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  1. Great job on the M-60's DP... Those shots of the M-60's look so good that they brought back memories. Are they skins for vs 3.002 or 2.654?
  2. I read the release notes for vs 3. Very complete and very interesting. I'm looking forward to all the new features. Have one question though. Nav Mesh. The implication is that the path finding issues in vs 2.654 that included units driving into rivers, lakes, off of cliffs and into holes; units getting hung up in woods and rocky fields have been fixed. These issues have been present in SB since the very 1st version. Has 3 with the inclusion of nav mesh and path finding optimization fixed those issues? Inquiring minds want to know.
  3. I've noted the "fixed now" in a number of threads. Does that mean that the fixes made will be in the current downloadable 3.02 version. Or that they're made and we'll have to wait for the next patch?
  4. Try turning off FXAA in the nVidia control panel if its turned on. That usually works for me when programs have blurry text. If that doesn't work back off on the AA and AF and supersampling in the control panel then turn 'em back up until the text gets blurry again and then back down one step. That also seems to work for me. Your mileage may vary.
  5. I've got the 1.18 dongle. As of 2208 CST 9/22/2013 Wibu says my firmware is up to date.
  6. None of the poll answers fit me. Here's what does. I've been playing SB since about 2001 maybe before that, don't really remember. Until about 2005 or so I played regularly. Whole weekends would just disappear into MP SB. I was a scenario designer for one of the 1st if not the 1st MP campaigns ever run. Then the old crowd, original SB1 players, started slowly going away and eventually I stopped doing MP too. There's a few of the originals still around; they know who they are. Soon after SB went commercial the new breed of SB player that came on board was too independent, played like they were playing a first person shooter and just didn't get the concept that the sum of the parts was greater than the whole re: actual team play. I imagine that those who grasp that SB is a military simulation and not a shooter (which some in this thread obviously dont get) have evolved to playing how the original crowd did - in fact I'm sure of it. From what I've seen y'all are even better than we were. I've considered jumping back in but I'm over 60 now and the reflexes aren't what they used to be. I'd just be a burden on any team. I rarely hop into a tank or bradley. On the tank range I can't even crack a score of 80 now when I used to be able to do high 90's and the occassional perfect score; like a said - a burden. Now, I mostly play from the map; that didn't work well back then for MP and I don't imagine it would work well now. Regarding virtual units: Never been real big on that. We tried back during the age of antiquity. Some had a bit of success but not many. One wonders if VU's are more important to SB MP now?
  7. This^^^^^^^ Been using Steam for years and years without ISSUE! None. Nada. I don't have to waste gas going to a store nor do I have to pay sales tax. I can get most $60 games within a year for $19.99 and they're all patched up and bug free thanks to the folks who just gotta have it now and pay $59.99 Patches are automatic. Finding gaming jewels no one ever heard of is easy. DLC is readily available If I get tired of playing something I can delete it and years later if it piques my interest again reinstall it no problem, free of charge and have all the latest patches without having to hunt for a DVD that probably would have gotten misplaced. Say what you will but the last time I looked Steam has something like 10 million users - 10 freaking million. That's a lot of users to sell your product to even if only .5% (one half of a percent bite). Considering (old number - may have gone up) that 30,000 units used to be a good number for most gaming software and having the base Steam has to pitch your product too seems like a winning proposition to me if one is an indie developer. Say what you will but Steam has a winning business model and their distribution method will be around for a very, very long time.
  8. WTF! How does a missile that is 10' above that tank cause that type of catastrophic damage? Really. How does that work? Or is the video fake?
  9. In my experience if you're gonna use Torrents, even legit ones, something like Malwarebytes running in the background as well as a quality virus scanner is a must. I rarely use torrent sites but even some of the legit ones trigger both malwarebytes and avast as malicious sites. I googled the top 10 2013 torrent sites and 3 of the top 5 triggered both and I didn't even bother with Pirate Bay - that scum hole would probably have caused a malware and avast meltdown. DCS is pretty much the only time I use utorrent too for the above stated reasons.
  10. At risk of offending the more religiously inclined all I can say about the pictures and map are Jeeezus effin' Christ. That is beautiful work. And what a lot of work it must have been. Kudos, kudos, kudos.
  11. HUH? What is this withdraw if condition. I've never seen it in PE. Is it perhaps the retreat back if condition you are referring to?
  12. Same experience here. I too would be interested in reading what more experienced players have to say about using helicopter gunshipsin SB.
  13. Shouldn't even be giving them money. History shows that the only way a civil war is ever truly resolved is to let the combatants duke it out until there is a clear winner and a clear loser.
  14. What a pack of sick assholes: Praising GOD and thanking him for their success. That's just - wrong! Freaking barbarians!
  15. Is it just wishful thinking or have the IR views thru the gunner's and TC's sights had AA applied to them?
  16. Works both ways with or without a tactic set at the waypoint when Using the when true delay option to stop a unit for a set period of time and then embark it. And to think for the past 11 years I've been using the incremental time criteria which didn't always work the way I thought it would. That's my learn something new thing for today.
  17. Wouldn't that only work if there is no tactic set? In other words a true waypoint, just an X symbol. If there is a tactic set at the waypoint wouldn't it take an embark if statement to have a unit move out?
  18. You're right Pzr_Ldr - great reads. Bookmarked in my Military History/Reference folder. Thanks
  19. Thanks to Gibson and JohnO for the links to FM 17-98.
  20. Good to know though it means my guess of a couple of Marders and a couple of Leo's was way, way off base.
  21. Thanks... And no don't really need 2013. Would like 90's and later but would take 70's or later. I can't remember what made up the scout platoons attached to 4/64A back then. Seem to remember ours used 114's and Gamma Goat wheeled vehicles while the Cav units used a couple of 113's and a couple of M-60's in a scout platoon - but then my memory has been known to be wrong.
  22. Can't find any references to the typical vehicle and infantry types that make up a modern German Army scout platoon. Nor a modern US Army scout platoon. Could someone point me at a reference or tell me what makes those units up? Thanks
  23. Yep! The Combat Mission series has come a very, very long way.
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