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  1. Vista home premium Steel Beasts Pro Patches in sequence.262,273,code meter upgrade,304,&328..
  2. Installed sim and all patches and new codemeter in proper order...When i try to run the sim all i get is it trying to reinstall itself..:redface:
  3. To all United States military veterans...THANK YOU...For those who fought for it freedom has a flavor that the protected will never know..:luxhello::clap::cvcys:
  4. richard


    Thanks for the headsup,i scanned the computer and no starforce found.. Dvd and burners work fine..In this game i like the weather and night effects and of course the detail put into the skins, textures,and expolsions...Hell they even have people walking on the decks, and of course when you sink someone any survivors man the life boats and start rowing..:mrgreen:
  5. richard


    I have the ubisoft game SH4 and the graphic's are simply amazing..First chance you people get chack it out...:debile2::biggrin:
  6. richard

    The Skin Catalogue

    Thank you...The link is now added to my favorites...:biggrin: :luxhello:
  7. Version 1.0


    single player
  8. Hello Banshee..Please bear with me..I am not a computer wizard and i am having trouble making the night mod work. I have it downloaded all files are in the folders as per the readme file..But no matter where i send them to they will not show up as the night mod when playing the sim. If you would "PLEASE" tell me what i should do and where i should send the files? In advance "Thank you".
  9. Processor I believe its 2600+ the sim works fine in day mode all files ard seperate as in the readme instructions..How ever i did get the full moon sky to work..I guess its gonna be one step at a time..
  10. I have no trouble at all seeing the mod...My problem is it slows down the 3D to a snails pace and a message about "Rastiers" and then the game freezes up..So far i haven't gotten past the splash screen...Here i go again..
  11. Version 1.0


    Remake of brightstar holding action..Sit back and watch the fun..
  12. Version 1.0


    This is a redo of the village in the hills.You have command and control of the units in the village. All the rest are under computer control. This is one tough assed fight..
  13. Version 1.0


    Hold the line... The Egyptians are on the run...
  14. richard


    Version 1.0


    Red Regiment Trying to exit the area. Your company is ordered to stop them. Top of the line Red equipment.
  15. Version 1.0


    Divide your unit into single vehicles. Set up ambushes and harass the Red column. Hit and run...
  16. Version 1.0


    The tanks are M1A1 the P.C.'s are 113's the grunts are 2/7th Air Cav. The place Ia Drang valley in the area of the Chou Phong Massif. Your opponent 1st Bn 66th NVA Rgmt. Happy New Year.
  17. Version 1.0


    Obey your orders. The Germans think they know what they are doing. I have tried this many times,and can only save 3 to 7 vehicles.
  18. Version 1.0


    Simple but rewarding. After a long brutal day at the old job you just may want to really kick someones ass. Why go to jail? Use this.
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