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  1. I am still on the old version of SBproPE, but I have never had a issue using my stick to guide the TOWs. Perhaps its because I have my sensitivity set differently or I have a stick thats older than some of the people who work at Best Buy. (I am still using a Sidewinder 2 Pro stick... and it STILL works, mostly) I found really small easy movements work best. Almost like flying in Falcon 4.0, if you fly a F16C and your doing in air refueling, small easy movements make a BIG difference.
  2. I would settle for a good DPRK or even PRC setup. With their "new" tanks. Granted they still have the same old guns... 115mm and 125.
  3. And this is why I love ESim games. If only they would produce a constant online war sim. Like World War II Online... only with real research and talent.
  4. While I would settle for a M1A2. I just want the CITV system. Tired of doing everything with a National Guard M1A1 and a pair of Binos. But this lead me to using the M2/M3 Bradley more often. Hedgehog, who cares about a dead world and its only IG regiment. Armageddon Steel Legion, thats where the REAL Imperial Guard come from.
  5. Little things in that OPORD... Just one really... Its not "F-15 Strike Fighter". Its "F-15 Strike Eagle". Or you could just say.... "F-15Es" which would honestly never get the job of Close Air Support (CAS). They pack WAY too much firepower for that job. A F-16, AV-8B, F/A-18, or even a A10C. But thats just me nit picking.
  6. A lot of the myths or beliefs that first round misses are common is from the old WWII days of Smooth bore accuracy. Technology has come ALONG way to overcome that problem. Not to say a smooth bore is as accurate as a rifled barrel. I have always had the saying. "If you put enough powder behind it, it will go where you want it."
  7. Hodo

    What if?

    Team Yankee is a great book from a tank company commanders point of view. Another good book is Red Storm Rising. Even in the old pencil and paper Roleplaying game Twilight:2000, they even said that both sides avoided use of WMDs. It is really quite interesting to see what each sides stance on WMDs were. The Warsaw Pact had a line in the sand they would use WMDs if NATO crossed. And NATO had a use if used on policy.
  8. I went from the Avalon Hill games and other great table top strategy games, to computer games. My current favorite game along those lines is "The Operational Art of War III" or just TOAWIII for short. It is the best out there, I havent found another game that captured that level of detail and complexity that the old table top games had.
  9. Volcano, Not saying you are challenging ArmA, or DarkLabor. Gibsonm, Yeah I am aware that they are "working" on the infantry shortfall. Which is good. Seeing as SBPro and Falcon4.0/5.0 are starting to show their engine age.
  10. Darkangel, I hate to say this but his base unskinned model looks great. I challenge you to do better. Volcano, Myself being a advid simmer, playing ArmA2, Freefalcon/Open Falcon, and SBpro. I can say that ArmA2 does a GREAT job of efficiently modeling and representing battalion sized engagements for infantry, and light vehicles, even some mild helo close air support. Granted the helo modeling is the weakest point in the three I mentioned. I have been involved in online games with over 400 AI combatants and it not even slow down my computer enough for me to make note. But I also kep
  11. Easy there Captain Embargo. Truth is I put that list up without bothering to look at lists of embargoes. But if I were to refine that list, POLAND is NUMBER 1 on that list of possible clients. Why because they have been attempting to join in the NATO organization in the past, they have been attempting to improve their relations with the west, and are a HUGE user of the T-72 series tank. I think they have the PT-91, which is based on the T72. Then there is Malaysia which uses the export model of the PT-91. There are more users of old Russian equipment than there are western equipp
  12. I think the key thing that I would suggest to Esim, is..... Look at the markets it would open up on the military markets. Allot of nations use old russian equipment but dont have the money to train their crews in live fire exercises. India is one of the first that come to mind, granted they can afford to do huge exercises. But the Czech Republic, Slovakia, South Africa, Poland, Georgia, Cuba, and Bulgaria come to mind.
  13. LOL The funny thing is EACH of those games you listed have VERY good features. OPF and ArmA1/2 have perhaps the best infantry sim with little mods, and great looking maps. RO has one of the most realistic WWII tank sims on the market, and doesnt have a "hitpoint" system last time I played. But maybe a different RO than what you played.
  14. As I mentioned in my post, my biggest gripe with eSim games, is the router issue. Why the hell does EVERY other game, program, and simulator on the market not require me to hack my router, reprogram it to run Global Thermonuclear War, and then rename it WHOPPER? (If you dont know that I am being slightly sarcastic then there is no hope for you.) This has been my biggest complaint about SBPro PE. In todays day and age of faster, easier, smoother, SBPro PE is none of those things when it comes to what is often considered priority one, uno, ein, to 99.95% of the companies that deal in c
  15. I am a fan of SBPro PE, and it is the best tank/armoured combat sim out there. BUT as far as combined arms sims or games, there are others. With larger more active communities. I have found myself spending more time in Arma2 because of its larger community and ease of use on online play vs the SBPro PE 1990s reprogram your router approach. I do think ESim games could learn a lot from some other game companies, like those who produced Arma2.
  16. In the top picture the caption should read. "Yeah we can fit through that gate......I think."
  17. I would love to take part but ISP is still being a prick and cant connect online through SB Pro. NO problems in ANY other game JUST this one. And I used to live near Hameln, just NW of it, and its shown on your map, Hessisch Oldendorf. Spent my youth there in the 80s. Ahh good old days. I know the clock tower in downtown Hameln too... the Pied Piper of Hameln. Wow memories.
  18. This time of year isnt bad yet. Its in 3 months it gets BAD. LOL, and deodorant hasnt been discovered by the pashtu yet.....
  19. Dont you mean south WEST asia? LOL, Stay safe, and think by the time you get back there maybe a NEW patch to SB Pro PE.
  20. I would love to do this, but my ISP is being a prick and not helping me out... I am stuck offline until I can get either a second router to run my router through, or a replacement router that has more controls and functionality than the one I have.
  21. Knife figthing in a M1A1, from the TC position is pretty difficult. Here is what I do. As soon as I spot and identify the target I overide slew the gun in the general direction as I am doing that I drop down in the hatch and hit F2 and go to the gunners extension, line up roughly on target, fire whats in the breech and reload with the correct round. This is IF I see that the targets gun is away from me. If it is facing me, I pop smoke, and reverse in another direction. To answer the question about the formations... Its the responcebilty of the other drivers in the formation to maintai
  22. Having never had SB1, but having SBPROPE, I can say that its not that complex... it is worth the investment if you are a hardcore tanker and want the best tank sim on the market. There arent 1000 things you need to do to start the engine, or even fire the gun.
  23. Tiawan.. and Thialand I think they use the M8 AGS. I would LOVE to play with that thing.
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