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  1. since I'm nato is absolutely fair in for that sat.
  2. This was by far my best and most satisfying battle todate. No tanks lost to the dreaded trees:) Fri night was horrible. 3 units lost to trees. 4 lost to feet wet, 5 lost to arty, and 2 lost to drunken drivers smacking into each other. Alpha did a lot of damage in the south but alas casusalties started to mount. With two minutes left Alpha CO hopped in the drivers seat and raced toward the objective area. (in oddballs voice) Found a beautiful muther railroad bridge to cross. Went the wrong way in town and at 50mph did a 180 and smacked into a bldg just short of the objective area. Someone was
  3. HardRock


    will trees still knock you out in SB3?
  4. I just fight with sticks and stones when nothing is left;-) I ran 3 squads over when I had no ammo left. They lay there..see you coming and then run. You have to do 360's to stay on them ;-) Only thing missing is the squish sound. Or I should at least get "target"
  5. same here but if I don't know what bldg its coming from...so I decided to see if I could at least flatten the barns. Yep..they were there.
  6. Run your vehicle into a wood structure and it collapses with the inf scurring out like ants out of an ant hill. Then just mow them down with one sweep. Out of ammo in a scenario and just inf left? run them over doing 360's.
  7. You're right..most joysticks aren't as accurate. CH is. and stays accurate. In the early years the pots of thrustmaster always wore out making sloopy travel..until they purchased CH pots and put them in theirs. Mouse you do use for menus. I would never program a joystick as a mouse.
  8. Good to see it. I thought I was alone:) Every place I've gone (visit friends, conventions etc) all sorts of controls with nothing set up right, Like why wouldn't you put flaps at the touch of your first two fingers which is key in WW2 air combat where flaps, depending on type of plane, is extremely important. I love hull down in SB. move up a hair..shoot..reverse back before the shell even lands and his hits dirt:) Its that fast;-) Ditto using the throttle buttons for every game:)
  9. I sent them into the woods with scout tactics. I purposely put enemy in the town and woods since that's where the armor gets smacked going in too fast. I sent like 6 squads into a village/woods on each side or roaf with one enemy plt and a BMP plt occupying the objective.. I was surprised their survivability didn't last long. But yeah..I'll think of better postitioning.
  10. See there are those that are fast with a mouse and KB (not me). I've seen aces fly with a mouse. I contend they'd be faster;-)
  11. I'd like to SHARE the best controller for almost any game and is well suited for SB if you want to be really efficient. Often we hear controllers are about personal preference and opinion. I disagree and not to sound pompus but it's more of a fact. Certain things are just more intuitive and faster. Fact is your left throttle controller uses the fingers in your left hand. The most dexterous being the index and middle finger followed by the thumb. Just walk those two fingers and see how fast you can do it. With that I'm going to talk (share) about the CH throttle and joystick. The joystick has t
  12. As talked about the last couple multi-play games and losing vehicles fast from impatience, our commanders suggested slow down and send inf ahead. So I set up a small scenario with that in mind. Result was the inf does spot but they die pretty quick so the enemy won't stay spotted so you're back to square one except now you know something is there. I think it might be a combination of sending inf and a couple scout vehicles..sort of a recon in force. Which still beats plowing a valuable tank platoon into uncharted territory. Thoughts ?
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