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  1. i did some test shooting whit a bmp-2 using 3ubr8 bp apds-t ammo and a cv-9040c using slpprj 90/lk 05 ammo , Marder coax is indestructible(will auto repair after 6 or 9 second ) i dont know if other tank have the issue i did not tested any other, tow launcher on m966 is indestructible , m113g3 dk tow launcher is also indestructible , all m113 variant have indestructible m2hb (note i did not test other weapon mount like mg3 or grenade launcher ) , i noticed in the aar that m2hb and tow launcher seam to be invisible object i did hit those many time in game but in aar there no hit marked on those . there probably lot more vehicle whit those issue i did not test every vehicle in the games or weapon mount ,every vehicle probably need to be tested , i hope this was enough clear if you need more information/question plz specify . just tested t-72 b1 1984 have same problem as marder coax auto repair after 6 or 9 second , i suppose that all tank have coax auto repair after been destroyed since it on same code line as coax over heat .
  2. I found today that Bradley will also repetitively try to reload missile wen there enemy next to him (in sight and getting shoot at ) also unable to move the turret once it start loading missile
  3. I see electric wire on the ground it was not like that before 4.160 update
  4. PBAPT M/84 LS seam to be defective wen used in the m153 protector m2 , was shooting 1.2 t technical and normally PBAPT M/84 LS ammo destroy them but wen I used the m153 protector m2 and PBAPT M/84 LS combination it was like shooting .22 at them .
  5. hatch remain open wen tow reload is interrupted . seam you have found the problem .
  6. the Bradley will always try to reload missile once one is fired leaving the rear top hatch open wen moving around .
  7. is there a way to turn off auto focus and manually input focus in cv9035 and cv9030 , wen i shoot or use hull down position the auto focus blur my target very often
  8. so what new playable vehicle this update's will have ?
  9. nice to know that the issue is know and that you working on it
  10. tested whit 40 mm he from cv 9040 , wen shooting under a tank it will destroy both track on tank and give multiple other type of damage sometime only in 1 or 2 shoot , tank I tested this t62 , t55 ,m1a2 , leopardo2e all give same result , also noticed if I shoot near the tank at same distance from the track it don't seam to create a problem to the track or other part of it I noticed that problem wen a heat round from bmp 1 remove the 2 track of my tank (t-62) and damaged multiple system in it whit out hitting the tank tested whit the marder 1a3 he ammo also and it do the same if you shoot under the tank even if it a small caliber he ammo , detract and create multiple system damage on all tank I shouted at by shooting under the tank
  11. cv9040b tis focus reset is self if you switch position not sure if it normal or if it all the same for every tank
  12. can wait for illumination star and moon so that it don't look like the dark planet
  13. yea there no more option in mission editor to change ambient light setting
  14. yea I have nvg they work I'm not using them ,but I should be able to see something without them
  15. I cannot see anything at night it not my eyes ,the screen is just to dark before there was a setting for luminosity at night now it cannot find it
  16. only able to move the gun some degree to the front , the gun wont turn to the rear like the Humvee
  17. How to turn the machine gun to the rear in m113 and other vehicles .
  18. jppsx

    My first 3 skin

    Hello started to make skin for sb 2 day ago.It the first time i make skin in my life i would like to no if they loke good.The t72m1 was the first one cv9040 night camo the second and the giraff camo last one.
  19. It is my computer or the games?and the gps shield in leopard as1 and aslav-25 dont mouve at all in external view.if it my comp what can i do?
  20. The gps shield is not closing strait a part of the shield get inside the gps and make it loke like a part of it were open wen in external vision in leopard2a4,2a5dk,str122.And it dont close at all in leopard as1,and aslav-25. 4356.bmp
  21. Thx for the nice reply about my question.
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