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  1. That's all I did to make that scenario. To be clear, I am not the original author. IIRC, that scenario was included with the original version of Steel Beasts. I think someone else imported it to Pro PE, and I just changed the unit types when the T-72 became fully playable. I've modified many existing scenarios that way to suit my preferences. The only reason I posted that one was so that other people didn't get the 'spoiler' of seeing the enemy routes. (Even though they're actually random.) A more modern, updated version is "Tanks! Again", by MDF. His scenario allows you to choose your tank and the general type of enemy you'll face. I highly recommend that one.
  2. I should probably update that interior with a high-res version. WRT the exterior texture: I could whip up a "placeholder" rather quickly by editing the decals. But it would still be solid green. The camo would take a bit longer. I'm working on updating a scenario right now, but since the 2E is one of my favorite tanks, I may take this on when I get a chance. That is, if no one beats me to it.
  3. Holy crap! :cul:Ahahahaha! *"Translated" with http:www.gizoogle.net
  4. Yeah, it was. I've been meaning to change my screen name to avoid such confusion, but to do that I have to re-register as a new member and I've been putting it off. Oh, well. No time like the present!
  5. I rarely drink beer...but when I do it's usually a Guiness!
  6. I don't understand, but as long as you got things working I'm glad! I assume you don't need my license anymore so I'll go ahead and take the server down. Let me know if you need anything else.
  7. It's easy. Just click 'tools>whisper lists' [ctrl+shift+w] then click the 'new' button, assign a hotkey and drag and drop whoever you want in the list. Apply>Okay>Done.
  8. Yeah, he said he got a blue icon when he plugged his stick in, so I thought the same thing. CM seems to see his license, but there must be another problem.
  9. In the process of loaning my license to Snappy now. Will advise... Edit: Well, Hamachi link successful. But no-go on his end. He's still getting an API error 60 and I can see he has connected and immediately dropped from my CM log.
  10. Didn't want to start a new thread over this so I'll post here: Was my mic not working last TGIF? Seemed like no one heard anything I said. It's either that, or you guys are fed up with me dying so quickly. :redface:Haha.
  11. If you like, you can borrow my spare license until you get it sorted.
  12. True. But, oddly enough, the bottled water we sell has an expiration date. Go figure. There are two possible explanations. The official one: And this one: I'll leave it to the dear reader to decide. :sonic: ┬╣Source:[noparse]http://wiki.answers.com[/noparse]
  13. You're welcome. Now I know all of the years I've spent working retail has paid off! :debile2: God, I hate my job... Too right, mate! Jack up the price, then put it on "SALE!"
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