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  1. can they use usa made ammo like the m829a3,kew-a1,kew-a2 in real life ? And if they are able to use those ammo will at some point we be able to select those munition in the mission editor .
  2. salvo length always switch back to 3 wen switching position .
  3. got the bug also in middle of mission wen switching position back to gunner , it don't seam unique to mission start . there seam to be a similar issue whit the bmp-2 sigh changing adjustment wen switching position
  4. start video at 2:25 to see the bug at around 2:31 1819589739_steelbeastbug.avi
  5. wen the commander say fire at the start of mission/first target he see the sight elevation change by is self .
  6. 2 first aar are from mission i was doing and last one is testing he round again the front of warriors 1069319914_DesertAmbusht-55v2_5876_012821DESKTOP-CR5B1000.aar 1715546889_DesertAmbusht-55v2_5876_012821DESKTOP-CR5B1058.aar warrior armor test _11168_012921DESKTOP-CR5B0037.aar
  7. i like to know is there a bug whit the warrior armor or it supper thick ? i did shoot multiple apsfsds the one whit 500mm of penetration , heat and he round from a t-55 into the front of a warrior and it would just not die .
  8. no it still the same at it always was , it not about the version it about how the requirement to be in the commander to switch ammo make it impossible to switch ammo wen needed
  9. can we get the ability to switch ammo type from gunner position because the way it is now it impossible to select ammo type ,
  10. wen deploying the launcher the rest of the team start to move next to the leader
  11. im trying to detach the leader of atgm team to go alone but the rest of the team always walk back to the leader , is this normal or is there something i need to do to make the rest of the team stay behind ,i did pres (L)
  12. not sure if it was wake island or at least it looked a lot like it . I remember some time ago I was having this map but lost it wen doing hard drive wipe and now i am unable to find that map . anybody still have this map or know where to download it ?
  13. jppsx


    so that a bug or it normal ? it do it also on building whit no balcony
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