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  1. so could they add a key to have loader only reload wen ordered like in the centuro . for now I found a way turn off power to barrel elevation so barrel don't rise
  2. so there no off switch in the real tank ?
  3. i like to know if those tank have way to stop barrel from immediately elevating is self after firing to be able to see where the shell land
  4. yes the moment i switch to gunner seat the ammo that i selected get switched back to what ever ammo was loaded , example i select he to be loaded and wen i switch to gunner it switch back to ap to be loaded
  5. if I go to commander seat and switch to he or ap wen i go back to gunner seat he switch back to ap or he so it impossible to switch ammo type . don't really matter that gunner don't have that option in real because in games your ai commander wont remember what ammo to reload next so for functionality purpose it need to have gunner ability to select ammo type or at least give commander memory to remember what ammo I switched to wen I was in commander seat so proper ammo get reloaded .
  6. give ability to gunner in scimitar to select ammo , the way it is now it impossible to switch ammo .
  7. 2S9 NONA-S and 2s23 NONA SVK wont direct fire , I guess it probably a already know issue or work to be done but I just want to be sure it a know issue that will be fixed .
  8. so it not possible to switch ammo type whit out shooting what is loaded anymore ?why ?
  9. pressings v do not switch ammo type .
  10. it impossible to switch ammo type in centuro . it was possible before from commander seat to switch ammo type
  11. probably was a impression I got from using 10x speed
  12. I was using only 1 gun and adjust fire and a drone so ai just running away before he round land is lot more noticeable
  13. I use newest version and ai seam to often move before round land
  14. i like to know is the ai able to predict exact location the artilleries shell will fall ? it seam almost impossible to hit a tank whit artillery's whit out making massive barrage covering very large area
  15. it why I asked if there is a way to resupply drone
  16. don't seam to work I'm using scout team in a btr-82 .
  17. is there a way to resupply drone to infantry ?
  18. Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz Installed RAM 24.0 GB nvidia geforce gtx970 System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor window 10 fps wen from 50 to 10 number of grad one and one visible dustiness seam to be 100% resolution 1980x1050 there no graphics setting to reduce particle effect
  19. was using 9m22/m21-of , it not a smoke round it just the smoke the grad make wen launching rocket i don't remember what version it was , it before the new smoke for the grad
  20. was not a problem before but now wen bm-21 is firing the smoke cause serious lag .
  21. on leopard 2 it seam to need two button and it not a toggle switch sadly
  22. hello in steel beast wiki it say to press joystick button 4 for using lase first return and it doesn't work also there no key configuration for that . is there no option to select between first and second return ?
  23. this only make gun point in direction you wan it don't stop turret from moving
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