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  1. It was not a Russian helicopter, but a Ukrainian helicopter, which previously worked for the UN mission in Africa.Mi-24 helicopter shot down on June 16 in the Kherson region. Friendly fire.
  2. Don't stop him from defeating enemies.😂
  3. VID_20220528_174314_617.mp4 Destroyed Bushmaster
  4. It's just a beautiful photo.
  5. In the woods near Kharkov.
  6. If this is indeed an AT-15 Springer, this vehicle has been in production since 2005. I have seen this video before, I could be wrong about Syria, but it is not Ukraine.
  7. Ukraine's virtual victories), this video is several years old, PC destruction in Syria.
  8. 2_5332440483417298267.MOV Ukrainian soldiers shoot prisoners of war.
  9. 2_5299009381403202600.mp4
  10. Yes, ukrainian helicopter
  11. And a link to the mission file.
  12. I wonder if it is possible in this mission to get Tactical Victory- the Iraqi player must retain at least 7 operational tanks in the objective area marked VO when the mission timer runs out and no Iranian tanks remain in VO. Two days of war, my brain is broken. Very interesting mission, thank you Captain_Colossus!
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