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  1. i like that we get the ability to lock the turret traverse from every position in the tank and external view ,that be a nice feature if you use steering a lot to keep front armor pointed at enemy and avoid having the gun pointing in another direction .
  2. can they use usa made ammo like the m829a3,kew-a1,kew-a2 in real life ? And if they are able to use those ammo will at some point we be able to select those munition in the mission editor .
  3. jppsx


    so that a bug or it normal ? it do it also on building whit no balcony
  4. jppsx


    dont know if it a bug but rocket wen hitting a building some time dont explode , first picture show rocket hit on building and no explosion it just do some spark (same thing some time happen also wen hitting tree ) , second pic show rocket hit on the ground near that same building and it explode normally . I like to know is this a bug or there reason for this like range or something else ?
  5. ok i was using normal rifle team . I did not know that they where now limited to scout team
  6. dont know if it a bug or it something that have changed but I canot deploy ugv or mini uav anymore . I have selected them in mission editor .
  7. i found whit some testing that everything whit more than 100mm penetration is able to penetrate that spot , tested Bradley and t-72 survive ammo used have 100mm penetration , then i used df-30 and there ammo have 110 mm penetration and was penetrating that spot and destroying them , then i tried the cv9035 whit PPT FRAG M /XXLS THAT HAVE 120mm penetration where popping of the t-72 turret almost every time . i like to know how much protection that spot is suppose to have ? to what i tested in games the protection is around 100 to 105 mm .
  8. also found all t-72 version that are playable have invulnerable .50 mg , same for all m1 Abram version have m2hb .50 invulnerable , t90 .50 mg will take damage and repair after 5 mint (I guess that the normal expected behaviour ? ) , m60a3 tts .50 mg will take damage normally and repair after 5 mint
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