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  1. Aside: You may want to take a look at Voice Attack. Easy to use and create profiles for. Very, very powerful system and last time I checked it was selling for $8. http://www.voiceattack.com/ This is an excellent video that shows the power of the program. It'd work really well with SB I imagine. Speech Recognition in Gaming: Elite Dangerous with Voice Pack
  2. TSe419e: I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that when you served in M60's it was post '75 so it doesn't surprise me that your experience was different from mine. I served in M60's (the straight M60) in Germany from '71 to '74 in Co C/4/64A 3ID. We didn't get the A1 model until the end of '71 (and we had to cheat to get those - hooked the odometers up to the tach cable to run the mileage up so we could turn the 60's in to depot). Vietnam was still going on and most of the money went there. We got squat and it showed in maintenance and training. We went to Grafenwoerh once a year. During my 3 years there we went to Hoehnfels once, participated in one Reforger and a month long NATO wargame in Northern Germany. The M60A2 was issued to Engineering units and the A3 wasn't even a twinkle in our eyes (we hadn't heard about it even in '74). So yeah - not surprising at all to me that your experience was different from mine.
  3. As most have said: personal preference. Personally - I prefer a joystick. I use a Saitek X-52 Pro and have it programmed to do most things straight from the stick and rarely have to touch the keyboard at all except to switch back and forth between the map and 3D. That said it's set up for an M1A2. Haven't tried it with any of the other playable tanks so might not work too well with them. One advantage of the Saitek is with the profile editor you can program all the buttons to emulate keyboard keys which gives it even more power. You can set up 3 profiles and switch back and forth between them at will so you could for example have a LEO setup with a profile for the TC, a profile for the gunner and even (I imagine) one for the driver. I've not gone to that level of control for the M1A2 but... Yeah - it could be done I think. If I could just get the throttle function to work it would be perfect - still have to use the keyboard for that.
  4. M60A1 and M60A3 would be my choices. The M60A1 would add a whole new dimension to SB as it uses stereoscopic sight range finding by the TC, an analog computer and the gun is not stabilized. The armor isn't all that thick either. The M-80 cupula mounted 50 cal had a tendency to jam and it was a pain in the ass to aim. It was real easy to over heat and burn out the coaxial 7.62X51 MG. At the time we used what we called cherry juice (bright red petroleum based hydraulic fluid to move everything) in the hydraulic system that was highly flammable and would have turned the turret into a firebomb if it took a hit in the right place. Going up against soviet tanks of the same time period wouldn't be the turkey shoot it is now in SB with modern NATO tanks (man did the powers that be have us brainwashed at the time - early 70's - they had us believing we'd take out 5 T-62/T-72's for everyone of ours they got - I used to believe that - I don't any more for a number of reasons). Anyway - M-60A1 is my number one choice.
  5. Thanks for the help guys. Appreciated... So where should the waypoint be placed? I'm putting it dead center of the tower now and have tried guard and defend (not hold though) and they won't go in.
  6. I vaguely recall that in vs 2.64 I could set a defense or guard point in the castle looking tower, tell an FO team to move to the waypoint at scenario start and it would happen. The FO team would show at the top of the tower. Don't seem to be able to do that in 3.028. AM I doing something wrong or will infantry just not do that anymore. Sure would be a nice place to put a forward artillery observer.
  7. Thanks, Guys. I appreciate the help.
  8. OKAY... Went to wiki. Couldn't find an ATGM wiki page. Found AT3Sagger - tells one how to use the unit but no specs. At the bottom of that page there is a technical specs link. Again no joy. Searched ATGM - lots of links but nothing about individual specs. Little help with a link please. Thanks
  9. I am experimenting with using man packed missile teams. The ammunition change screen shows the maximum missile range but not the minimum. Where can one find the minimum missile range? Thanks...
  10. Friendly fire from less than 50 yards away by an AI controlled tank in an AI controlled platoon. Sure wouldn't wanna be that TC! The blue tank hit by friendly fire didn't fire back. One wonders if he would have if his main gun had survived the heavy damage.
  11. You make an excellent point Marko. And if the civilian market represented eSim's primary customer base and even more importantly their primary source of revenue then good business would almost mandate the type of action you suggest. But they aren't and they don't - so... :Crash:
  12. ... by a US Artillery Officer who's been there and done that. The guy posts about using FASCAM in a game called Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=3614630 Seems that laying down a FASCAM barrage in real life is neither a simple nor a quick affair. In fact the time it takes to laydown a high density minefield, even if preplanned, would be out of the scope of time for most SB Missions. Worth the read if you've got the time.
  13. Will the AI choose to use ammo selections 3 and 4? Will it use MPAT to shoot down helos or against opfor infantry? What about canister?
  14. Up in the sky it's a bird, no its a plane - no its superman. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, more powerful than a locomotive and can stop bullets with his bare chest. It's superman! Wait - Whuuuuut? Its a SB AI tank???? What you've noticed has been discussed off and on for many years. The reasons for the phenomena have been listed by the powers that be and mostly make sense to the best of my recollection but I'm gettin' old and don't remember the details of the why's and wherefore's. I'm pretty sure soon enough one of the experts will jump in and explain. I'd kind'a like a refresher myself.
  15. That sounds really interesting Tacbat: How would one go about doing that?
  16. This is the end of the sentence you quoted but conveniently left out: "really easy to add those streams with an overlay like the Combat Mission map editor supports. Note: the with an overlay. That's called a qualifier. Sad that a Colonel serving in one of the finer military organizations on the planet would be so disingenuous and take such a cheap shot! Officers are supposed to be better than that.
  17. I'm fiddling around with a scenario and using a 7KM X 7KM piece of the Dartmoor map as the AO. Got to wondering if the real life map area looked anything like the map in the Dartmoor map. So I wrote down the longitude/latitude coordinates centered on a big hill off of the Steel Beasts map. Loaded up Google Earth and searched the coordinates. And there it was - right where it was supposed to be on that same big hill except it was rocky - big time rocky - almost cliffs and not the grassy knoll as shown on the Dartmoor map. No big deal. I just added the rocks to the map (as well as can be done with the rocks available). Then I started looking around at Google earth to see what else was missing. Surprise, surprise. A couple of major streams, one very key road, a number of villages with attaching minor roads all in the 7KM X 7KM area I was working on - missing. Again - no big deal. It's a lot of work to add that stuff to a map - but I've got a spare hour in the evening every day so figured what the hell. Started working the issue. Started with the major streams and ended up throwing my hands in the air and muttering to myself no freaking way - this is just too much a pain (which may be why they aren't on the Dartmoor map). BUT - it would be really easy to add those streams with an overlay like the Combat Mission map editor supports. So is there a way to put an overlay on a .ter map so one can add features that match the real world? If so then how? If not where's the wish list so that feature can be suggested. OH! and what would really be nice would be a way to add features from the 3D view - especially water and road features - but being able to add others would be nice too. Imagine all the great maps that could be built in hours instead of days or even weeks if an overlay feature was available.
  18. Seriously? I know you're not having to put ice on the thing but heating up to the point where it will throttle your CPU???? That's not normal. Is it the CPU or the graphics that's loading up the system like that. From watching 3.0 vids on youtube I find it hard to believe that it would be the graphics. Is 3.0 locked to just one core (I've seen that occassionally on other programs and when it happens that one core can run 10 to 20 C higher than the others)?
  19. Meant 2.654 Pro Pe and 3.011 Thanks
  20. Make sure you have Red Forces toggled (upper right of screen). Right click on the map where you want to place the unit. Select the unit type from the menu that appears. See 1) start the unit off map. Create two new waypoints on the map where you want the tank platoon to go. From the created platoon create a route to each of the two waypoints. Set each route with a "jump to end if" condition. Use random variable to choose which route the platoon will take. EX. for one route use the 0<X1<50 condition and for the other route use the 50<X1<100 condition. At scenario start the unit will jump to the waypoint that meets the X1 condition. NOTE: you can set this up for as many starting locations as you want. ex. Use 4 conditions for X variable (you don't have to use X1 but you do have to use the same one for each jump to end route) would be in multiples of 25. To the best of my knowledge NO. You can set which positions are crewable but if you do - for example - you turn off gunner and driver - you will be forced to play the TC and cannot jump into the gunner or driver's position. That goes for multiplayer too - no one will be able to jump into posits you've turned off. NOTE: I don't build or play multiplayer scenarios - might work differently for MP. If so someone will jump in and correct me. Yes. When you right click a unit - select options - the menu that appears will let you set damage types for that unit - or maybe you just right click and damage types appear - I forget. I rarely use that feature - but it's there. You are welcome.
  21. Will SB3 run SB2 scenarios?
  22. If you're looking for a gaming laptop then you can't go wrong with ASUS' offerings - you're familiar with ROG so I won't go into details. My 3 year old ASUS can run the newest games usually without issue. Sometimes have to crank graphics settings off Ultra and down to high to keep framerates up but with 2Gb video RAM, 8Gb system RAM and an i7 processor it does the job and usually without even breaking a sweat. Highly recommend ASUS.
  23. I'm really thinking hard about getting back into SB, Koen. Best scenario design kit in any game ever IMO. Using 2.654 right now. Would need to upgrade to 3.0 but the impression I got from lurking for a while has been MP is King these days and most players just aren't into SP anymore. This weekend I started fooling around with putting together what I call a micro battle. A couple of platoons for the player to control, small map and an AI full of surprises. (the darn thing surprised me the last time I tested it - sent a platoon of M1's to the jump off position - let 'em soften up the OpFor sitting in a fortified position and moved 'em out. Was gonna use a mech inf platoon to hold the SP's when captured by the tanks as they continued to move forward. AI had different ideas. I moved the Bradleys onto the jump off point to perform overwatch. Got nailed by an arty barrage - tore the leg units that had dismounted a new one - tanks looked back - I could just hear 'em thinking - sucks to be a crunchie). I did not program that barrage - the commie AI called the strike in all on it's own. Made the whole thing worth it. :luxhello: That said: this isn't 2007 - I'm over 60 now and the ole creative juices seem to come and go on their own schedule. Still...
  24. Seems much has changed since 2007 or so.
  25. Does anyone still play Single Player (been lurking for a while)? If not why not? :confused: If so what do you enjoy in an SP mission? ex: Small size, Med, Large? Tactical problems? Straight mayhem where the player just :gun: the crap out of a large number of enemy units? Infantry present? Urban? Coop with the AI as your partner/Boss? The above is not an all inclusive list. Inquiring minds would very much like to know.
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