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  1. Only happens when you move the camera, you say? Laptop? How much graphics memory? If less than a gigabyte you may just have to live with the problem; if 512Mb or lower - well... If you've got an NVidia graphics chip try setting the prerendered frames option to 2, 3 or 4. That may help smooth out the stutters. Sometimes setting that to 4 will create mouse lag. If so back off to 2 or 3. On my system it stays at 4. I can tell the difference - graphics demanding games stutter on none doesn't stutter on 4 but I've got 2 Gb of graphics RAM on board and that too makes a real difference. Hope that helps some.
  2. ... and upgrading to vs 3 from 2.654 But I do have a few concerns that are holding me back. 1) I've got the original version 1 dongle. It has been updated to firmware version 1.18 and the codemeter runtime is at 5.1. Will this be a problem? Will the license upgrade work with a dongle that's been around since they were first issued? 2) Should I completely uninstall vs 2.654 first? There's no maps or scenarios I want to save. and LAST but not least... 3) Since GOD said, "Let there be light and oh by the way let's not forget SteelBeasts version 1", every time I see a vehicle drive into a river when its plotted to move across a bridge or drive into a pond rather than go around it even if plotted to go around it [intentional exageration on] I've wanted to scream and shout and run about, reach into the screen and punch out the virtual TC's. [exageration mode off] So - has the path finding been improved to the point where this behaviour is a thing of the past or must one still use the various work arounds? What say you?
  3. Light begins to appear on the horizon around time :12 in your video. Well before the sun peeks over the horizon. That said: I agree though that there is too little of it.
  4. Go with the operation thang! 1) It would be a heck of a learning experience re: design 2) If you make it work you'd be a design hero
  5. Game/Simulation devs will go where the money is. When the masses discovered PC games, military simulations were doomed to be relegated to the niche market they now fill. Why? A typical military sim requires that the player be capable of rational thought, situational awareness coupled with the ability to roll up multiple inputs into an analysis and resulting reaction/proaction - short and long term - to the extant environment. Most people can't handle the long term piece all that well but are relatively adept at the immediate/short term requirement. That is a perfect skill set to attract gamers. Thus the proliferation of shooters, 4X games that reward quick thinking in the short term directly and long term only indirectly. Perfect for consoles. And now we have the masses in consoles and not PC's and the devs being relatively rational human beings followed the money and built an industry that out revenues the movie industry. Basic economics. Aside: And for the masses - ooooohh pretty - see the shiny rock! seems to be more important than actual game play.
  6. 1st you'd have to give the seller his $600 and then ATFE all the paperwork plus another $200 for the tax stamp necessary to own a destructive device. Currently its taking 6 to 9 months in the US just to get the tax stamp to own a sound suppressor. Probably longer to get a DD stamp.
  7. Read the Pro PE Support forum and decide for yourself.
  8. Thanks, fellas. Your opinions and links help the decision making process a great deal and getting opinions from those not invested in the product is even better. Pretty much want it - but - the price seems a bit steep for what you get - then again - THAT's Matrix for ya.
  9. Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm Anyone playing this? If so what are your impressions? The reviews are fairly positive and the design is innovative. It is a command focused game that attempts to simulate the OODA process. Graphics are a bit dated (for a game published less than a month ago) but functional. I'm considering getting it but would like the opinions of others. Good, bad, indifferent. All comments appreciated.
  10. It's a John Tiller game. Pure beer and pretzels fare if that's what you're looking for.
  11. Flashpoint Campaigns:RedStorm You can pick it up at Matrixgames. Very nice. 1st PC game to accurately simulate the OODA loop. Read the reviews. Check out the forums on Matrixgames.
  12. Are you a serving tanker? I was. We would never have attempted to shoot THRU a house. Into one for sure to start a fire or maybe even knock it down (probably not) but thru it to hit something on the other side? Maybe if hard pressed we might have popped off an APDS shot thru a wooden house but never HEP or HEAT and certainly not thru a brick or stone house. Pretty much shouldn't be allowed IMO. It's a :gun: bug. Kill it!
  13. Unless you know what you're doing even deleting all the left behind auxiliary directories Ssnake mentioned may not do any good. You need to get rid of all the crap registry entries left behind too. Get something like CCleaner and use it to find leftover files and registry entries and kill 'em. Or as Ssnake said: good luck.
  14. You aren't the only one that has noticed the T-62 ammo selection behaviour. See this thread: T-62 by Apocalypse 31
  15. I don't have 3.002 yet but can say with authority that breach tactics using column formation absolutely works when one doubts the AI's ability. It's just about the only way I've found to successfully assault across a bridge. It will get you thru towns easily and those pesky rocky fields if you carefully plot your route. When it comes to tricky path finding don't depend on the AI - BREACH is your friend.
  16. :luxhello: That was funny. Thankyou for the chuckle. That said: Pathfinding is an issue that's been around since Patton was a private.
  17. Not so horrible. The very 1st M60-A1 I was assigned to in Germany looked just like that. Dirtier and weather beaten but same paint scheme. It wasn't until mid '72 or so that we started painting our tanks with a camo scheme.
  18. I read 'em. Best release notes of any I've ever read. Mucho information in them. Anyone who has 3.0 and hasn't read them SHOULD! 'Nuff said.
  19. Where's the dirt; the rust and the dust; the mud, the blood and the guts? No - really? Where? All these years of playing SB (since 2001 or so I guess - been a long time anyways) and all that time there's been this this nagging feeling that something was missing. Now with 3.0 and its improved eye candy I think I've finally nailed it down. The SB world is pristine perfect; factory new. Landscapes that look like freshly mowed and gardened parks, towns and villages with well kept, well maintained and looking like new buildings and homes. Clean cities. Not one bombed out building, no cratered streets, no broken windows, no bodies, no Johnny's broken and mangled bicycle laying crumpled in the street. And then there's the units: straight outt'a the factory; brand spanking and sparkling new with nery a spec of dust or blemish. Not even dirt on the tracks or wheels. Soldiers with newly laundered uniforms, starched and ready for parade. :cvcys: War ain't purty but the world of SB sure is. That's just not right... :c: Joe talking to Ivan: Joe: hey Ivan - what ya think? Good day for a war? Ivan: sure Joe, why not. But... Joe: But what, buddy? Ivan: The nearest park is a good 40 miles away and the roads are pretty dry. Joe: So? Ivan: SO! We might get our tracks dirty. Duuude! No way. Can't be fightin' a war in a dirty track. And man! We'd never hear the end of it from the crunchies. Imagine how messed up their nice starched and pressed uniforms would get crawlin around in thuh weeds? Imagine... Nope it just ain't right. :drink:
  20. ^^^^^^ This As much as I enfoy the newer versions of SB I can honestly state that I had more fun with the original in both single player and multi-player mode as well as scenario design than any of the newer versions. Sometimes I really miss the old crowd.
  21. Blond haired chick roamin' around in the desert? That's - just - wrong.
  22. I seem to recall that the exhaust of the typical ATGM missile (not RPG) is somewhat toxic. If that is the case one would imagine that firing an ATGM missile from within a building would not be a very healthy proposition for the gunner and loader of said missile.
  23. Win7 64bit Home Premium SP1... I'm not sure what you are trying to say in your earlier response that said, "No. Graphics cards come with their own memory management." I assure you that there is 2Gb installed on the card. Are you trying to say that the OS treats the RAM on the video card like system memory and assigns it a memory range of its own? Still - I am wondering now/still even more if 3.0 will run well on a win7 64bit OS now? If so will it be stable? 2.654 runs without issue on my system but it hardly uses any memory at all. Is the same true of 3.0?
  24. This is confusing. I've got 8 GB Ram and a video card with 2GB video ram on the board. Assuming that the normal ram is what XP can see (3.5Gb) then that plus 2GB video ram exceeds the 3.5 Gb limit. Does that mean 3.002 won't run on my PC? I'm so confuuuuuuused!
  25. What is a source and drain region? Which begs the question: Might eSim make available the 3.0 manual for perusal by the few of us who haven't yet decided to upgrade from 2.654?
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