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  1. M1,s,M1a1,brads,113,m-60a3,t-72/80,bmp1/2/3.
  2. What skins can be used in 2.654???
  3. If you want a knife fight just make all units without nvg's..Then setup a meeting engagement at 0300 in a town or forest..
  4. A hole in the target when you hit something,tank,pc,building,etc..And more smoke from burning vehicles and buildings..If Silent Hunter 4 can do it,you people can do it..:sonic:
  5. Thank you Ssnake, the sim installed ..Mission accomplished..Now to go kill something..
  6. I have removed sbpro from the computer before starting,but i keep the disk in the hard drive and now .What sequence do i need to do in order to install it the correct way?New files,directx 9c are all ready..
  7. All downloaded files go to desktop,and then opened after security scan..
  8. This is the message i get when trying to install after uninstalling sbpro.I have the sbpro disk in the drive..I click on the install setup icon, then the usual questions to go thru,now the installation starts and after a short time this message pops up..error 1311.source file cannot be found verify file exists and that you can access it.c:\users\desktop\sbpro2\data1.cab.
  9. I have installed directx 9.0 twice,attempted to reinstalled sbpro 2.583 4 times..The same error message comes up "cannot find the 2nd file"..Time to call it quits..:decu: New error message 1311. source not found???
  10. I click on the sb logo and click install after a short time a message appears saying it cannot find part 2..Install stops at that point..I do not have the disk.Update bought from store and loaded via computer download..
  11. In 2.460 i set the fire control for 2000m, but my tanks start firing at 3850m. What should i do?:???:
  12. Thanks Sabot Ready and Tacbat..I would recommend that the players have at least a 90% gunnery score..There are a lot of NK's heading their way..
  13. Version 1.0


    A rebuilt scenario first submitted by Bluewings..
  14. I prefer not to requalify..90% is good enough for me, and you should hear me when the T.C. says fire..fire...fire..I respond with SHUT UP ASSHOLE, only i say it out loud and my neighbor has started to look at me in a very strange way..:redface:
  15. I have rebuilt the "Korean Nightmare" scenario..Mainly from memory..The briefing remains the same but i have rebuilt everything else from the ground up..Allies will have full control of all allied units and the A.I. will run the N.K. side..The only units i have not placed are routes on B Co and C Co .I will let you figure how and when to get them into their BP on your own..I have chosen the "winter frozen" theme because if the NK really do attack i believe it will be in the dead of winter..I do not know who made the original scenario but ALL credits must go to him..
  16. richard


    What i have done is renamed the original 120mm maingun sound to 105mm maingun,placed it in my sound fx folder and i am now very happy with my new 105mm maingun sound..:biggrin:
  17. richard


    Yeah...But it still sounds so wimpy..:redface:
  18. richard


    In my experience in Germany the current sound sounds like H.E.P. being fired..Where as sabot has a sharp "CRACK" to it..
  19. richard


    I wish to aplogize to the forum members for placing such a crude remark on the sound of the M-60A3...Will someone please delete the entire post?? Its just plain embarrasing to even think i could be so "STUPID"..Again my apologies to all..:oops:
  20. richard


    Weak farts not wet..
  21. richard


    Can someone make a new main gun sound for the M-60A3?? The current sounds reminds me of a weak fart..
  22. None, thank the good Lord for that..Your score counts on all vehicles..I think..:confused:
  23. Finally after many tries i have managed to score a decent 90% hit ratio on the M1A1...EEEEEHAA!!:biggrin::eek2::debile2:
  24. Now that is what i want to see when i hit a tank..But i will not be holding my breath waiting for the upgrade..
  25. www.military.com Go to shock and awe and check out "lighting up a tank"..Its really impressive,at least to me it is..
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