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  1. Check it out at military.com..Thats what i want to see in the next patch..
  2. I have removed the new up grade and went back to 2.460..And i still cannot put the woodland skin for the M1A1 on the vehicle or the winter haze..I cannot figure out what i am doing wrong..I guess i will just have to call it quits and take whats issued..:???:
  3. Yes, i have managed to put the three color desert theme on the Abrahms but that is all..
  4. I know this has been answered before,but i cannot get any skin to work in sbpro..I have tried placing them in the esim/mods/texture folders and my documents/esim/mods/textures folders and all i have are the same generic skins..This is also the same story for sound mods..WHAT am i doing wrong??:confused::casstet:
  5. richard

    Reactive armor

    How about a m-60a3 with reactive armor??:???:
  6. richard


    Does anyone have interior pictures of apc's hit by m829 to m829A3 ammo??
  7. Crotch shot at 60mph +:eek2::luxhello:..OW,OW,OW, IS EVERYTHING STILL THERE???:biggrin:
  8. richard


    Did you hear about the blonde??She sent her boy friend to work one morning, then went to the living room and started working on a new jigsaw puzzle..8 hrs later she was in tears, it seems the puzzle will not cooperate..The boy friend comes home and see's her condition, and asked her why she was crying..She pointed to the puzzle and stated it won't go together..The boy friend asked what it was supposed to be and she said look at the box, its a tiger...The boy friend then says honey there are 3 things she must do..1.stop crying..2.Calm down and 3. you gotta put the frosted flakes back in the box...:biggrin:
  9. I need 3 skins for each tank. Desert, winter, and woodland..Any ideas??
  10. I have managed to put skins on all of the vehicles except for the tanks..No matter where i place them they do not show..So i guess its generic skins for the big boys..
  11. Not really its an HP camera,and i have a gateway computer..Maybe they are not compatible..
  12. I have found the problem, camera was the culprit..My thanks to everyone for your help with this problem..
  13. I tried the tank range today, turret traverses to the left and sights show only a bunch of clouds going round,round and round..Can not depress the gun ,switch to tis or stop the spinning..Needless to say i am not doing to well at the range..But a warning to anything flying anywhere near my tank had better C.T.A..(cover their ass).. The shift + and ctrl + has no effect..
  14. Now some enterprising young tankers will find some way to inject some old stale urine into this thing..Maybe the shot will kill a bunch, but those that are only wounded and crawl away, hey massive uremic poisioning what a way to go..:sonic::biggrin:
  15. All i have hooked up are camera,speakers, and a infra red mouse,dongle, and keyboard system..Everything works fine, except this sim..
  16. The only controls i use are keyboard and mouse..
  17. I found the problem..Sound card was dying..All fixed..Have the Arty drop 50m and fire for effect..:biggrin:
  18. When playing the sim, mouse control will spin to the left. Ok guys go ahead and start the remarks.. This happens in all positions on the vehicle..
  19. Now this is what a TANK is supposed to look like..:biggrin:
  20. Ssnake you can change sabot as much as you want, but if i do not enable the patch it won't change my edition of this game.. In the mean time all of my units will have sabot NO HEAT.
  21. In my opinion heat is useless..Sabot will kill every armored and nonarmored unit in this game..For troops,bunkers,and light skinned vehicles you have the coax,50cal,artillery, gunships,and tacair..By removing heat you will eliminate the confusion of switching back and forth between ammo..And the majority of the missed shots with heat will now be hits with sabot..
  22. Actually its not the use of heat that irritates me..Its just that i have a good run on hits going and the next target is a P.C. at 2300+ meters, sabot is loaded but i cannot engage it before the T.C. says load heat..After that kill i can count on a P.C. at long range and there it is 2300+ meters..lock on fire..Over. Lock on fire ..Over..Lock on fire..Over..@*^$)(!^&*($#@..:decu:..Replay..Picture my fist traveling at the speed of sabot right at my monitor..:redface:
  23. How does one remove the heat ammo at the tank range??
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