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  1. Thanks for the info, Ssnake. I think it would be most useful for looking around the battle field from the TC's hatch. Up, Down and side to side should work just fine for that.
  2. Thinking about getting a Track IR setup and while previewing the games with built in support on the naturalpoint.com site I noticed that Steel Beasts Professional was listed. Does that include SB PRO PE as well?
  3. Quote: Ssnake: What I can say is that the natural state of a tank is that it's broken. Well - maybe on the newfangled tanks you young'uns got. Not the ones I served in though. In the 3 years I served on an M-60A1 (3rd ID/3rd Bgd/4th 64A/C/3Plt I can remember exactly 2 failures on the tanks I was assigned to and one was the crew's fault. The one that was our fault - we threw a track as we slid sideways down a muddy slope and the other was our KW-7 radio encryption interface (I think that was the designator). Other than that we had to replace the gun barrel once and the
  4. Edited to delete Reduntant Response
  5. I was afraid of that. I asked because recently I delved into the controls and printed out the current list. I was astounded at the number of controls there are - 4 full pages. Just doing that convinced me that SB Pro has changed so much since I started with it that it was probably time to go back into learning mode. Guess waiting for 4.1. is in order. Thanks, Guys.
  6. Is there and up to date, printable vs 4.023 manual? If so where is it?
  7. Matrix Games recently released Armored Brigade. In a thread the developer/programmer stated that SB is one of about 5 or 6 wargames that influenced the design of AB. I'm considering buying this game. Which means researching it. I don't bother reading reviews by the game media or by the guys who always seem to get a game free from the publisher. What I do do is read forumns about the game where players hang out and post about the game. Thus when I saw that SB influenced the design I figured it might be time to find out if any SB forum members had played AB yet? I've watched a number
  8. Werewolf


    Both of these are great games. Highly playable and historically accurate. In addition and unlike some other East Front games I won't mention, one can actually finish these. Another game by the same dev - the 1st one in the series is Blitzkrieg - Warsaw to Paris. Seperate campaigns that cover the Conquest of Poland and the Conquest of France.
  9. Thanks. Other than being 25 yds behind instead of 10 on my pre query request your procedure is the 1st thing I tried. When it failed I figured the defend order on the waypoint was the culprit so I changed it to stay and tried again. Still no joy. I'll try moving the FO closer per your advice and see if that helps. I'll also try removing the bunker which sets just a bit forward of the top of a hill/ridge and on a very gradual down slope. There is Tall grass on the beginning of the downward slope and behind that location. It blocks the FO team's LOS to where I want them to monitor. A
  10. How to Get an FO to move into a Bunker... Or maybe they just aren't allowed to. I've set up a way point with a stay tactic on it inside the bunker and pointing to the area I want the FO to observe with the open dot right on top of the area I want the FO to watch. Set up a march route to the waypoint in the bunker attached to the FO team whickh is about 25 or so yards behind the bunker at start. The two guys in the team never enter it. Always move them selves to the left and a bit forward of it.
  11. Thanks, Ssnake. Turns out as so often is the case - "nut behind the wheel". I'd just finished doing a thorough cleanout of all filters, fans and PCB's of my PC. Hooked everything back up and used PC without issue. A couple of days later when I loaded up SB - no go. Did this and that and finally figured it was just the dongle had died. That's when I posted about getting a new one. But - it hadn't died. I'd hooked everything back up but the USB hub that the dongle was plugged into - plugged the hub in and miracle of miracles SB license found. DOH!
  12. Been using the same dongle since the first few months since dongles started being used for SB. I believe after all these years it has finally given up the ghost. See diagnostics file below. If it is the dongle that's dead what do I need to do to get a new one. If not then what do I need to do to make codemeter recognize my license (licensed thru version 4)? Here's the diagnosticts file from the Web Admin: 2018-07-17 10:38:14: CodeMeter for Windows (B6.50.2640.503.32.180) 2018-07-17 10:38:14: Running on Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1, 64-Bit 201
  13. NOTE: for those not familiar with Voice Attack - it is very versatile PC voice control software created by a gamer for gamers. I use Voice Attack with Elite Dangerous all the time. It is especially useful when used with a HOTAS control system. Never have to touch the keyboard - ever. I'm thinking of building a profile for SB but figure some may already have done so. If so what is your experience with it and SB? Is it worth the effort to put a profile together (not hard - might take 30 minutes)? Does it add to the immersion factor. If I put one together it would pri
  14. I could - but Wiki's are notoriously incorrect. Anyone can change them anytime. Hell I won a bet once doing just that - changed a wiki. Bet a guy and told him to look it up. He used wiki - I collected $20 and changed it back. Last I checked where I lived the schools won't allow students to use wiki as a source for papers they write. 3 daughters - didn't understand why - so when my middle daughter was writing a paper about Abraham Lincoln I changed the name of his wife to hers and told her to look up his wife's name on wiki. She did. She understood. I fixed it back to Mary Todd. My other two da
  15. That's really good to know. Feel pretty stupid for not figuring that out. Thanks.
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