file? Where is the default sky BMP located in SBPro PE? Sorry for being a pain, but I want to get more emersed in the game, skins and sky are a big part of it. Thanks again for any help, explanations. Iceman
  15. Have version 2.654 installed. Never made any changes to the basic configuration of the program, but I'd like to change the appearance of the sky. Would appreciate a simple step by step (or thread) that will help me to make the change (s). Any and all help is appreciated. Iceman
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