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  1. The T-14 Armata burns so nicely!
  2. Thanks! Yes, that works. The key is hitting the lase button. That detail isn't mentioned in the tutorial briefing. Maybe that should be added to the list to add that to the tutorial mission briefing in the next version.
  3. Has anyone got the stadia reticle to work in the commander's CITV on the M1A2? I'm using v.3.011 and can't get that work as described in the M1A2 tutorial. Am I doing something wrong or might this be a bug? You are supposed to be able to determine an enemy tank's range by adjusting the height of the box in the reticle using arrow keys.
  4. OK, so you are saying that the next version will break all the existing scenarios? Isn't a fix possible with the next version that will edit (replace) the existing canned terrain themes with files containing the correct settings?
  5. CommC

    Thunder Run

    Version 1.0


    On April 5, 2003 the "Desert Rogues" Battalion of the 2nd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, US Army, was tasked with a recon in force up Highway 8, in the area just southwest of Baghdad. The action that ensued has come to be known as the "Thunder Run", and was one of the key battles of Operation Iraqi Freedom. This scenario depicts the battle and is dedicated to the brave soldiers of Rogue Battalion who fought that day.
  6. CommC

    An Nasiriyah v2

    Version 1.0


    This scenario depicts the Batlle of An Nasiriyah which occured in late March of 2003 during operation Iraqi Freedom. US Marines needed to secure the bridges on either side of the town to establish a safe route for US forces on the their way to Baghdad.
  7. CommC

    73 Easting

    Version 1.0


    The battle of 73 Easting from operation Desert Storm. Modified to have all playable vehicles. Unlimited ammo for the US side due to AI gunnery limitations and to simplify it for new players. Should be a walk in the park, but do not take too many losses or you will lose. Single player or coop for Pro PE.
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