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  1. Will add it to my desert collection nice skin, dont use the m1 much myself, not too keen on it, but good skin all the same, thanks.
  2. 15/19th Kings Royal Hussars from 1981 - 87 joined JLR RAC Bovington oct 1980, oh the good old days,
  3. Highly recommend it Fletch, i got sbprope in July, never looked back, go for it mate,
  4. Good selection there fletch, i would love to have a Scimitar and warrior in sb also the new Bulldog and it goes without saying the Chall 1+2, mabey some day, wakes up from day dreaming, mind you what weve got in sb atm aint bad either,
  5. Looking good, like everyone else i cant wait to try it out, so put the carrot down and give us the cake, i know patience is a virtue and all that, but hey so much good stuff we want it. Thanks for the updates guys.
  6. Dont know if this has been on here before, but i want one....
  7. Yeh cheers Deja, always first to pickup, i know that, we dont all use xbox's, SBPRO is pc based right, someday it will be pc standard, as technology moves ever onward the future looks pretty good for pc based games and software, fine if you use one of the many games consoles out there, just waiting for the pc to catch up and companys to reflect the numbsers of pc's used in the modern home.
  8. Wow, how good does that look, great graphics, love the way that car crushes, cool stuff, some day that kind of graphics will be standard, cant wait,
  9. Forgot to ask, where did you get the sound from Dask, very nice, cheers.
  10. Anyone know what map was used in the Video from Attack on Town 40, always loved that, curious as to what map was used. looks cool, thanks.
  11. Interesting Vid, good stuff, love the 3 screen Simulator, oh yeh and the program being used, nice
  12. Great sound Dask, love it, thanks
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