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  1. Oh man that's hilarious! Scenario idea: US Army vs PLA in North Korea/Manchuria.
  2. Well I already know who he is and he's a US Army tanker and he's been in Korea before and worked with K1s and K1A1s. He ought to know.
  3. Hmmm I better ask someone who is an authority on this and start practicing the Leo 2 gunnery as well.
  4. Still... could be enemy soldiers or civilians.
  5. From my thermal or even regular optics, I'd say any group of people running around at a distance of over 1.5 kilometers will be almost impossible to identify as either threat or civilian. It would probably be too depressing.
  6. The controls on the K1 and K1A1 are probably similar if not identical to the M1 series.
  7. Ah Snow... I remember the day before Christmas 2005. Our stupid Captain walks up to me and says, "What's going on Marine? Wishing for a White Christmas?" What kind of stupid question is that? I was a Marine Private at the time and a White Christmas meant only one thing: Going up all the way to the top of the hill (a pretty damn tall one.. the one with the OP on it) with a bag of salt with the other guys and de-snowing a good 500m worth of wide ass road. You bet your ass I didn't want a White Christmas!
  8. I guess you could though good luck keeping it under control while the vehicle is moving and one can only imagine the sort of accidents it could cause. The only reason why I use a joystick is because I haven't got a tank type wheel stick which would be my numero uno choice. Flat Tax, are you saying the mouse control helps you shoot better on a real M1A1 or on the computer M1A1? I used the mouse before, obviously much easier, but it's not going to help me much if it's too far from the real thing. Anyways I've got my score up to 5 or 6 kills before my tank gets disabled in instant action usually though I've had the odd instance where a tank that I could barely see and obviously he could barely see me as well just showed a few pixel's worth of itself before blasting my tank to hell. The real challenge is keeping my stick stable. Sometimes it jumps and it screws up the lead. Just don't know what I can do about that... Perhaps there isn't a damn thing I can do about it. But again, if this thing is a total vagina about it, the real one shouldn't be so bad. That's positive thinking.
  9. Don't think I want to flip the Y axis... after all in the real tank apparently pushing the controller forward will depress the gun (i.e. opposite from airplanes). I got used to that so that's a good thing. Recalibration will be worth a try but I guess if I can deal with an unresponsive and crap controller, the real thing may look and feel easier in comparison.
  10. Getting better at it... took out 5 kills. The first tank must have taken 5 shots to bring down.
  11. The good thing about the ATGMs is that they kick up a lot of smoke when they've fired and they fly slow enough so I can pull back behind the hill and I'll watch it blow up harmlessly in front of me, kicking up dirt. Yeah, I'd say the TANK is a lot higher on my list of priorities! About the joystick. I find that the gun is far more responsive when it's moving down rather than moving up. I can tilt the joystick forward a good 15 or even 20 degrees and the gun barely budges... then if I apply slightly more it moves pretty fast. Makes for moving the gun up slightly tricky. When trying to move the gun down it behaves much better. Is it an issue with the joystick or is it modelled that way on purpose? When I used the mouse to aim this wasn't an issue but I would assume that using the joystick is closer to the real thing... though what I really would have liked is a wheel style flight stick.
  12. Thanks for the tips! I had no idea I could move around in instant action. After all, it did tell me I was in the middle of a mine field! Alright, the T key. I will use that from now on. As for the correct ammo indexing, I got the hang of that now and don't make that many mistakes with it although somtimes I get carried away and forget. ADDED: Alright, so I'm doing a lot better as I've picked myself a better firing position. And here comes the next one. I have a PC and a tank. The tank is closer. It's blasting the hell out of me. TC INSISTS we take out the PC. Next thing you know, the tank has, surprise, surprise, transformed my tank into a crater. Any ideas?
  13. OMFG!!!!!!! Partially it's my joystick and my skill (lack thereof) but man is that harder than a constipated rhino's poop in instant action. When you see a little sliver of a PC or tank and it's so small you can't get an accurate lase on it and you kinda have to wait and then they kind of blow you out of your position... what a nut buster. I wished there was a way we could select next ammo in the gunner's position. Yeah I know that wouldn't be realistic but switching from the commander's position just to select ammo, then back to the gunner (who is now facing a completely different direction) is a bit disorienting. And you can't do that in instant action either so you're stuck with selecting the coax mg and shooting away until the TC grabs the turret from you and points it towards the tank that you can barely see, let alone lase. (Let's say the TC wants to take out a tank that's hiding behind a rolling hill and hasn't even seen me yet and I'm more interested in taking out the infantry that's firing the ATGM at me). Also, if the target is within the gunner's GPS or GAS line of sight, wished the TC wouldn't "correct" me when I am shooting manually because it screws up my lead. Anyone have solutions to these ? EDIT: Speak of the devil it happened again. Enemy tank, chasis hidden by rolling hill in front of it, exposed turret so damned small I can't get an accurate lase on it (first and last lase just doesn't cut it. The first one is WAY too close and the last lase is going to lase a friggin' lake WAAAY behind the guy), shows up and within seconds sends a lethal sabot and destroys my tank. Didn't even get to squeeze off a round.
  14. Yeah but if things go bad it's going to get REAL bad. And we will be caught with our pants down because everyone's used to living under an active volcano which has promised to go off for fifty years and hasn't. No, what the Iranians are capable of pales in comparison with what the Chinese are capable of. And what's even worse is, the Chinese are smarter.
  15. Feels good being neighbors to the Chinese. Seriously, could we have chosen a worse spot?
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