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  1. SB PRO PE ver 4.023, booted as admin. When I intent focus may TIS on any tank I need pushing "del" key (number pad)., but when I stop pushing this botton TIS image return blured. Key "ALT+wheel mouse" don´t work. Anybody have same problem ? Best regards.
  2. Any months ago I purchased new SB PRO PE 4.X version. I detected that my Saitek X-55 Throttle was not detected by new version of SB. In control options menu It´s impossible maped throttle buttons (only stick maping work). I don´t know why you can maping or Stick or Throttle, but not both of them ?!?! I spent many time for solution of this issue; edited "Profiles" on Sitek program etc., but SB (in Win admin mode) still not detect throttle with (Saitek) "Profile" activated etc. Now I think I have solution for use Saitek HOTAS (stick and throttle), I change "Switch Mode" (on throttle base - M1, M2, M3) to M2 and programed Throttle in this mode. Now is possible to overlap SB controls with activate Saitek Profile. You can maping Stick in SB control menu only, but for use Throttle you need maping it with Saitek Profile Editor in MODE 2 or 3 - MODE1 lock throttle buttons (in Steel Beasts). I hope that eSimGames can fix this issue to be able to map both devices from control menu. In DCS and other Simulators / videogames I´ve never had those problems and my X-55 and previous X-52 have always worked perfectly. At this point and in the XXI century that should not happen: I have Win7 x64 Ultimate, but I think the same thing happens to Saitek X-55 in Win 10. Best Regards. RHK111
  3. I have used TRackIR from years ago and in Sb it´s very very nice detail (THX Devs). Now you have free look (indoor/outdoor tank) for rapidly check instruments or observe (Tank Comander) from top of turret. The best thing is when you take binocs (binocs view automaticly stop TrackIR and you move binocks with stick or mouse - IMHO very good solucion. As BigBadVuk for all formation command I use Voice Attack software (7€ "versatile & powerful"). VA software it´s best quality price choice today for all simulators. Salu2
  4. THX Gibsonm, I search by "Error code ..." in google - not with web search. Sry for post here. Salu2
  5. When I use offline activation to send created file, I have this error: An internal error has occurred. Please try again later. Error Code = 0x18080001 Any solution ??? Salu2 PD updated firmware with PC reboot
  6. FIRE and BLOOD :1: PD next step will be the Dragons
  7. Look this post: http://www.shipbucket.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3079 They working with wery good books and it's very visual. Salu2
  8. RHK111

    Be prepar3d!

    IMHO one way to join eSimGames with other SIM will be DCS; ED are independent and small company. If you want do bussines with MS, Boening, L.Martin you are condemned to lose. Salu2
  9. OK it´s working. THX. Salu2
  10. RHK111

    Leopardo 2E WIP

    It´s "Leo2A6 Bundeswehr" from FRiTZ ?
  11. THX for video, any possibility for download in HD ??? Salu2
  12. In my spanish WinXP Pro: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Datos de programa\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\scenarios\z_Reseved\tut Salu2
  13. OK, OK don´t worry, we like Centauro without tutorial and manual and IMHO Centauro justify the purchase. Salu2
  14. RHK111

    Bugreports 2.538

    - Not Centauro tutorial !!! Pls upload it to the "Downloads". - In "Tank Range" don´t work (can´t open) "PiranhaIIIc- AGL" and "Eagle IV - Lemur cal.50" How making them palyable ? Salu2 PD firs I install DVD 2.328 (clean install) and over last 2.538 ver. ---> It´s correct ?
  15. They write about 20 parts, but I see only 10 movies listed ??? http://greatesttankbattles.com/episodes.html http://greatesttankbattles.com/
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