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  1. If it's alright, can I jump in on the next one?
  2. Hello, havent been around here in a while... Is the 1st Canadian Armour Group still active and accepting members? Thanks
  3. Awesome skin! Is the new template that you made it with available for download?
  4. I just stumbled across something. In the game's directory, under textures/woodland, theres a .dds file named "leo2a5" (not "leo2a5dk"). I converted that dds to a bmp and it looks like a German leo2a5 (German/NATO 3 colour camo) and it doesn't appear to have the single magnification daysight mounted above the main gun like from the default Dutch 2a5(upgraded 2a4). I got into SB at v2.460. Was there a default 2a5 included in prior versions and this texture is just leftovers? Or is this something else? It would be cool to have a standard 2a5 (not an upgraded one from the 2a4 such as the Du
  5. Version 1.1


    Canadian Chinook Default chinook skin mixed with some Canadian decals from default Griffon skin... Very basic. Based on Canadian Forces CH-147D #147204.
  6. Don't mean to be a pain in the a$$... But has there been any news on this? I could be wrong but I seem to be able to burn through the Leopard's tanks pretty quickly in the latest sim upgrade... Extremely pleased overall with the latest upgrade, just wondering if the fuel consumption is where it should be for the leopard 2...
  7. In the .pdf manual for the Strv122, on page 3, it describes changing the fuse setting for the HE-T/SLSGR 95 from impact to delayed impact by using the Page Up key. I've been trying to change the fuse setting as described but nothing seems to differ from shot to shot (i.e. the round continues to detonate when is strikes tree branches and doesn't seem to penetrate through forest...). Is this feature still modeled in the sim? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  8. Found mine! It was actually also sent at the same time as the order confirmation. I use Outlook to get my mail from a bell sympatico account. There was nothing in the junk folder of Outlook; however, when I logged into the my mail account over the net, I found it in the junk folder there... Should have never doubted eSim...
  9. Yes, I get where you're coming from. When the TC cupola is unbuttoned you cannot see through the rear vision block in both the Strv and the 2E; however, thats not what I was making reference to. "I’ve noticed that when buttoned up (closed) in the TC spot, the rear viewing block’s view tends to be blocked most of the time by what I’m guessing to be the rendering of the turret. This is also present on the 2E; however, not to anywhere near the same extent..." As shown in the JPEG 3rd from the top attached to the original post. Again, as indicated above, not a big deal, not make or break for me
  10. Thanks for the info and looking into it GH Lieste. I’ve since noticed a couple of other small things that might be associated to the recent updated roof model for the Strv 122. These things are more cosmetic in nature and aren’t a big deal at all. I haven’t been able to find any reference to them here so I’d figured I’d post them… It appears the Strv 122 in SB more or less uses the same roof and main body model as the Leopardo 2E with some exceptions… Some minor things that render fine on the 2E, only seem to partially render on the Strv… The first attached JPEG shows the unbuttoned view o
  11. Did a quick search but didn't find anything relevant... I can't seem to get the peri cover in the Strv 122 to work. The Leopardo 2E's works for me fine though... Does anyone else out there experience the same problem? Thanks
  12. Thanks for the info Ssnake. Heres hoping for a working Kommandantenanzeigegerät! Boy, once thats enabled that 2E will be something fierce in my book.
  13. I came up with another question that perhaps can be attached to this thread. Is there any way to display the Laser'd range in the TC station of any targets the Gunner ranges with the laser? I assume in reality the gunner would tell the TC how far a target is should he ask. I ask this as it would assist in keeping a stand off range from certain threats. I find in the M1A1 this isn't an issue as the TC can see the targets range through the GPS extension...
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