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  1. Delta platoon for two guys from Russia.
  2. Send me in a personal message a list of the commands you need in English, I will send a translation in Cyrillic.
  3. Can you give a link to the mission? Thanks.
  4. Please check the archive. When unpacking, I see an error.
  5. On the tail beam, the word is incorrectly written, mirrored. Correctly ОПАСНО
  6. An interesting mission, thank you. I expected a counterattack of red forces from the west. At the end of the mission. In this case, we would have many problems.
  7. Uniforms on the blue side of the US .
  8. Thank you for the help of our team. It is only necessary to solve communication problem. In the next game we are waiting for you on our side .
  9. Well, except for you on our side will be an English player on the BMP. We meet at the TS server DOW.
  10. On the red side of the team of Russia. We will have a translator and we will be able to explain your the task. Are you ready?
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