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  1. Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz Installed RAM 24.0 GB nvidia geforce gtx970 System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor window 10 fps wen from 50 to 10 number of grad one and one visible dustiness seam to be 100% resolution 1980x1050 there no graphics setting to reduce particle effect
  2. was using 9m22/m21-of , it not a smoke round it just the smoke the grad make wen launching rocket i don't remember what version it was , it before the new smoke for the grad
  3. was not a problem before but now wen bm-21 is firing the smoke cause serious lag .
  4. on leopard 2 it seam to need two button and it not a toggle switch sadly
  5. hello in steel beast wiki it say to press joystick button 4 for using lase first return and it doesn't work also there no key configuration for that . is there no option to select between first and second return ?
  6. this only make gun point in direction you wan it don't stop turret from moving
  7. i like that we get the ability to lock the turret traverse from every position in the tank and external view ,that be a nice feature if you use steering a lot to keep front armor pointed at enemy and avoid having the gun pointing in another direction .
  8. can they use usa made ammo like the m829a3,kew-a1,kew-a2 in real life ? And if they are able to use those ammo will at some point we be able to select those munition in the mission editor .
  9. got the bug also in middle of mission wen switching position back to gunner , it don't seam unique to mission start . there seam to be a similar issue whit the bmp-2 sigh changing adjustment wen switching position
  10. start video at 2:25 to see the bug at around 2:31 1819589739_steelbeastbug.avi
  11. wen the commander say fire at the start of mission/first target he see the sight elevation change by is self .
  12. 2 first aar are from mission i was doing and last one is testing he round again the front of warriors 1069319914_DesertAmbusht-55v2_5876_012821DESKTOP-CR5B1000.aar 1715546889_DesertAmbusht-55v2_5876_012821DESKTOP-CR5B1058.aar warrior armor test _11168_012921DESKTOP-CR5B0037.aar
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