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  1. What I meant to say was that with Track IR, while in Commanders position, and either partially or fully up in the hatch, you can lean forward slightly and improve your view about 2X , without using binos. Which is good for a quick overall scan of your surroundings while maintaining situational awareness. The actual zoom effect you get is the same as what the F4 view gives you IMO.
  2. With Track IR, if you move your head forward slightly, while in F4 view, it gets you right up to the vision block and expands your field of view. Which I think is very realistic and not a cheat.
  3. Looks like it's just me then. I'll figure it out.
  4. My Saitek X55 Rhino joystick worked fine in SB 3, but since upgrading to version 4.00, it's not being recognized in game. All my Saitek drivers are up to date and I'm going to try a few things, but I was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue. Nothing turned up in my searches on Steelbeast forums. Cheers ceedub
  5. How do you get the vehicle speed to display in SB Pro PE ? Is it an option?
  6. Just curious. Where is the "Instant Action - Ambush" scenario? Since I upgraded to SB3, I haven't been able to find it. "Instant Action" selection just puts you in a single tank in a minefield, to be eventually creamed by a continuous onslaught. Lots of fun in it's own way. But I liked the regular Ambush scenario where you have 2 MBTs, outside view, movement options, etc., to take on an advancing column of enemy armor. Didn't find it in any of the other offline scenario files and 'search' comes up negative. Thanks ceedub
  7. Hi Ssnake Here's my graphics card info: AMD Radeon HD 6770 card GDDR5 1024 MB Memory You wouldn't think that there would be a problem to run Shadow mapping at maximum settings with this card, but turning it back to 3 worked for me. Still looks nice in-game! Cheers Craig
  8. Just so you know. I solved this little issue by cranking down Shadow mapping in the Graphic Options from 5 to 3. Now all the scenarios load up just fine. Thanks for the suggestions you gave me. It inspired me to play around with the graphic options, and voila! Cheers Ceedub
  9. Thanks for your reply Gibsonm No additional maps or files were included or suggested in the D/L section. I'm sure that the .sce file was installed properly. As I said, I've been at this for years and never had this problem before. Not that I haven't forgotten to install important files, or misplaced them in the past, but I learned from my mistakes. As you suggested, I'll contact the author. Cheers Ceedub
  10. This has me stumped. When I open this scenario I get to the briefing screen, but when I hit "Start", I get 1-2 seconds of tank rumbling sounds, black screen, then crash to desktop! It's the first issue I've ever had playing SB Pro over the years. Is there some map file or anything else I'm missing? My forum searches didn't turn up anyone with similar issues. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers Ceedub
  11. Thanks Ssnake Actually, I do set up a "retreat" route and then set the "embark, if..." conditions. I just didn't chose my phrasing carefully enough in the original post. The "Hold Fire" order for my scouts is a good idea and I'll be sure to tweak my planning accordingly. Cheers Ceedub
  12. Yes, it is winnable! Before I explain my own tactics, I should explain that I play with "High" Realism settings and "Medium" difficulty. M1A1 and Bradleys vs T72's and BMP2's . My gunnery score is 93% so I can usually count on my AI to take care of business! And my tactics are based on valuable tips about this scenario that I've picked up from my regular trolls of SB forums. And my own natural tendency to simplify things as much as possible to accommodate my lazy brain. First, I just leave the forward scouts where they are, on 'Hold' with 'Retreat Back If...' orders. Usually set for 'under di
  13. Hi Gunslinger. I have the English version. The CD and manual but I think I threw out the box. I'll have to check. Cheers Ceedub
  14. You know...until I read Hedgehog's reply to crazyeddie's "hovertank" reference, I thought they were a good idea too! How would they deal with the main gun's recoil while on a cushion of air? I think treads are here to stay. Cheers ceedub
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